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Break your Fast

I’d like to talk a little about breakfast.

Note: I am not 100% recovered yet, this is a process. I am allowed to struggle and I am allowed to do well. This is my process and I am going to own it!

I woke up this morning and thought my stomach was going to eat me from the inside out. Metabolism much?

Weekends are always a struggle for me. My house (we call them houses, it’s where I live on campus) serves brunch on the weekends, starting at 11. In my recovery, I find that I feel more programed to eat at certain times rather than listening to when my body is truly hungry. For this reason, I’ve always had trouble eating a good breakfast on the weekend when I’m going to just go get more food at 11. I could and should wait, but 11 rolls around and off I go to get a big ol’ plate of salad and perhaps a muffin to take one bite out of then throw away because it is too scary. Weekend in and weekend out, I can’t seem to shake this robotic behavior.
What should I be doing? Eating when I get up, of course, because if you’re like me and you wake up at 7, your body needs to eat within the hour of waking!

Ed thinks that weekends are a perfect time to skip a meal and combine breakfast and lunch into one. BAD IDEA. I have learned this before: I need to eat breakfast!! This morning, like other mornings, I had “planned not to eat breakfast” but due to my growling stomach (and upped metabolism?) I went off to get myself a bowl of cereal and soymilk. I sat at my desk picking at it because honestly, I was hangry! Fine. I had breakfast. I was full. I should be able to wait now.

I’ve been through this before; I should eat breakfast because I’m hungry. I should stop when I’m full and I should eat next time I become hungry again. Seems simple, but the training I got in treatment to eat by the clock has really messed me up. So when 11 came and I found myself downstairs even though I should have (and could have) waited, I felt really angry at myself. Would this have happened if I’d gotten up to a nice bowl of overnight oats? no. What if I’d had a bagel thin with soy nut butter or an apple and yogurt? no. So what’s wrong?

Bottom line is, I need to establish a better relationship with my body. Ironically I’m writing a paper for my Buddhist Meditation class on Mindful Eating. It’s true, I really need to learn to trust my body that it will tell me when it is hungry, but more than that, I need to respond in kind and feed it. All of this “planning not to eat” won’t get me anywhere. I will do another post soon about mindful eating, because I think it is really a great way to approach mind, body, soul, and food.

Breakfast is my favorite meal. There are SO many benefits to it as well. Plus, it (IMO) has the best meal selections (although these are available at other meals too, if you’re so inclined!)
-gets you started for your day. It regulates your blood sugars and your eating for the rest of the day so you’re not as likely to crash and burn.

-helps you think. Ever wonder why people love the carbs at breakfast? Carbs are great for your brain!!

-Breakfast is a great way to start getting in those macronutrients!! protein, fats and carbs can all happen in this meal and fuel you right up!

So seriously, I should take my own advice, and I’m trying. This morning was just one morning that is gone and in the past. Tomorrow is going to be another challenging weekend day, but this time, I rise to the challenge. Did someone say oatmeal?

Love, Hannah the Breakfast Warrior

toast, cinnamon, soy milk, cinnamon, date, cinnamon, cottage cheese, cinnamon

oat bran and plum

cottage cheese, cuties clementines, cottage cheese and pumpkin, 1/2 sweet potato and SNB

sweet potato, SNB, yogurt, cinnamon, iced coffee or tea...

see? she likes it!

homemade carrot waffles!

A ND!! The Diva Dish blog is having a sa-weet giveaway!! Do you like chchcha chia and cococonut? check it out!

So close!!

Yesterday was my last classes of my second year of college!! LONDON HERE I COME!!
Today I have a review session in the morning and then I go off to tutor/mentor for the last time😦 then it’s off to perfect my papers and study for my one exam. Seriously only one? Yuppers😀

I tried Chobani Lemon this morning!


The first thing I noticed when I peeled back the top was the lemony scent!! I love lemon yogurt but dislike lemon tea. One of my favorite yogurts with lemon has got to be WholeSoy Lemon, a delicious vegan yogurt with little bits of lemon in it for a tart zing. tis glorious.

so white!

I loved this yogurt!! Tessa has been telling me to try it so I bought it last time I was at stopnshop. boy am I glad I did!!
It got a little sweet for me after awhile, but overall I’d give it a 4/5; pretty good for a flavored yogurt, as I usually prefer plain! The 4th star came from the tartness for sure and the thick creamy texture we’ve learned to expect with Chobani.

