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Heat Wave

If you know me, you know that I hate hot weather. (Says the girl who is setting off to Morocco in a few weeks and is applying to work in Taiwan)

Yes, it’s true. I’ve said it. I hate summer.

Maybe a bit harsh, and perhaps I don’t hate all of it, but I really do dislike hot weather. Unless I’m swimming in a lake. Then I’m fine.

Just a couple of weeks ago we had this:

sun dappled hammocks

Everything was beautiful and shadows were cast of two friends in a park

see us?

There was even foreboding, ominous sky.

Such contrast of light and dark.

Regents Park gave us sunshine that shone through leafless trees

I love trees.

(HUGE trees?

In break from my poetic banter, I don’t know why that picture is so big. I’m no good with formatting….)

Birds aplenty.


what beautiful feathered feat

and some springtime babies! This is a blurry picture because I snapped it as the baby duckling was flapping its wings because it was just so darn cute! I hope you can sort of see…

Fly away!

Skies were blue and buildings were tall.

Okay, this one has always been tall.

I love Barbican.

Days were brisk, but perfect for fruit at Borough Market. Yes, I finally got around to taking some pictures!

I love strawberries. But they are one pricy fruit!

and veg, of course.

lovely greens.

and a…thanksgiving spread?

gobble gobble….I would.

But of course, we all know that I go to Borough Market for the samples.

This was mustard. All mustard.

My favourite condiment**? Mustard! They had wasabi and truffle and fig and just so many!!

**savoury. Nut butter is in its own category, obviously.

I’ve heard this is great. Haven’t gotten it yet though.

it was seriously cheeeeeeeesy

They’ve got so many great samples at Borough. Favourites include: Jams, rosemary flavoured olive oil, white balsamic reduction, CHEESE and the most wonderous mushroom pate. Seriously, I don’t know how they do it.

I will be missing the market lifestyle when I’m back in the states. Anyone know cities that have good sample opportunities markets?

Tomorrow I’m off to the Imperial War museum with a friend. I can’t wait!! Hopefully it isn’t quite so hot though, I’m going to ride the bus. No tubing for me in this weather, I’d imagine they are stifling.

Hannah x

WIAW- Birthday/Thanksgiving/On Holiday Edition

So I’ve been absent lately. Noticeably or not, I haven’t been around. Ā Not since Thanksgiving have I really been up to blogging. I”m just not feeling college right now, and its kind of getting me down. But it’s probably this time of year. Raise your hand if you’re feeling a bit of a slump. Thought so.

Nothing like What I Ate Wednesday to bring your spirits up though. Jenn’s got something going on, as usual, and as always, I’m keen to join on in.

We begin with a 21st birthday parcel that’s been sitting under my bed for about a week.

Wonder what's inside!

I didn’t have to wonder long. After my flatmate wished me Happy Birthday at 12:01 am, and my parents not 1 minute after, I danced around my room a bit before deciding I’d better go to bed.


I opened it as soon as I got out of the shower. My family is the most amazing thing. My mom got me the cardigan that I have been imagining (that makes me feel like I’m in prep school) and sent me Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, which I’ve never tried. You bet I ripped it right open to try it.

My sister, G (who is ten) sent me a really cute card featuring my favourite animal; owls!

Answer: Happy Birthday to Yoooooo


Little pastas, lentils, spices, curry powder, shepherd's pie seasoning and mushroom bean soup mix!

I think my mom knows I like cooking:)

I've been admiring this spoon at Marshals!! and nommy tuna.

All the tuna I could find here has sunflower seed oil in it- greasy! blech.


I’ve never tried most Larabars, so this is a treat. I’m still banking on the seasonal clif barsthough.

I've been lusting after this too!

She also sent me my bag of peanut flour that I’ve been missing and a pop up turkey centrepiece, in honour of my birthday.

G and E made cookies!

Oatmeal raisin cookies are a staple at our house. By which I mean we make them occasionally. G and E, at ten, are really into cooking right now and they sent me these cookies they made. Let’s back up and I will tell you how I’m afraid of cookies and never eat them myself. I’ll post about that in the future, but mom knew what I’d say!

Only a bit stale....

I still don’t know how I feel about raisins though. They are so dreadfully sweet.

Birthday card from "the Queen" (my flatmte) and another plate card!

This little guy wanted to say hello.

and of course a 21st birthday wouldn’t be quite right without Birthday Pancakes!


