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Thank Goodness

I tried to post yesterday but wordpress and my internet were doing something really wonky so that was a no-go.
But I’m here now.
There has been no rhyme or reason to my blog lately and I’d say I’m sorry but life takes importance over posts which might be mundane or whatever. I think it is better so post sporadically in wonderful spurts rather than to simply post because I have to. I’d rather read something of good genius or a photo post than a post full of links to other posts or contrived things. That’s just me.
I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work though. Friends have begun getting back from having gone home for break. Perks of being a study abroad student? You get to stay in halls all through holidays, alone.
Luckily I’ve been fortunate to find the Regents Canal path which runs conveniently quite close to where I live! It is the most beautiful and peaceful thing that you wouldn’t realise ran straight through London and I can’t believe I haven’t discovered it until now.

Look at that blue sky

I think it would be a perfect place to run but I’m actually scared to run because I’m afraid I’ll fail. That’s maladaptive perfectionism for you. Do any of you guys have tips for beginning runners? I’ve run two 5ks but I don’t run formally. It is literally like every once in awhile I’ll get at it for a week and then freak out.

Smiles for miles

*fun fact: My mom wants me to get rid of both that bag and that coat since I’ve had them for years and they are in tatters.
*funner fact: They’re not going anywhere.

Canal boats and beautiful sky

This reminds me of the new Regina Spektor song, All the Rowboats. Have you heard it?

It’s intense but totally channels how I feel when I’m around stormy seas and boats and the piano in the background really mimics the roll of tempestuous waves. And it is about museums! Always a plus. Regina always has songs about things most artists don’t write or sing about and I applaud that.

On the topic of boats, I went to The Boat Race for Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) on the Themes last weekend!! SO AMAZING. I used to row crew (hard to believe, right?) so I was just excited and nostalgic the entire time.

Here they come!

It was a complicated ending and a somewhat undeserved win for Cambridge- check it out online if you want to know what I’m talking about. My friend and I took pictures whilst waiting for the boats to actually arrive for the 3 minutes they would be under the bridge upon which we stood:

Smile in sepia

On our way back home as stopped at Pentonville Prison. Any Sherlock fans out there?

A bit too smiley for in front of a prison? Nah.

It is actually kind of pretty, but a bit scary to think that it is literally a 10 minute walk away from halls.

Pretty prison.

I’ll share this face with you simply because I think you need to know. Sometimes I have lots of energy.

This is my most special face.

But I swear I was much more pleased when I received this ipod/iphone armband from 3 media!¬†to review. I don’t have an iphone (YET) but I have an ipod that fits in the little holder. Ask my mom, I’ve been lusting after one of these running armband forever.

Belkin- just the one I wanted!

Pardon the shoddy pictures but I got this on a really cloudy day and the lighting in my room is practically the worst you could have for photography anyhow.

check it out!!

There is nothing more awkward than either holding your ipod while running or, even worse, having it bouncing up and down in your pocket. Problem: sorted.

awkward shots for the win.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of your upper arm? Yeah? No? Well it’s hard. Take a look at that photo. But basically you just strap the thing on and go. I’m pleasedūüėÄ

I’ll be back soon with more updates. I have loads I want to say but I’m freaking out because this is crunch week. Once this week is over I swear I’ll have interesting things to say:)

Love, Hannah


Today I’m posting over on my travel blog –> A Case of Wanderlust¬†

So I’ll be talking a bit more about things there.

I said I’d get back into blogging but right now I’ve got really itchy arms and a big paper and exams to revise for.

So it will be slow going. I have SO many things I want to say, or muse about or whatever.

such as:

-My love for Tahini
-My experience with social inabilities and how it is to have friends
– Life in London
-How I’m growing
-Changing your mindset
-Do what you love- thoughts on that
-Plans for the future
-Why I can’t wait to go home but I really don’t want to leave London

And more random things I decide to post about.

I won’t post a picture of me because I have a horrible rash on my arms….it’s ugly I swear.

Lately my life has been a bit of this: after finals...

Really, I shouldn’t do work in bed. But sometimes it’s the most comfortable to put your feet up…besides which I turned my bed so that my chair doesn’t fit under my desk because the end of my bed is there so I’m kind of ¬†always doing work in bed aren’t I?

It is our 3 week break here, so I’ve been just chilling, really. My flat mates are gone, and with them their amazing kitchen mess making abilities, so I’ve been actually cooking!

The other day I went to the market and got one of my awesome box of veg for ¬£1 deals. Then I went on a massive roasting spree- eggplant, peppers, onions, sage, cabbage, mushrooms, onions. I also have a little casserole pot with a lid that I got from my Nanny job (they are moving) so I layered veg in that with shepherd’s pie seasoning and baked it for some sort of pottage….and then I stir fried some stir fry mix with black bean sauce. It was an epic evening. All eaten with tahini of course.

and I forgot to take a picture? It was kind of ugly anyhow.

You don’t even need to read this post. I’m just rambling in the small moments before I have to go to work.

Also. I’m not sure where this blog is going. I don’t live and breathe food anymore, and my life is widening. I’m distracted by schoolwork and stressed because of it, which might be putting a damper on my creativity. And my flat-mate messiness problem + lack of kitchen utensils is probably putting a damper on my baking/cooking. All I can say is, when I’m here I’m here, and when I’m not I’m not.

I don’t really blog for a certain response. I blog because I need to say things. Sure, I enjoy the odd comment, but really it’s more for my benefit and pleasure, since I like writing. I like the way words come together. Words. They carry so much meaning and when you put them together they create something. Even rearranging the words in a sentence can change its meaning.


Love, Hannah



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