Fashion Friday! That’s not actually a thing, but here’s my outfit de jour:

mustard yellow tunic with lace back, black cardigan

excuse the messy bookcase…I like to read/drink tea!

can you see the lace in the back of my shirt? me either...

I had a 9am review session (last class!!) and then I came home and had a fun time  taking artsy fartsy photos of my fruit bowl

you're destined for banana bread my friends

It was looking SO nice outside:

blue sky!

compare this

to this!


that I decided I should go take a walk/go to GoBerry because they had new flavors!! Chai and Mango. 

This is huge because I usually plan and plan days in advance before I go. This was literally spur of the moment. I think I was a little anxious though because I went for a walk afterwards. It occurred to me that I shouldn’t go and get it because it was going to make me fat. Seriously? I had yogurt for breakfast, this just couldn’t happen. Besides, I can’t turn up my nose at calcium. All of these thoughts in my ED head got pushed aside as I walked downtown, enjoying the 69° weather. Perfect.

and Still, it was delicious and I spent money on it and did it all on my own, enjoying every bite…er…slurp. It was so hot today it began to melt!

but first I had to take this picture of my bed. Why yes, I believe I did spill a liter bottle of sparkling water on there last night. It is still wet. oooooh humidity!

oh dear

Now for the moment we’ve been waiting forrrr:
1/2 Chai/Original and 1/2 Mango/Original

doesn't it look huge? it's only a small...

I do the same thing every time. Maybe it’s safer for me? Whatever, it tastes fab.

-WHAT is all that cheering outside? It isn’t primal scream yet guys…-

Kaila did this cool questionnaire thing that I thought I’d do because it’s not like I have papers or anything…tomorrow…..stay tuned for random useless info about moi!

Hope you had a day that was fun, fab and full of sun!!

(terrible rhymes for you :D)

Love, Hannah

Let the Rain Fall

I can think of so many songs that have “rain” in the title. “Coming Clean” by Hilary Duff (ohh the memories!), “Let the Rain” by Sara Bareilles, “Singing in the Rain, ” the list goes on.
Appropriate for today, because it has just been raining and raining. Typical spring.

Yesterday was be-a-u-tiful and I took my book and went for a walk, as per usual. The flowers are all coming out and everything smells so fresh (so clean).
D was competing at an event on campus called “The Freeze Off” which was held by the chemistry department and involves teams competing with ice cream flavors they make with dry ice! I decided to go early to skip the crowds (anyone else hate crowds?) and ended up standing in line forever.  I got my samples and high-tailed it out of there, but they melted a bit in the process.


The flavors were interesting and they are all mixed together so I can’t really remember but I know there was an avocado chocolate one I didn’t like (I rather dislike avocados) and a chocolate espresso bean one I did like, I was surprised because I don’t really like chocolate except as a bar. Come to think of it, I prefer froyo, but that wasn’t this event, so I made due.

Some of you wanted to see more fashion on my blog. I don’t have a full length mirror 1. I hate them and 2. I just don’t have one, so I’m standing on my bed. Forgive the awkwardness!


here we go!

One of my favorite outfits. I absolutely love love love pink and gray together. What color combos are your favorites? 

I took a long long walk this morning after breakfast with my notes for my Art History class. Our final exam is next tuesday so I’ve got to study up! I found the bike path, which was nice because I didn’t have to keep looking up to see whether I was about to walk into the road or get run over by some car. It was peaceful and green too. Next time I’ll bring my camera, because the flowers blooming on the trees are just….see? I can’t even think of  a suitable word!
On my walk I heard someone’s car alarm go off (or something) and it proceeded to sound every kind of alarm in existence one after another. It was really quite funny.
I also saw my professor as I was walking around studying for her class. She asked me if I needed a ride and I replied sheepishly that I was just taking a walk. She probably thought I was crazy for being so far from campus….

I. was. so. hungry. when I got home and ran right to my fridge to dig this out:


I had this stuff once long ago and remember being super impressed by the protein content so I decided to try it again.

The website says: “Skyr (pronounced skeer) is a remarkable dairy product unique to Iceland. A smooth, rich flavour and creamy thick texture gives all-natural skyr a distinct place of its own on the dairy shelf! Now in fresh-fruit flavours, children and adults all love skyr!”

Yup. They were so right about the smooth rich flavor and creamy thick texture.

good stuff

and with 22g protein you are well on your way to being able to move mountains….sort of…..

check it out!

I paired this one as a yogurt mess, of course. I just wasn’t feelin’ a salad today and knew that a lotta protein would do me some good after that long walk.

