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Well, recentering is still in progress.

I’ve been home for a bit more than a week now and I’ve been having such a nice time, with one minor episode of horrible body image. Does my body change in one day? I don’t think so. Having family over for Christmas was stressful, I think. I also feel better about my body when I eat well? Go figure.

I came home to many packages!

wonder of wonders!

Best Christmas present? I think so. (note: it is only the ones on top, haha)

yum in my tum

I was reunited with tuna fish sandwiches. New love? Tuna+parsley. If you haven’t had parsley in a tuna fish sandwich, do it!


Reunited with wheat puffs and almond milk. What’s lacking? All my nice bowls. They’re packed somewhere in my room I think.

In prep for our neighborhood’s cookie exchange, R (my German friend staying here for a bit), my mother and I went to The Fresh Market for a bit of a shop!

Something's missing....

But they had no Kabocha. Good thing I’d gotten one the previous day. We made a stop at Hannaford on the way home from the airport since the plane food was bad. Needed a snack.

eggsis my precious?

Eggs in a bag?

Then we set off baking. We made….


I broke out the double hummus action.

curry spice hummus and ginger sweet hummus

We made a croquembouche. Has anyone ever made one? It means “crunch in the mouth” but ours wasn’t so crunchy. I read later that you’re supposed to make a paper cone and pour the sugar cement/glaze over it to make the tower, but we hand made it. Probably would have made them more crunchy that way.

So many puffs!

But I think it came out alright. Everyone raved about it.

tower of cream puffs

The table looked like this. Gosh, lighting is so bad at night!

the spread

Made some scruffins- finally!

scruf scruf

The cookie exchange went so well that I completely couldn’t be bothered to take pictures.

Christmas was spent with the fam (more on that later) and then Boxing Day we had my Dad’s side of the family over for a bit of a dessert thing. R and I baked all weekend.

We made….

R baking!


Fruit pizza?

plated and ready to rock.


recipes to come!

I’ll post recipes for all these soon. These were Cinnamon Stars- they’re gluten free as well, for my Aunt who was recently diagnosed.

Blackie and Whitie

We made a Black Forest Cake and an Eggnog cheesecake.

The Gluten Free Table

The spread take second Christmas party.

Taking pride.

I made a Gingersnap Dip


Not many people ate it though. I was sad, but Mom said that my relatives probably just didn’t have sophisticated tastes. They lean more towards chips and dip or cheese and crackers. I suppose that could be true.

Black Forest

This came out really well. My favourite part was definitely whipping the cream (and tasting it, of course).


The recipe came from a real German cookbook, which made for quite the cake (with lots of Kirsch) but mine looked nowhere as lovely as the one in the book.

angle shots

Recipes to follow for: Eggnog cheesecake, regular classic cheesecake, Rugalach, Cinnamon Stars, Black Forest Cake, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Gingersnap Dip

Reviews coming as well!! I’ve got some really good stuff to tell you about, such as Newman’s Own Organic’s new cookies and licourice, Ernest Eats bars (so good!), and Perfect Foods Bars. Can’t wait to review them for you all so you can get to know them! yum!

See you soon, if I don’t vanish again.

Love, Hannah



Da Dip: A Complete Soc-cess

and yes, I’m aware I spelled that wrong. You’ll see.

Any of you familliar with this song?

When I dip, you dip, we dip.

Well, I’ve been dipping a whole bunch lately into this fab new hummus I made from chickpea flour!!

dip it up!

My flatmate had a bag of this Chickpea/Besan flour that she wasn’t going to use? 

So naturally I jumped on the opportunity and began researching recipes to make with it. Nothing goes to waste. I came across a recipe for Chickpea Flour Hummus and thought- why not? Hummus is rather pricy at the shops, so if I could make my own, all the better.

Chickpea Flour Hummus

adapted from This recipe

      • 1/2 cup Garbanzo Bean Flour
        1-1/4 cups Water
        1 Garlic cloves, minced (omitted because I didn’t have any)
        2 tbsp nut butter (it called for Tahini but I didn’t have any)
        1 tsp Lemon Juice
        1/2 tsp Cumin or curry powder
        Salt and to taste
Bring the water to boiling on medium heat. Whisk the garbanzo bean flour into the boiling water. Cook 1 minute stirring constantly. Turn heat down to medium low and continue cooking 5 minutes. Let cool.

In the bowl of a food processor, puree the garbanzo mixture, garlic, a bit more water, nut butter, lemon juice until smooth. Then add the spices, salt, pepper.

If mixture is too stiff, add more water to get desired consistency. Spoon and scrape the mixture into a bowl, cover with plastic and let sit for at least one hour at room temperature. Taste to see if more lemon juice, salt or pepper is needed.