Birthday Pancakes for one 21 year old
1/2 cup spelt flour
1/2 cup wheat bran
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 egg white
1/2 cup water
vanilla and sweetener, to taste
load on the sprinkles!

These hit the spot, I tell you.

Don't forget the sprrinkles!

Can we just talk about the deliciousness?

stacked high

and yes, I did run to the shops just to get sprinkles when I realized I didn’t have any. I needed flour that wasn’t white anyhow.

I am so short....

My friends came round and celebrated with me! Note the “Birthday Girl” badge. I was made to wear it out all day:)

Our thanksgiving spread, my plate is closest with the greenary

My other American flat mate wanted to do a “typical” American thanksgiving so, although my family doesn’t do it that way, I let him. This meant *gasp* sweet potato casserole, cornbread, boxed stuffing and all sorts of other things, all of which contained enough butter and sugar to last the rest of my life. I was polite and took some, because that’s what you do. I also made myself a baked pepper and had some lettuce because I felt a lack of veg.

For the weekend, I ventured off to Bath. It’s so beautiful there, and they’ve got a Christmas Market on. The last two times I’ve been have been in summer, so this was different.

overcast street

You can see the cold in the photographs, I think.

I stayed in a little B&B and for breakfast she cooked to order. I ordered grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and had a side of organic yogurt and fruits.

Farmer's Market!

I sampled my way through the entire morning (literally)

It was all I could do not to buy all of these

Do you see all the people around Bath Abbey?

Busy busy busy

I had to be careful what I bought because I only brought one bag!

I was surprised at myself though- I actually bought things! More on this in another post, but I’m petrified of spending money.

I wanted one of those stars

I don’t know if this is usually there. I don’t recall having seen it on previous trips.

I would have looked mad going on alone

I walked around most of the weekend, eating out of the grocery shops because it’s nice and cheap.

Beautiful river

Bath is really quite lovely.

I'd love to live here

I love how the old historic quality of the city has been preserved.

Street signs

and the Royal Crescent, of course.

I love roofs and sky, what can I say?

case in point.



Bath Abbey

I can’t possibly show you all the pictures (although I didn’t take as many as I thought I would) but these are just gems.

And who AM I to think I can leave town without a jar of nut butter?

See? Heavenly emergency PB

I had to rush into Sainsbury’s to replenish my empty stock. Silly me, never again will I leave without the stuff.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and weekend. It’s almost time for me to go home for Christmas (read: 18 days) so I’m quite excited!!
I plan on trying to post more this week on some introspective stuff. Also about the cake I ate out of the blue yesterday when the family I Nanny for gave it to me. No big deal. Hannah:1 Ed:0

Love, Hannah



WIAW-English Countryside Camping Edition

Or “How I made my Debut as a Hobo”

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I like to wrap up my whole bed weekends and moonlight as a hobo.

Not really, I just like to go camping and being abroad, have nothing but my entire duvet to keep me warm.

PAUSE–> it is WIAW. It wasn’t wednesday when I ate this. But in all honesty, when is it ever really wednesday whenever we publish? It isn’t. So Jenn should still get credit for putting this all together and letting us feast our eyes on meals and doings from around the world.

The day began with a hearty breakfast. I decided to try my strawberry Gotein in my oats and use some toppings. Let me just say that it turned out super thick and delicious looking but the protein powder was a bit strong for my taste. I liked the powder in the shake, but perhaps not in oats? I think I’ll stick to pudding for now.

Pink GoTein oats with cinnamon, chocolate, banana chip and coconut toppings.

Try as I might, I’m just a huge fan of plain oats.

So kill me.

Off I went to the steps of SOAS to meet the other hitchers. No one was there.

Dismayed both at the lack of fellow travelers and the fact that I’d schlepped my entire bedding across London in a plastic bad (hence the newly found hobo status), I dragged it all the way home again, pulling off my boots, all 5 of my layers and dropping into bed.

I closed my curtains, put on some classical music on Spotify (if you haven’t discovered this, do, I’ll wait) and attempted a nap.

(did I mention it was all of 1130am?)

Phone goes off. It’s fellow traveler, ringing me to come along when they meet at 1pm. I decide “oh whatever, I’ll just go” and off I set.

This is my reward

Can you see why I’m glad I went?

Something Moor....I'm really good with namesšŸ˜‰

If you look way up, you can see the Flat Moor (I forget the name) where ponies run wild. Romantic much?

Rolling hills- wild pheasants present as well!

Since we arrived in the dark, after hitch hiking (which is fine, so don’t worry- try it, you might be surprised) I didn’t get to see these sites until the morning.