Side note: A couple of you asked me to put more vegan recipes on here. I don’t post so much about vegan eats and recipes for a few reasons:
1. in my recovery, I am trying to get as much calcium and protein as possible and I find that the best way to do this is through the use of either yogurt (nonvegan or soy) and non dairy milks (as I don’t like milk).
2. I’m still a bit “scared” or the density of beans or other proteins. I’m working on this and I think it will be a good challenge for me to try some of these as I make recipes that are delicious to share with you!!

3. It’s a bit difficult to do cooking in my single at college. I’ll be home in a week and the cooking/baking will begin!!

-Back to the review-

So there I was with a delicious lunch of yogurt mess.

love of my life

1 skyr yogurt,  , carrots (yes, I like them sweet!), puffed wheat, smile cereal, granola, cinnamon blanket (!), and some wheat bran flakes.

see? they smile!

I can’t tell you how much I like this meal, but I can’t wait until fruit is in season. Gimme a peach or nectarine in there any day.

On a more serious note: I’m declared as a 2013J as of yesterday!! What? You’re a product number? You’re a PLU? You’re a WHAT?
2013 is my graduation year and J is for January. Yes, I am graduating  a semester early!! This means so much to me, if you know me, because I’m finding that as I recover, I’m seeking to have a real, meaningful life and that life just isn’t here at this school doing this study. I want to lend myself to others and not feel so inside of myself. I’ll post more on this at another time, because it involves so much more complicated and serious thought. Needless to say now, I’m thinking much more into my future, because when I go abroad to London next year, I’ll come back with only one semester left here! Gotta get thinking of what I want to do.

1. Don’t forget to enter my Giveaway!! You have until May 1 at midnight to enter!

2. I’m thinking of doing a Q&A post, so you can submit your questions to Formspring and I’ll answer!

Love, Hannah

The Great Wall of Words! [Giveaway!!]

Hola Chikas!
There are exactly 4 more days of school here for me and 5 more classes!! All that stands between me and home is the editing of my 15ish page seminar paper, another 10 page paper and an Art History exam. Totally doable, right?

It’s hard to believe I’m already almost done with my second year of college. I’m accelerating today, meaning that I am graduating in January of 2013 instead of in June. By the time I’m back from London, I’ll have finished my major and I will have that fall on campus then BOOM! I get to go actually live life and change lives!! I’ll keep you updated with plans for the future as I dream them up.

Today I’m wearing my new “I❤ Sweet Potatoes” shirt that Megan suggested I get. It’s so cute and capture’s my sentiment’s exactly! Yay Fannetastic Food!

love it

I tried Siggi’s Icelandic yogurtthe other day and it was so fab!


The taste was light and when I added cinnamon, it was even better!! The texture was thick and creamy, which is what I love about skyr!!
Wait, hold on there, what is Skyr you ask?
According to the Siggi’s website…
“Skyr is the traditional yogurt of Iceland. It is made by incubating skim milk with live active cultures. The whey, the water naturally found in milk, is then strained away to make for a much thicker, creamier, concentrated yogurt. So to make just one cup of skyr, with all that water going out, you need 3 – 4 times the amount of milk required to make a regular cup of yogurt. As a result of this process skyr comes out with 2-3 times the protein count of standard yogurt.

Sound good? 2-3x the protein? Sign me up!!

Siggi’s has some really great flavors that I want to try, including, orange & ginger, grapefruit (!), and pomegranate & passionfruit!! Can’t wait until I can find these suckers.

how thick is that!!...and badly focused!

This morning I had myself some Okios, which I’d actually never tried before. I opened the little foil cover and was surprised to see tons of whey floating on the top. After I stirred it in, though, it created the creamy texture that I appreciate so much in greek yogurt. Okios was such a nice change from the disappointment of yoplait’s sad attempt at greek yogurt- a thick, creamy yogurt with no bitter aftertaste. True to my nature, I added cinnamon.

as usual

much better

Can we just talk about how I can’t take pictures today??? I think I’ll spare you today’s fork shot fail.

Kat , sweet girl that she is, awarded me this Bootylicious award that Carrie made. Thanks girl!!


1. Post this award with the picture and name whoever tagged you in it

2. Do the STUFF

3. Award to 7 others and tell them you did so!


1. Name 3 things that are lying right next to you 

2. Name 2 foods you cannot live without 

3. Name 1 thing you did today

So here goes!

3 things that are lying next to me….

mah scarf


my seminar notebook?

2 foods you cannot live without:

soy nut butter or other such things (sunflower seed, etc)

ggggggiant salads

or just make that veggies in general. Is that cheating?

