Hi you all. I don’t know what I’m doing getting into the habit of making nighttime posts, but I should hope that I don’t make it permanent. Do you prefer nighttime or morning posts?

I’m back to school tomorrow because my a cappella group is recording over what our school calls “senior week” – the week before commencement. Glee club also performs at the commencement concert the night before commencement, which is a nice little thing. One more week on campus. It has been nice being home for a couple days though. I’ve made 2.5 loaves of banana bread, had a great rice cake in a jar and some yummy salad beasts! I hope this week is fun, and it will probably involve lots of long walks, some runs and reading by the ton. What it won’t involve, is recipes and cooking. I’m sorry guys but there just is no opportunity for this while I’m there. Look for me to be fully back in action by sunday next though!

ALSO I should warn you that I’m working as a summer camp counselor this summer and won’t be cooking either. I’ll try to post as often as I can, but since I have to be “on” 100%, I don’t know what I can promise. I hope you’ll all stick around for fall though (and the future) because I’m going to LONDON and will have my very own flat with a kitchen and the cooking/grocery store exploration will begin! Again, I’m really sorry about this but I’m really looking forward to both being a counselor and studying abroad.

Please, please stay with me guys, I really value your comments.

alright, enough sappy sap.

breakfast time!

all the fixin's

I think spring is finally here.

strawbs in the sun

time for a yogurt mess!

love it

something about those slices

all together now

1 container Fage 2% (this stuff. so creamy.)
1 cup puffed wheat

simple and good. 

I basically unpacked today

and unpacked

and brought some stuff up to my room.

then I had some lunch.

salad beast!

2 slices pickle
1 wasa cracker
tuna fish

Anyone else like salad as much as I do?? 

and I decided to put the tuna with some veggie cheese on the wasa cracker.  

melty goodness

My family ordered chinese food for dinner so I ordered some plain veggies and stir fried them up with some yogurt curry sauce.

hot and steamy!

True confessions: I’m a girl who always professed to hate television. I find most shows pointless, crude and mindless. I’d prefer to spend my time reading or talking or taking long walks or something that uses my brain. BUT my parents recently started watching Glee and told me to watch it. Being a singer myself (a cappella and Glee club) I decided to give it a shot.
Let’s just say that I watched 4 episodes in a row on Netflix last night…..
While I can’t say this is a complete turn around for me and TV, I must admit, I really like Glee (this rhymes!)
This certainly doesn’t mean I’m going to watching Jersey Shore or other reality things or whatever, but I like what Glee has to offer. It deals with some real things in a mature way and has witty banter and I like that.
and maybe now I won’t have to look so blank when people talk about television.
I don’t meant to offend at all, I’m just being real. Everyone deserves a true confession sometimes.
love, Hannah

About Hannah B.

I'm a 24 year old graduate student living in NYC. I study Education, but I'm a keen writer.

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  1. O my word, your strawberry bonanza of a breakfast! Gosh it looks so yummy!! I’m such a softie for anything with strawberries, so glad they’re back in season😀 I bet you’re chompin at the bit for London, what a blast! I cannot wait to hear about your adventures there:)

  2. I’m sure all of your readers will stick with you!:) I can’t wait to read about your London adventures….I’m dying to go there so I’ll be living vicariously through you! Also, I love Glee! At first I thought it was dumb, but then Sue Sylvester sucked me in and then my sister and I were watching six episodes a night over Christmas break….good stuff! Have you ever watched Gilmore Girls? It’s definitely chock full of witty banter….most people either seem to love it or hate it, but it’s a really good show, in my opinion:)

  3. Post whenever you’d like to as long as it’s on a semi-set schedule. You have readers from all around the world so your nighttime might be their mornings anyway!

  4. runyogarepeat

    Wow, you’re gonna have the best summer/next fall! I’ve been a camp counselor for 3 summers so far, and it’s the BEST job ever. I wish I could have studied abroad – my friends who went to London loved it!

  5. indecisiveathlete

    Your salad looks quite tasty. I love making big creative salads:) and your strawberries look delicious! I def plan on sticking around and look forward to reading about your London adventures. It sounds like you’re going to have an awesome fun/busy summer too!

  6. Your meals are so good-looking:)) I love salads these days (or any days, to be concrete:). I am so looking forward to reading about your staying in London, I love that city!

  7. I always post at night! I am the definition of a non morning person!

  8. Never be sorry for living life! Sounds like you are going to have an amazing summer! What a great opportunity!

    Too funny, I had a strawberry-filled breakfast this morning as well! Strawberries are soooo good right now! It’s about time too! And I’m loving the tuna melt!

    I totally understand what you mean about TV. I had my cable turned off a year and a half ago and although I do sometimes miss the occasional lazy Food Network watching days, I rarely even think about it much! I would so rather be living life than just inside glued to the tube all day!

  9. Mmmmm strawberries:) I had a ton yesterday as well!! Seriously one of my summer favs!

  10. Isn’t Fage 2% the best?! And yes, salads are amazing! I’ve never thought of putting pickles on one before – that’s a fantastic idea!:)
    Being a summer counselor and traveling abroad sounds amazing! I hope you have fun with it!😀
    And I watched Glee for the first time last night at a friend’s house! Too bad I don’t have Netflix😦

  11. Wow Hannah! I cannot wait to read about all your upcoming adventures. Being a camp counselor sounds like SO much fun…plus, LONDON!? Woohhoooo!! : ).
    It’s great that you’re using 2% Fage, I need to make that switch myself…it tastes so much better than nasty ol’ 0%! Your salad beast looks delicious too. I haven’t had salad in so long…are you on a meal plan? I find that fitting salad into my meal plan is nearly impossible because I just don’t have enough veggie exchanges to do it…ironically it’s the one thing I really don’t feel able to have on my plan! lol.
    Keep fighting, girl. I’m proud of you!

  12. So, I’m a little jealous that you’re studying abroad. My experience studying abroad was fabulous and I wish I could keep doing it over and over.:)

  13. I love mixing strawberries with fage😀

  14. sounds like some good times in your future, fun! hopefully you will get more treatment/help too, yeah? eating a good and proper amount and nourishing your body right is so important. i love veggies too but they are not a whole meal… hope you can continue to recover, you will be so much happier!

  15. Oh I am in love with strawberries right now. So fresh and sweet😀

    Good luck with everything that is happening! I will stay with you and keep commenting, don’t worry!

  16. Your summer sounds exciting! I’m going to be a summer camp counselor too. Yay! I love the looks of those strawberries. So fresh and juicy!

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