Another tree- with a hiding place!


Are you tired of nature photos yet? Try being there in person. I can’t believe I was only 6 hours (hitched) from London!

Beauty abounds

I had thought I’d have to stay outside and freeze but someone had brought a bell tent!

In case you didn't know. My mom didn't.

We sat around the fire on tires and cooked a veg stew with couscous and lentils. It was really the most deliciously rustic thing. It made me want to sell everything and move to a field, cooking everything over an open fire.

Too bad you just fall in.

Some really cool art was present as well. I only wish we’d made this.

The next morning (this is saturday, if you’re following) consisted of many apples straight from the trees!

Aren't they cute?

And so many apples cut up and pressed into Cider.

Before pressing

During pressing

pressing and juicing

We took a break from pressing to take a walk and go foraging and seek out a Haunted Castle!

Beech Nut

Beech nuts are really good and make a delicious snack.

From far away in the valley

Can you believe we could walk to it? Couldn’t go inside though, since it cost a fiver. (that’s five pounds, for you non british folk)


sky + castle = perfect

Looks peaceful, but apparently they used to hang dead bodies from the towers. Think again.

Honeycomb Ice cream

I tried a bite of my friends honeycomb ice cream. Pretty good indeed. I just loved the bowl. She looked at me funny when I asked to take a picture of it:)

We made dinner…lunch….when we got back. The two kind of morphed into one because it was already 4pm.

over open flame? yum!

This is the only terrible picture I got of our stew making that night.

rest assured, it tasted good

We also roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes in the fire. Talk about a delicious meal.


I realize this was a picture heavy post, but I just cannot convey to you how relaxing and beautiful it was out there. I didn’t shower for two days, I ate in front of other people, food that I didn’t control made with *gasp* butter, I ate bread and not at certain times, I laughed, snacked, didn’t care what I looked like.

No wonder people say going to the countryside makes everything better.

Love, Hannah


PS Check out my guestpost!!Ā

Living the Busy Life

Wow guys. I’ve been so busy. I’m sure you all can tell I got home from my Hitchhiking holiday in one piece- more on that tomorrow!

I’ve volunteered to take these surveys for London Business School every so often so I find myself in Regents Park many days. It’s lovely there, if you’ve never been. Put it on your list!

What have I been up to? Well an embarassingly long time ago I met Carrie at the Royal Parks Half marathon.

It was busy there!

I walked around and tried to find her, to no success. Finally I found myself a spot next to the start of the race and peeled my eyes looking, thinking it would be just my luck for her to be on the opposite side from where I stood.

See her?

Imagine my surprise when I was shaken from my concentration by “….Hannah?” It was Carrie standing right next to me!

There she is!

I can’t believe she was right there. It was really great to meet up with her, however briefly. We actually ended up meeting up a week later at Whole Foods for a quick shop. What a sweet girl. But our time to talk was limited because off she ran!

These old suckers

I almost got my gait analyzed but the line was too long. These old shoes have been around for a while! I was going to go on a Market crawl but the people who were organizing it didn’t show up.

Oh, Hello London!

I tubed it home.

Check out this escalator

I also mentioned that I went to a Vintage Fair.

Pretty shoddy picture of cupcakes

The lighting was pretty bad, but I tried to take a couple pictures.

It looked like this all around the room

I decided to take the plunge and promise myself that I wouldn’t leave unless I’d purchased something. If you’re new to the blog, I’m petrified to spend money. This is something I plan to post about in the future, because it has a lot to do with my recovery as well as just life in general.

Anyhow, I bought a classic blue wool dress, perfect for whatever I end up doing with my life, as well as London chill. I can’t get a picture with it on, because I haven’t got a mirror and full body self pictures are difficult, but I’ll try to get one without me in it.


I’ve just been exploring, really.

All clean!

Learning how to purify water at the Community Garden.

It's growing!

Wandering around London’s gardens.

A wise sage for me?

Looking up at the trees. I love tall trees. I miss these when I’m at home, because I live in a fairly new development that is only as old as I am (points if you know how much that is!) Ā 

So it’s fall again, and I’m changing some things. I’ve come so far in my recovery and every day I feel the ED grip slip looser and looser from around my mind. I’m becoming me again, which is an altogether frightening and wonderful feeling. Rediscovering life is so fresh, every day I am faced with new realizations and challenges. If you’ve been down the dark road of Anorexia, you know it’s a slippery slope. Now that I’ve poked my nose into the sunlight, I don’t ever want to go back down there. It’s hard, of course, but the things I’m learning and experiencing now make everything more than worth it.