1 thing I ate today? welll you saw above how I was eatin’ the deliciousness that is a yogurt mess!! Here’s another pic for ya

a yogurt mess of old

Now I’ve got to tag you guys so.

1. Vegan Sunshine

2. PB & Jenny 

3. Jenna

4. Keepnthefaith

5. Tessa


7.of cookies and carrots 

Enjoy girls!

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You have until Sunday, May 1st at midnight to enter so good luck to you all!!

That concludes the monster post. Did you get to the end? If you’ve missed anything, let me summarize…just kidding!
Love, Hannah


I’ve been found!! After a MIA weekend at my grandparents house, I’ve arrived back at school and plugged myself into the internet again. Sounds terrible, but without it I cannot blog for you:) That said, I loved my computer-less weekend!!

I did my laundry before my mom picked me up on friday. Do you see a trend in the colors I own?

gnome much?

We gave a ride to my friend E who happens to live in the same town and after we dropped her off, we got to go to Trader Joes!!!! We bought a wonderful smattering of goodies because my grandparents like to keep their fridge….bare…

so much yogurtttt

So we bought some….

the loot!!

Spicy Brown Mustard, PEANUT FLOUR,Crunchy Curls (these are so. good.LENTIL), Dried Apple Rings, Squishy Tummy Spring Gummies!

Can we get a “YAYAYAYAYYAY” for peanut flour? I grabbed two of these in the event that I’m not actually allergic to nuts? We find out later this month:)
I drank some tea in my favorite mug:

love this illustrator

My sister had made these cute coconut cupcakes for Easter. Of course, I couldn’t bring myself to eat one, but they’re cute anyhow!


But I did eat some delicioso pizza for dinner. My favorite frozen pizza is Amy’s roasted veggie pizza and TJs makes one that is mostly the same. I haven’t had this in so long, but the caramelized onion sauce is just my favorite.



With broccoli that I overcooked and of course, mustard!
I also made a neat salad, which was great!

love me some craisins!

Let me tell you: I was really glad to be back in the kitchen again!!

a stove!

I went for a walk and hit the hay.
The next morning we woke early (when do I not??) and I looked outside: It was pouring.  Great, because we were going to (and did) go to Minuteman National Park to explore on Jr. Ranger Day for my sibs, who are 10.
I made myself a perfect breakfast for a rainy day: Oats and Strawberries from TJs.

yogurt for dipping with a drip of maple syrup

the main event

and a spoon shot, just for you:)

Off we went. It was beautiful, but wet wet wet

skunk Cabbage!

Mom, G and E on the path ahead

We went to a little (heatless!) house where my sister refused to make a little bonnet. I made one, since I didn’t have a hood.

three coats and a pretend hat

Yes. I wore it all day.  Don’t my siblings just look SO TEN???
We found our way to the North Bridge, where the river was swollen like a cow ready to give birth!

love it

Being the silly nature lover that I am, I took a whole bunch of few pictures. I’ll spare you.
We got home and I was freezing. I brought my running shoes with me which are practically made of mesh. Bad idea.
I made my family’s traditional easter dish: Wonderful Salad. Let me tell you something about “wonderful salad”: it is anything but wonderful. It combines most of the foods that I cannot/will not/would not eat: mayo, jello, cottage cheese (although I love it now), condensed milk and pineapple.


But I did my grandmother a favor and made it for her. Plus I was just itching to cook.

It hardens in the fridge.

smoothie in a bowl? think again

Tessa asked if you guys wanted her Easter recipes. I know you guys won’t want this one.
That night, I made up the Easter Baskets (which I then left in the rain….) G and E like to leave a treat out for the Easter Bunny like Santa, so they left celery and lettuce.


I had a little snack.


EASTER CAME! I go church on Easter with my grandfather. He, my cousin and myself stand in a row. All of us are singers. You do the math.
Breakfast = so springlike! I love strawberries


I didn’t whip out my camera at lunch, but I had some sweet potatoes, salad, asparagus and a bite of my mom’s quiche that she lovingly made by hand and I could not bring myself to eat (can you hear the guilt? sadness? I’m sorry mom… I love you better than Ed, I swear) My Dad didn’t get to come, he is working 3 jobs?!
But my cousin and I had a great time hiding Easter Eggs. We’re only 3 years apart and we always have such fun together.