Really guys. Go make this. It is super cost effective because you’ll only pay for the huge bag of flour and then you can make hummus to your hearts content. Next up, definitely a dessert hummus! Cinnamon? Caramel? Snickerdoodle? Ginger? 

Since I am totally on a chickpea flour kick, I randomly decided to whip up some Socca this morning. Allie had kindly given me the recipe-so simple!- and so I thought I might as well give it a try.

Simple Socca

1/2 cup Chickpea Flour
1/2 cup water
oil for pan if it is not nonstick

chickpea flour

Put chickpea flour in a bowl. I know guys, it’s really hard.


Chickpea Flour, water

Mix with water. Watch out for the clumps!

Into the frying pan

Put mixture into a frying pan. Nonstick works best because then you can just slide it out when it’s done.


Wait around for it to cook. Look with wonder at the Apple Cake you baked yesterday and how it is nearly gone. Good thing it was good (with nut butter)<– that should end every sentence.

Cook it up!

And it cooks up right like that!

ooooh bubbles

You can flip it if you like. You’ll see that it isn’t so photogenic on the other side. But don’t make it feel bad, it’ll still taste just as good.

Much better lighting near the window

Check out this texture

Hole-y moly!

Plate it, please. Show some dignity.

I love my blue plate.

Admire the edge….crisp and fluttery…

wow. just wow.

Then eat your oats in a jar that you’ve been waiting for. Yes, that’s what I actually had for breakfast.

Oats+Cashew Butter = creamy dreamy

But don’t worry. Even though you were a bit premature on the socca making, you can still have it for lunch.

topped with cinnamon, naturally.

It has a bit of a beany taste, so I topped it with cinnamon. It actually improved with age though, and I’ll be trying new flavours to be sure.

serve with toppings.

Holiday Spice Almond butter (shown above, recipe soon) or even the hummus. Chickpea on Chickpea anyone?

Chickpeas. They’re what’s for breakfast/dinner/lunch/snacks/anytime.

Love, Hannah


When You Don’t Have Kitchen Equipment….

Morning all!

So yesterday I decided to make cupcakes for my flatmates. Sounds great, right?

We don’t have a muffin tin. What to do?


I went on a search but couldn’t find anything. Some little convenience store had a silicone one but it was for mini muffins, not the size I needed to make my Cupcakes from the mix that Greens sent me.

I was so excited for these, because my flatmates receive baked goods quite well, and it’s always nice to whip something up to sit nicely on the table (although they never stay for long)

Greens does some great things with their baking mixes. They have a creative baking line (from whence these cupcakes came), a kids line, and traditional line. They’ve got great seasonal cookies I’d like to make as well as sponge and scones I’d like to try my hand at.

They were kind enough to send me two mixes to try, Strawberry and Lemon, so I baked them both up!

All the Fixings

These were super easy. The information Green’s sent me said they take 12 minutes, and they were right!

All you need

You only need an egg and some butter. This was another experiment for me in baking with the metric system. 75g of butter? How much even is that?

Does that even look like enough?

I wasn’t entirely sure that that much batter would fit in the six cupcake papers that came with the mix. (an added bonus, you don’t have to buy them!)

But I haven’t got a muffin tin?

No muffin tin? that's okay!

I’ll just put them in a baking pan. They stand on their own, right?

Makeshift at its best

But they did, and I was so glad. I mean, they would have been tested, so who was I to worry?


I will spare you the messy details of how I got the frosting on, but lets just say, I’m pretty bad with a pastry bag. You are supposed to snip a hole in the corner of the frosting bag and put the nozzle in, but I just squeezed it all out the top. That was the Strawberry cupcakes, I frosted the Lemon ones by hand.


What you can’t see is the fun part. Remember the filling? That went inside the cupcakes. In the words of D, my flatmate,

“Oh my Hannah these are *bite* so good *bite*- oh wait, oh what? Is there something inside? *bitesmooshintoface* oh wow…nomnomnom”

Or something like that:) He liked them, let’s just say that.

Over all, total success. I even got requests to make more baked goods soon, so I’ll have to start looking around. They want to be surprised:)


Today is a pretty mellow day. Fridays I haven’t got class, but I’ve just been lazing around here this morning.

Just chillin’ with Marilyn;

Hello dahling

What? Your cottage cheese doesn’t have a face?

When in doubt, add nut butter

Of course I do. Always.

Especially when my flatmate has a mini food processor.

Hickory Smoked Mixed Nut Butter

Hope you’re all having a great day. I heard it snowed in the US yesterday? Jealous. All we got was rain. Good old England.

PS: I got a package

What could it be???

What is it? You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

I’m off to have lunch then head off to mixed football then to an orchestra concert at the Barbican this evening.

Love ya!

Also: Is anyone keen on doing a nut butter swap? I have pistachio butter here that I was sent to review, but I’m allergic. Anyone, Anyone?


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