Therefore, I am thinking of changing my blog up a bit. I love taking food pictures and posting about what I eat, and I’ll continue to do this as I enjoy food more and more. However, there is a lot going on in my mind more than food now. I’m thinking about my future, my past, philosophy, the world, anything really. I want to share some of this with you. Insights I have, tips I’ve found helpful, musings, questions. Let me know what you’d like to see.

Love, Hannah

I’m thinking of doing a Q&A post, if you guys would like to send me some questions!! You can email me, formspring me or tweet me or comment below.Ā 




Life at Uni

Why hello,

This is officially the second week of Freshers, although courses have begun today! We shall see how my courses go, I’m hoping they’ll be as exciting as I hope they will be. If I believe they will, they have the possibility to be, don’t they?

Rye breads. That's how it goes on.


Add laughing cow cheese for spreadable perfection

That there is a good picture. Want to see some of the things I see?

just walking to school

I spied this walking to SOAS campus the other day.

I debated taking this picture for about 2 minutes. then finally got my camera out and did it.

I pass this Falafel place every time I go to and from Uni. It’s how I know I’m on the right route.

Someday perhaps I'll try it

I took this one just for my Mom. She loves Corgis. I know you’re reading this Mom and I hope you and Dad are safe in the States by now.

Corgis are just the cutest rolly polly little things aren't they?

SOAS has a yurt!

I'm planning to sleep in this yurt on tuesday night....maybe

There is a Hare Krishna cart that comes round every day at lunch time and I stood in the massive queue the other day. I’d packed myself that rye and laughing cow sandwhich, but somehow this seemed nicer. I couldn’t bring myself to eat all of it, but I had a bit and it was nice.

I think it's lentil dahl over basmati rice pilaf with a piece of blueberry almond grain bread.

I pass this sometimes too. It’s goodenough, I supposešŸ˜‰


Just some lovely row houses. I love homes from the back. It’s like a little peak into what people’s lives are like.

with the beautiful

This store sells plastic/vinyl clothing. You can see where it got its name then.


View from my window? (taken from the ground outside)

The sun lends to making it look less....concrete

And the inside of our building complex. Halls.

There's a bit of a nice courtyard in the middle


round. quite pleasing.

The inside view isn’t so nice. My flatmates, lovely as they are, don’t like to clean.

alcohol and distasteful playingcards. Okay.

I actually came in this morning and they were mopping. Bless them. After I tried to at least wipe the whole thing down the other night.

Been there for about 3 days....not cool guys.

They’re even cooking dinner for the flat tonight, which is pretty sweet as well.


I’m being awful and lumping them together. They’re lovely people but I guess I’m just the “weird clean one?” I don’t really know how to approach the topic of cleanliness with them.

Got this all at the Freshers Fayre

Nor do I know how to stop them from eating the food I bought. I’m not possessive (yes I am) but I pay for that!

Like this baby! Crown Prince Squash.

They gave out little Caramel Latte samples at the Fayre.

I don't think I liked it:)

And some fruit.

this stufff is good now I need some nuts to eat along with it. Best combo, am I right?

Has anyone tried Crown Prince squash?

More updates soon!
I’m in the process of ironing out my blogging platform and picture situation. Again, if you know anything about self hosting, please email me!
Love, Hannah

What I’ve been Eating + Wednesday

So that would be….WIBEPW? Weebeepew? hahaha.

I’m in an abnormally good mood today. I managed to make it through the morning without castigating my sister. Kidding, kidding- we’re cool.

It could be the run that I began the day with before it got dastardly hot? And today is National Running Day and I didn’t even know. I’m no good at running but I’m trying:)

Does your day always feel better when it begins with a workout?

<center><a href=”; target=”_blank”><img border=”0″ src=”; /></a></center>

It’s that time again!

This is just a conglomeration of things I’ve been making+eating the past couple days. Enjoy- I did:)

Remember that Tabouli we whipped up the other day? I had some on a salad beast with my first tasting of Hummus ever since I found out I could indeed eat sesame!

oh, that's tuna....

where’s mah hummus?

there we go!

Seriously people. Now I can eat the triple flavor hummus from TJS. Any other fans out there?Ā 

forget what went in this...besides spinach and soy milk and protein powder?

But it was good. Strawberries….and judging by the E.Coli scares in the paper, I should probably have washed them better than I did….?