: )

That is my weekend!! I hope you guys enjoyed your Easter too. Tune in tomorrow for a GIVEAWAY!!!! My first ever!
Love, Hannah


The Song Remembers When

I was taking a walk this morning and a song came on my ipod. The song played and streamed notes into my ears as my mind filled with all the memories I associated with that song. It occurred to me, as my walk continued and my hears were filled with other songs, that I associate many songs this way; with a time in my life or a place or a mood.  I’d like to give you a little insight into my life by sharing some of my favorite associative tunes with you:)
Get ready for a throwback….
(Disclaimer: This by no means is a list of everything I listen to!)

Emmanuel by Amy Grant Yes, this is a christmas song, but I have such fond memories of listening to this song and changing my dance for the fast and slow parts. I must have been about 6 but the memory sticks with me. 

-Doctor Jones by Aqua – This song reminds me of my 3rd grade year. We had an exchange student from Hong Kong who loved this band and we would listen to it together. I always wore my pink snuggie too. Yes, I do promise to provide a picture if I can find one:)

Losing Grip by Avril Lavigne– I remember listening to this song sitting in the airport in Taiwan. I bought the CD (with chinese writing!!) in a store in Taipei while I was there at age 10 and listened to it all the way home in my transparent blue CD player!

Nothin’ On You by BOB- My friend A and I used to sing this together when we were at Oxford together this past summer. It is the happiest I can remember being in a long time. 

Happy Girl by Beth Nielson Chapman– My mom loves to quote this song to me. It says
“I used to live in a darkened room
Had a face of stone and a heart of gloom….
I’m the happy girl, everybody knows
That the sweetest thing that you’ve ever seen
In the whole wide world Is a happy girl…”
This song just reminds me that I can change and be the Happy Girl.

Yearbook by Hanson and I Want it That Way  by Backstreet Boys -My cousin and I used to play elaborate games with Beanie Babies and we would have them sing these songs to each other. 

I’m Ready by Jacks Mannequin – I listened to this while I was traveling to the Netherlands during 2007. I can remember walking next to the canals in the sun with the flower stalls lining the path and bikes parked up next to the railings. It was warm and I was so happy and sang a bit to myself!

The Everglow by Mae– This song reminds me of the summer I took college biology during the summer to make up for the time I’d spent in treatment. I’m pretty sure I made my Dad listen to this every. single. time. he drove me to class:)

Shake it by Metro Station- I used to dance to this in my senior year of high school with our Indonesian foreign exchange student. I was pretty unhappy in school this year, but losing myself in this upbeat song with a friend was really great. 

Wall of Death by Nancy Griffith– My first friend Megan and I used to listen to this song in the car. Every time it said “wall of death” on “death” we would throw ourselves back onto the seats of the car as if we were riding one of those anti-gravity rides. I think of it every time I hear the song. 

Out of the Woods by Nickel Creek and Heal Over by KT Tunstall- These songs reminds me of my mom. We both love to sing and when we sing, we often harmonize together. Each time, it is just us and the music and it makes me so happy to share these moments with her. 

Desert Rose by Sting and Call me Mellow by Tears for Fears– My Dad and I don’t harmonize (in fact, I’ll admit, he can sometimes be off tune) but we love to listen to music together. Sometimes I’ll go with him to other towns for work-related things like going to district court offices (he’s an attorney) and we will just sing the entire way there. 

The Weepies- Anything by them just makes me so ridiculously happy. End of story. 

Yann Tiersen- This is my “oh woe is me” or “I need time to think” music. I love the emotions it stirs in me, causing me to come closer to myself and connect to how I’m feeling. 

I’d better stop now, but I hope you all enjoyed learning a lot a bit about me through songs old and new!
This weekend I will be be with my family for easter so there will be more opportunities for
-eating better (non diningroom) food
-fun and love
and less opportunities for
-GoBerry- good thing I tried their Cocoa flavor today!!
-Sitting alone in my room
-working too hard on papers
-sitting in class reading blogs bored

Sounds like a win-win situation- see you soon!

Eat a better breakfast

Let’s talk about breakfast, shall we?

I’ll just start out with the fact that I love breakfast. It is my favorite meal. That said I will not eat brinner; I can’t stand the idea! (we’re having it tonight in my dining room and I think I’ll go next door…) I love me some oats, yogurt, cereal, bagel thins, toast, fruit, you name it. SNB and SSB of course.
Fun Fact: Hemp Seed Butter has the same abbreviations as my initials; HSB. Too bad it isn’t my favorite. Which leads me to a quick review:  When D and I were at Deals and Steals on sunday, I spied this little jar sitting on the nut butter shelf.

say what?

I’m always on the lookout for non-nut butters, so when I found this jar of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed Butter, I had to buy it up, despite the price tag that was a bit high for D&S.
Having no room in my college-sized fridge, I waited a couple days before I opened the jar and upon doing so, I noticed the first two things about it was that it was GREEN and the smell was very distinct. Think….really earthy? I tried a bit and it was a tad too strong for my taste, so I stirred in a boatload of some cinnamon. 

after the cinnamon add, whats in the jar is more green-original

The texture wasn’t gritty, but it was nor barney butter smooth either (I’ve never tried it but I’ve heard it’s super smooth). It was a little…slimy? Well, not slimy, just you could tell that it had 3000mg of Omega-3’s in it. Heart health for the win!

what shall I do next? a bottle of opportunity!

After trying it a bunch of times adding more and more cinnamon. I’m not one to buy something then throw it away so I got creative.
I finally decided I’d make a yogurt dip out of it to cut the flavor.


I actually can’t wait to eat this stuff. There is a really creamy balance between yogurt and HSB now (yes, we do have a balance, too) so this twill be yum-o on oats perhaps?


Verdict: I don’t think I’d buy this again. It isn’t my favorite. If I did buy it again, I’d get it with the intention of making this dip because it in itself it pretty darn tasty:)

So back to breakfast. I got a little over ambitious at Stop’n’Shop last week and bought some Yoplait Greek to try. I thought, 17g protein? 40%DV calcium? What could be bad about that?


great stats!

Everything, apparently.
It didn’t even smell good. It didn’t have that great greek yogurt consistancy, it was just like plain yoplait except a bit thicker. It had a terrible, terrible taste that I tried to mask by dumping cinnamon on it (do we see a trend?)

LOOKS good. but...

It smelled like chemicals, which is funny because it didn’t have any in it (I was surprised!) I actually ended up tossing this which I never, ever do. Could it be the mindful eating/recovery side of me that wanted me to eat something I truly enjoyed? I don’t know. Whatever it was, this yogurt-nogurt made its way into my garbage can.
I abandoned it for an orange and some orange juice shaken up with a scoop of protein powder in a mason jar. Much better.

Plus some tea in my PufferFish cup.

sooo cute

Has anyone ever seen one of these sweeties? They actually seem to smile at you!

Which leads me to the cause of the title of this post.
I was perusing the web this morning and I came across this little tid-bit:

You’re going to have to put the link in yourself because apparently I’m video impaired and have tried 10 times to no avail. Basically the gist of this video is fine; breakfast is good for you, don’t eat crap. But what really got to me was the emphasis on calories and not on nutrients. He began by listing macronutrients you need to sustain yourself and I got that but then he shifted to just talking about the calories and how you could “strip them off”.  I know quite well that calories are important, but it is what kind of calories that is what we’re missing, not the amount necessarily. If we’re exercising, more than 300 calories could be fine for breakfast, just ask any healthy living blogger who gets up to run 4 or 6 miles and has two breakfasts. It is things like this that confuse me when I’m just trying to make breakfast something delicious without all that claptrap about “eat this” “don’t eat that” “calories” “fat” “fiber”. Seriously people. I just want to enjoy my food. The man told us that granola was bad. Excuse me sir, but I believe that there does exist granola that is a great source of heart healthy fats and good complex carbs. You can make it yourself and even find some in stores.  His black and white dismissal of foods that can be healthy if made the right way was really off-putting.
The other thing that made  me sick about this video was the attention to processed food. He highlighted a Jimmy Dean bowl as being unhealthy, but the alternative to that bowl was another frozen meal!! Seriously how difficult is it to fry yourself up an egg and some veggie sausage? Yes yes, I realize that this is aimed at THE WHOLE WORLD. and the whole obesity epidemic, but there are also people who would just benefit from eating healthier whole food, Everyone!! He should have highlighted Oatmeal, Sweet potatoes, whole grain toast and veggie foods, eggs, easy ingredients and smoothies! He didn’t talk about all the artificial ingredients in some of these foods either.
This all just made me think about what the greater public is hearing. And all too often, what they are not hearing-that it is easy to make breakfast from scratch- that is what they are missing most.

Alright, that was a bit of a rant. Tomorrow I’m going to GoBerry with A again. They have cocoa!! BE EXCITED,
Love, Hannah

What do you think of this video? Do you think the media puts too much focus on just calories and not on nutrients, healthy living and exercise? How do you eat a better breakfast? 