Picked up some goodies at Target:

WholeSoy and Tribe Hummus

Who says you can’t have two hummus containers open at once?

and some Lunas:

note all the nutty flavors and a LARA BAR!!

I’ve never tried any of these before. I was esp excited about the Larabar because I’d never ever had them and you all seem to love’em.

there's something about it....

I tried these Quornthings one night when my family was having chicken and I wanted to match them? I used to eat these alot pre ED so it was great to try them again. Still taste mighty fine although I’m not as much a fan of the Ā fake meat stuff as I once was.

looks okay?

We left the store by accident with this:

it was only $1 anyhow

and this spider kept repelling onto my head. The darn blackguard got it eventually with a broom. and made me feel really guilty for offing it.


and I picked lots of rhubarb.

lots and lots

and some overexposed strawberries (it makes them look SUPER red)


so the chopping up everything.

so sanguine

and put them in a bowl!

ready to go!

It looks like someone was colluding against me here….granted, it was 10:30pm….


Apparently I’d cut a whole lot more rhubarb than I’d planned. AND there is still more.


and I still had to clean up my mess.


They didn’t come out badly at all.

not shabby

I’m a big fan of tart so I baked myself a mini one to have for breakfast the next morning in my new Ramkin that Mary gave me!

rather shoddy photography because of the sheets my mom has hung in the windows to keep out the heat

Last night we had fish!! This is my second time eating fish so it was a little scary. But my my did it taste good!


and this morning before my run I decided to try the Larabar


Wow guys, you were right, these ARE good!! I tried the Chocolate Chip Brownie flavor. At the time, I didn’t even notice that it was brownie too and made the comment to myself that it tasted just like a brownie. Now I see why….duhhh

When I got back my hair was a frizzball. Good thing I’d gone at 5:30; it hot humid and started thundering soon after that.

note: the hair

I decided to make Carrie’s Voluminous Oat Bran for breakfast. That took care of my oat bran though.

: (

see me? I'm a ghost!

I decided to add some chia seeds but added too much water.

aren't they pretty?

and wontcha look at that volume!


can’t get enough of my toppings either:


Sunland Banana Peanut Butter



Rhubarb stewwwww….or stewed rhubarb. Whatever sounds better, they both taste DEVINE.

So I have a confession…I’ve got lots of these…


I interrupt this picture to bring you the deliciousness that was breakfast part 2:

love this stuff

Paired with my Pink Lady!! Cut like Kaila!


what would make it better?


It was copacetic, seriously!

currently roasting these babies!

roasted with…


One more goody for you, since I’ve been LOVING on Parsnipsā¤

hello there sir!

Speaking of which, time to go take them out!

oh, and PS: I’m going to be learning some new words as a challenge during June. I’m going to pepper them through my posts. See if you can find them!

Love, Hannah

That’s Where They Make the Pencils!

Yesterday we went up the highway to Fort Ticondaroga. I’d never been before and it was sort of a test run to see how G and E deal with a family outing. They’re ten so I think they should be able to do this by now.

This was also my Dad’s idea of taking them to Disney. haha.

I packed myself a great lunch. I finally decided to bite the bullet and make myself a sandwich, so a sandwich I made. It was a CLT (cheese, lettuce and tomato) and I won’t tell ya I didn’t enjoy it:)

I wrapped it in my cute sandwich wrapper and accompanied it with Vanilla Polar water (tastes like cream soda!), celery sticks, and Dr. Krispers Salt and Pepper Krakers. <–these things are so good!

all packed up!

hi ho hi ho we go!

The clouds looked a bit ominous but we were lucky and didn’t get caught in rain!

G played E’s Leapster.


Mom talked to her brother (and photo bombed the pic!) while E sang Fiddler on the Roof.

say hi?

I love long car rides, but the kids found it harder to keep themselves busy. Until…


G and E got out to read some signs.

would you believe he's older by 3 months?

I amused myself by taking gratuitous photos in the mirror.


We decided to eat lunch, as that’s what time it was when we got there. least I was excited...

I found some flags signifying my next years scholastic endeavors:

UK and USA!

The views were beautiful.

sunny cannons

and it was a tad sunny as well. I’ve actually got a bit of a burn (!)

the United States of...Sun?

I asked mom to take a picture of me but I look pregnant in that shirt. I’ve decided to give it away.

I rather dislike this picture

My Dad really likes taking pictures of Doors on his travels…

in honor of you Dad...he probably has one too

but if you know me, you’ll know that I LOVE rooftops + sky

so blue

We walked into the inner compound area where some reenactment guys were making some cabbage stew and polenta? Cooking has come so far, huh guys? xanthan gum? kabocha squash? What on earth is a protein muffin? Sunwarrior? haha.

great frying pan

We walked the walls and got even better views.

this is just wow

and I did a bit of creepy stalking…hey, he was kind of cute…for a revolutionary guy…

can I help it if I dig the knickers?

In all honesty, the place isn’t so big and there isn’t much to look at. There were some inside exhibits but it was mostly artifacts. The history was indeed interesting, of course.

On the way home, we went from




preeeeetty quickly. As soon as we reached the gates it began to rain and a huge tour bus pulled in. Talk about luck!

I love rain though. It makes scenes like this one

take my breath away

G and E got bored on the way back. G made a fort out of blankets.

and turned around as I snapped the picture

what you don’t see here is something to the effect of “heyyyy Hannahhhh”

I returned home to a package from Mary!

love it

Thanks Mary, I love tofu!!

not really. I’d just won her giveaway. But I do love tofu for realz.

mah goodies

all laid out….

how nice

Must say, I’m most excited about this little one.

can you say protein cake?

which was actually larger than I thought it would be!


What is better than protein cake?

HUGE protein cakešŸ˜€

But it is late and I’m sleepy.

peace our girl scouts. and boy scouts.

Love, Hannah


a misty morn

Hello all!! The weather forecast shows this:

at least it's consistent...

In case that is too small to read, the forecast says it is supposed to rain all week. Great. Housebound on every level.

I spent yesterday doing some cooking. I made Vanilla Banana tofu pudding with a mix I got at deals and steals. So. Good.

ingredients 1 and 2

into the blender

and you're done!

well, you have to whip it good! add a banana as well, if you’re living in my house with one lonely nanner on its own on the counter.

silky smooth

I may or may not have had a bowl before I put it away…

Here I sat, reading your blogs when the mail truck arrived outside and the mail carrier ran up to the door through the rain and left a package for me!! I got up out of my blanket and slipper nest and sprinted equally as fast to the door!

aren't I a fashion exemplar?

there she be

Funny thing was, I couldn’t open the door to get at it.


My dad recently installed this door and I was beginning to think it was just a ruse, that it didn’t actually function as a door. Eventually I got it open.

rainy rain

I got a package of Fiber Gourmet things to review! Fun!!
I also tried Eros yogurt. Who’da thunk that Whole Foods would name their yogurt something other than “Whole Foods Yogurt”….it was good though, like typical greek yogurt.


and I made oatmeal cookies for my Dad this morning.


He got this special vanilla making kit for christmas.

that's pretty fancy

into the oven they go!

aren't they huge?

My poor dad is allergic to corn, tomatoes, potatoes and most sugars don’t sit well with him. No wonder he needs oatmeal raisin cookies to make him feel better:)

all done!

they came out perfect.

insiders view

I found this super cool survey thing on Amanda’s blog. If you haven’t checked out her blog, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t, she’s got some great things to say about nourishing and loving your body!

A: is forĀ Apple, whatā€™s your favorite variety?ā€¦I love huge honey crisp apples and also heirloom apples. With me, the bigger and more crunchy the apple, the better. I also like golden delicious.

the more the merrier!

B: is forĀ Bread, regardless of nutrition, calories, or whole grains what is your favorite type to have a nice big piece of?ā€¦Ā that’s the hard part. I am still kinda afraid of carbs. But if I could, I’d have a big piece of Challah bread from that bakery that doesn’t exist any more, just like I used to. Or home made banana/zucchini/carrot bread hot from the oven! OH wait, gingerbread, does that count?

C: is forĀ CerealĀ what is your favorite kind currently (just one!)ā€¦ just…one…? Like bread, cereal is a carb and I’m still struggling with carbs. I think I tend to go for things that are multi-grained and flaked. I think one day this week I’m going to challenge myself to a bowl of cereal with soy milk, like the old days! Oatmeal doesn’t count here does it? Because it totally wins. Puffed wheat is also always a winner:

mmm yogurt mess

D: is forĀ Doughnuts, you might not currently be eating them but what kind do you fancy?ā€¦Last time I had a doughnut must have been as a child. gosh. I was always partial to the maple frosted ones.