A Momentary Distraction

We interrupt this program (read: seminar paper) to being you the latest news from the homefront.
-I don’t feel that well
-I have a weird cough that I had last summer at Oxford and the Dr couldn’t fix
-I’m writing my seminar paper 3 weeks early
-I’m crazy?
-Review of Hemp Seed Butter coming tomorrow!
Tessa, at Amazing Asset tagged me with the Versatile Blogger Award! Super excited because this is the first of such awards that I’ve ever gotten.

So now I’m supposed to tell you guys 7 random facts about myself? Here goes!
1. I’m pretty sure I’m an old woman. Eden did a post about this awhile back and I honestly think I fit the bill. I go to sleep (preferably) around 9:30pm, I wake up super early, I like dried fruit and knitting and sweaters and I wear slippers around the house (sometimes shuffling, yes), kind of old fashioned, I’m a bit of a worry wart and my “mother hen” comes out sometimes. And apparently I spurn technology? Not of the internet kind, sadly, but of the television kind. Oh, and love me some cottage cheese and fiber cereal!

2.  I love to travel. Countries I’ve been to so far: Austria, Netherlands, Wales, Scotland, England, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Taiwan, UAE
Countries next on my list: India, Indonesia, Tibet, Nepal, Turkey, etc (this is a lie, I just want to go everywhere!)

3. I really like orange food. For serious, I don’t know what it is but give me sweet potatoes, squash and carrots any day

4. I like to go on read-walks….or walk-reads, whichever you prefer. Basically I just take my book and go for a walk. I got a comment from my neighbor once much to the affect of “Wow, now there’s the true definition of bookwork” Thanks, sir.

5. My hair used to be down to my bum. My mom used to braid it daily (which brought me mercless teasing- no harm meant by her of course) for fear that I’d get lice. I’ve donated it twice, chopped it off to it’s current length halfway through my first year of college and don’t think it will see its way past my shoulders again.

6. I hate hot chocolate. I don’t know what it is, I just don’t like it. I also don’t like chocolate pudding, completely chocolate cookies (although I like brownies), chocolate ice cream or chocolate milk. Give me a 90% pure dark chocolate bar anyday.

7. While I was in treatment, I went through a journal a week. I have them in a box under my bed and I think I may turn them into a memoir someday. On that note, I should get back into journaling more often….

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me! I’ve got to tag 7 people now so…

The Balanced Bean
Celery and Cupcakes
My Fancy Tuna
Oatmeal with Sprinkles

Enjoy guys, can’t wait to read all about it!



Nope, not the colorful candies- Happy Marathon Monday!!!! I’m currently sitting in my room screaming, the housekeeper must think I’m crazy ;P

There’s nothing I love more than a group of people cheering for you as you do something mind-blowing. I’ve only run two 5ks but it is a similar feeling to the one I used to get when I rowed crew.

That being said, I know I need to fuel myself before exerting energy. This is a mind trip for sure, because I feel great when I do fuel myself but leading up to it, I’ve just made a terrible habit of not doing so. Ed strikes again! As soon as my ankle heals up, I’m going to try upping my running and my food. Maybe walking a half marathon?

I’ve been pretty busy with a cappella gigs all weekend. We had one every day and I’ve been coughing and tired and working on my seminar paper. I’m not leaving, don’t worry, but I didn’t do much that was exciting. GoBerry has cocoa now though, so I may have to trot right over there and…..I’ll wait until thursday.

Today was kind of a strange weather day. Warm-ish/mild but cloudy. I went on a walk with The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver (which you should read if you haven’t!!) . Freya knows what I’m talking about!! I felt about 10 rain drops over the course of my walk. See? Strange.

I wore the dress I bought at Marshalls


last month today for the first time. I’ve been feeling really good bodywise lately, so that means more skirts and dresses I guess? That or the warm weather.

I went on another walk with D yesterday and we ended up going shopping, haha. I actually spent $7 on three boxes of cereal and 2 yogurts? Not shabby…

Nature's Path Flax Plus, Red Berry Cereal, Chobani Lemon (!), Yogreek, Hemp Seed Butter

I don’t usually (read:ever) buy yoplait, but I’ve got to try their Greek and compare it to the others I’ve tried. I’m super excited about this Chobani Lemonthough- I haven’t ever seen it before!!

oh hey

The Hemp Seed butter was a bit of an impulse buy, there were two and I’ve never seen it before. I’m always on the look out for non-nut butters, so I’ll have to let you guys know how it is! D wanted some too after we’d already left so we turned around but by the time we’d done so, someone else had bought it! We just laughed though.


Forgive all my creepy pictures. I’m a bit of a goof.