E: is forĀ Eggs, how would you like yours prepared?ā€¦ I love egg white patties over salad. If you scramble them in the microwave and make them into a little cake, it is so much fun!! I also like to make egg crepes. Eggs are a recent readdition to my diet. So glad they’re back!

nice n easy

F: is forĀ Fat Free, what is your favorite fat free product?ā€¦yogurt, most definitely. and cottage cheese. Although I also like the 2% versions of both.

G: is forĀ Groceries, where do you purchase your at?ā€¦Ā I love Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Deals and Steals and local farmers markets/health food stores!

H: is forĀ Hot Beverages, what is your favorite hot drink?ā€¦ I’m kind of a tea snob. I love my tea. Especially if I drink it out of this cup:

puffer fish!

I tried coffee for the first time last summer. We have a love-hate relationship. I’m not sure completely how I feel about it; sometimes I love it, sometimes I’m not such a fan.

I: is forĀ Ice Cream, pick a favorite flavor and add a fun toppingā€¦Ā I’m not a fan of the sweet stuff, so I go for the Froyo real hard!! I could seriously eat the stuff for every meal!

So. Good.

16 Handles!

J: is forĀ JamsĀ orĀ Jellies, do you eat them, and if so what kind and flavor?ā€¦Ā Ā Same goes for the sweetness here. I’m more partial to Jam’s nutty companion…

and others like it

But I suppose if I had to pick one, I’d pick fig spread.

K: is forĀ Kashi, name your favorite Kashi product?ā€¦Ā Ā I’m actually allergic to sesame so I can’t eat their “grains and sesame” products. which is basically everything. I miss them though, I used to love GoLean cereal- so many yummy textures!

L: is forĀ Lunch, what was yours today?ā€¦Ā I loved my lunch today, although it took me awhile to figure out what it was that I actually wanted.

2 wasa crackers, 1 slice veggie cheese, tomato sauce, steamed zucchini, mustard for dippage and veggie parm!

I’ll have to think of another method next time for the wasa crackers. They got a bit soggy…
My sister G has an orchestra concert tonight. I’m so excited; 4th graders are the best!

I think I might try a WIAW tomorrow- yay or nay?

in the mean time, ASK AWAY for my Q&A

Patty Cake Patty Cake….(TWO recipes!)

Bake me some cakes as fast as you can!

I got home from college for real for the summer last night and made myself a nice latte in my Pufferfish mug.

Mexican Organic Dark Roast, Soymilk, whirled up in our latte maker!

a joyful reunion ensued

although I look kinda serious...

Yes, my friends, I have been baking up a storm here on the home front:)

It is p.o.u.r.i.n.g. outside, and with my mom’s post-surgery bed/house rest mandate, I’m house-bound for about a weekšŸ˜¦

No fear though, I’m all set with plans to keep me busy! I’m going to be doing some cooking, of course, as well as taking lots of walks (if the rain lets up a bit…), drinking lots of tea (duh), dancing around, cleaning my room, hand washing all my knit-wear, taking some bike rides (again, rain conditional) and walking to my doctors appointment on wednesday!! I’m really psyched for this last one, because it is a super long walk and I’ve never actually done something like this before. Where I live isn’t really near to anything so walking a half marathon distance to an appointment is a biggie!! Gonna fuel up right.

Today I woke up and “slept” until my sibs got on the bus to avoid being in our *tiny* kitchen while they were scrambling to get ready for school. Mom called “thank you for waiting!” after they’d gone, and up I got. Shower, dressed while dancing (a MUST DO!) and hopped downstairs to make myself the brekkie I’d planned out the night before:

Sweet Potato Protein Cake
-1/2 sweet potato
-1 tbsp wheat bran or flour (I use wheat bran)
-1 egg white or egg substitute (I am going to try to veganize this, I imagine you could use Ener-G egg replacer? I’ll try this)
-1 tsp baking powder
-1 tsp nutmeg
-1 tsp cinnamon
-1 tbsp soy milk
-1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Pop into a bowl Ā 

like so

it was quite large!


and microwave for 3 minutes, or until done. Will be kinda spongy?Ā 


Makes ONE LARGE cakey for one hungry Hannah:)


But you’ve gotta plate it right girlllll

4 strawberries, soymilk/greek yogurt dippage

see the rain?

cut yourself a wedge and dig in!



Sorry. The pics were all too pretty to not put on here.

Of note: this thing sits well in the stomach. Very filling and very proteinous. 11g? I think yes!