Some nummy snackage today. I’m a big fan of carrots as a sweet thing- don’t judge! Delicious Chappaqua Crunch granola on top with puffed wheat and coats of cinnamon- just the way I like it smooshed up with Stonyfield Farmplain yogurt.

plain and simple

I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a whole lotta this involved too:


and because I’m a dork and I like fork-shots

fork shot!

I’m off to a presentation on Mindful Eating which should be good! I’m impressed that my college is offering such a thing- I’ll let you know what I think. I don’t have class until 1pm tomorrow so I think I’ll clean my room. It looks a bit like something exploded which makes me go


AND I saw that Megandid this- so I decided to make one for myself!  Check it out!


Of Note: The Healthy Helper is having a blogaversary givaway. Seriously you should gooooo because her loot is AMAZING. She gives a really nice recap of her last year too, so ch-ch-check it out!

Do any of you guys like fork shots? What are you wearing now that it is spring (for most of us…)? Carrots; sweet or savory? Ever tried Hemp Seed Butter? 

I love you guys seriously,

Love, Hannah

Crock around the Clock!

Good Morning! I always start like this and should change up my greeting, don’t you think? But in all seriousness, it is a good morning. I spent all night in a room that smelled lightly of cinnamon. Why? Because I’ve been crockin’ around the clock!

first time used!

also a first!

I was so so so excited for these Chia Seeds but I told Tessa I’d try them this weekend so I took a break for it and just did it!

major excitement right there folks

ain't she a beaut?

I honestly had no idea (and really still don’t) how to use this thing but I tried anyway!

this stuff has a nice chew to it

Overnight Crockpot Cracked Wheat! 

-1/4 cup Hodgeson Mill Cracked Wheat Cereal
– 2 cups water
-1 tbsp Navitas Naturals Chia Seeds

Into the pot overnight on low with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

in they go!

I actually cooked it a bunch in the evening, turned it off out of paranoia for peace of mind while I slept and then turned it back on this morning. 

a bit later?

I’m a really bad example of “a watched pot never boils” and the proper use of a crockpot. I couldn’t help but take off the lid and see what was happening to the chia seeds!

this morning!

I scooped these into a nearly empty Once Again Sunflower Seed Butter (to die for!) and layered it with about 2 tbsp Stonyfield Farmsyogurt.


But it actually wouldn’t all fit in the jar!!


So I definitely ate it for awhile out of the pot with a couple bites of banana. Finally, I put it into a little bowl.

much better

I know Kathdid a video post once about making perfect oats and mentioned that she always liked to eat the film that is left at the end- I do too!!


Back to the jar.

love this stuff!

see that glob?

What does the test panel say?

thumbs up!

Chia seeds? People are right, they don’t really taste like anything at all but they add majorrrr volume to your breakfast. Sign me up.
Cracked Wheat? I’m a big fan of oats, and I don’t think CW will be taking their place anytime soon, but it did have a really nice, wheat-like flavor and a bit of a chewy texture to it that I really liked and that complemented the chia seeds.  I’d have it again, especially since I have a box….Hodgeson Mill doesn’t disappoint either; they’re pretty serious about their grains. Gotta love it!

I will admit to being a little nervous about this breakfast.
1. Chia seeds? Something new, a nutrient dense thing that added *gasp* calories to my breakfast
2. Carbs!! (I’m having a thing with them lately) in such a small serving size.
3. Nut Butter? Always scary but always worth it
4. Would I feel full? I always worry about this for no reason.

Some answers for myself.
1. Chia seeds are amazing and I don’t know where they’ve been all my life, honestly. Welcome to the breakfast club, Chia. And those calories? They’re just energy. I’m burning them all off laughing at myself now anyways.
2.  Carbs = brain fuel. I’m writing essays today and they’re gonna be FAB because of all the carb-y goodness I had this morning. Also of note: the serving size was perfect- I don’t know how it multiplied so much, but where can I get some more???
3. Nut Butter? This stuff is great and I’m still the same size after I’ve eaten so many jars. I’m fine
4. Yes. I feel full. And my thoughts are not consumed with thoughts of food? What? Sometimes I wonder if I know what full really feels like and how to respond to it properly.

So all in all, I’m really proud of myself although I’m currently resisting the urge to use this newfound energy to go for a run. My ankle is still wrapped in it’s ace bandage of glory so that won’t be happening. Perhaps a walk later is in order? I think yes.

oh, and I forgot to mention:

I think she liked it

Love ya!


What are your favorite things to do with Chia seeds? Any good recipes for me to try?? 


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