I may have mentioned about my friend who is teaching in Korea. We met last summer while we were both studying on a program at Oxford University and I really miss him. I recently asked him in a oh so secret way what his favorite cookies were. He replied by sending a blog recipe (!) of some chocolate oatmeal freezer cookies. My mom said non-cooked cookies don’t send well (and neither do cookies, for that matter) so I decided to make him chocolate bar cookies, modeled after the recipe he sent me.

bad picture butttt

Chocolate Oatmeal Squares
~based off of these recipesĀ Ā 

**these are not vegan because I made them for this friend and I wanted to make sure they were guaranteed to come out perfect. also I don’t eat vegan 100% of the time, although I often do:)

-3 cups oats
-1/2-1 cup flour- depending upon how much your oats decide to stick together for you:)
-1/2 cup sugar
-4 tbsp cocoa powder
-1 cup butter
-1 egg
-2 tsp cinnamon
-1 tsp baking soda
-1 cup chocolate chips
-dash of salt

Preheat oven to 350Ā°
Mix the butter and sugar together in a fancy mixer thing a la above!
Add the egg and vanilla, mix well
Combine dry ingredients and mix. Add to the wet and whip around until combined.
Add in chocolate chips and spread into a pan (medium sized, this doesn’t fit in an 8×8″)
Bake for 60 minutes, until it passes the knife test.Ā 

chocolately chocolate

I think they came out quite well.

now for your close up

It is coming down out there. Gosh, if we could harvest -and clean- all the water that is pouring into my backyard right now, I bet we could solve the world shortage problem. Either that, or this is the reason we have that problem. I’d be happy to share!!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. I’m going to go read now and perhaps check off some of the things on my to do list- namely the cleaning the room part. Does anyone else have trouble with this?Ā 

I want to do a Q&A post, so ask me some Qs!!–>HERE

So close!!

Yesterday was my last classes of my second year of college!! LONDON HERE I COME!!
Today I have a review session in the morning and then I go off to tutor/mentor for the last timešŸ˜¦ then it’s off to perfect my papers and study for my one exam. Seriously only one? YuppersšŸ˜€

I tried Chobani Lemon this morning!


The first thing I noticed when I peeled back the top was the lemony scent!! I love lemon yogurt but dislike lemon tea. One of my favorite yogurts with lemon has got to be WholeSoy Lemon, a delicious vegan yogurt with little bits of lemon in it for a tart zing. tis glorious.

so white!

I loved this yogurt!! Tessa has been telling me to try it so I bought it last time I was at stopnshop. boy am I glad I did!!
It got a little sweet for me after awhile, but overall I’d give it a 4/5; pretty good for a flavored yogurt, as I usually prefer plain! The 4th star came from the tartness for sure and the thick creamy texture we’ve learned to expect with Chobani.

Fashion Friday! That’s not actually a thing, but here’s my outfit de jour:

mustard yellow tunic with lace back, black cardigan

excuse the messy bookcase…I like to read/drink tea!

can you see the lace in the back of my shirt? me either...

I had a 9am review session (last class!!) and then I came home and had a fun time Ā taking artsy fartsy photos of my fruit bowl

you're destined for banana bread my friends

It was looking SO nice outside:

blue sky!

compare this

to this!


that I decided I should go take a walk/go to GoBerry because they had new flavors!! Chai and Mango.Ā 

This is huge because I usually plan and plan days in advance before I go. This was literally spur of the moment. I think I was a little anxious though because I went for a walk afterwards. It occurred to me that I shouldn’t go and get it because it was going to make me fat. Seriously? I had yogurt for breakfast, this just couldn’t happen. Besides, I can’t turn up my nose at calcium. All of these thoughts in my ED head got pushed aside as I walked downtown, enjoying the 69Ā° weather. Perfect.

and Still, it was delicious and I spent money on it and did it all on my own, enjoying every bite…er…slurp. It was so hot today it began to melt!

but first I had to take this picture of my bed. Why yes, I believe I did spill a liter bottle of sparkling water on there last night. It is still wet. oooooh humidity!

oh dear

Now for the moment we’ve been waiting forrrr:
1/2 Chai/Original and 1/2 Mango/Original

doesn't it look huge? it's only a small...

I do the same thing every time. Maybe it’s safer for me? Whatever, it tastes fab.

-WHAT is all that cheering outside? It isn’t primal scream yet guys…-

Kaila did this cool questionnaire thing that I thought I’d do because it’s not like I have papers or anything…tomorrow…..stay tuned for random useless info about moi!

Hope you had a day that was fun, fab and full of sun!!

(terrible rhymes for you :D)

Love, Hannah


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