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That’s Nuts!

Hi all.

Remember when I told you that I made the Toasted Chocolate Peanut Butter for the nut lady? Remember how some of you got all in a huff because I made it for someone else instead of myself? Well. I told you I wanted some, I told you I’d make this.

The Bare Bones

I decided to keep it plain this time. I love the taste of the toasted nuts, it’s rich and creamy and oh, so buttery.

Next time I shall start adding in the flavours. I can’t wait!

So how do you make nut butter? I’m a recent convert and believe me, I’m obsessed!

Let me teach you. It’s super easy and before long, you’ll be a convert too.

Lay'em on there

Step One: Lay the nuts out on a baking sheet. toast in the oven until golden brown like above. They’ll be really hot, so don’t try one fresh out of the oven like I did. Your tongue will thank you.

In they go!

Step Two: Put your toasted nuts into a food processor. Whiz for awhile and you’ll get:

The Crumble

Step Three: Keep whizzing. It’s important that you don’t get frustrated and add milk or water here. That will only create a greasy blob.

The clump

Step Four. It will begin to clump together, this is what you want. Keep whizzing.

The Paste

Step Five: You’ll get this pasty nut butter after awhile. Keep blending for something more spreadable. I suppose you could stop here if you were the really impatient sort, but stick it out and you’ll love the results even more.

The Extras

At some point, if you’re like me and you’ve only got a mini wee little food processor, you may have to do your nut butter in two doses before it begins to really consolidate. It’s okay to test it at this point. (You’ll notice I did- see licked spoon above)

The Rosette/Ball

Step Six: Your nut butter will begin to ball up here. Once you’ve blended the two sections, if you needed to, put them together and they will ball up like this. This is what we like to see.

The Spread

Step Seven: You’ll soon see this. This is what nut butter is suppose to look like, right? It would be here that you’d add in flavourings, if you so chose.

The Closeup

It would also be here that you scooped it into its chosen container.

And licked the processor clean.

The Cleanest Ever

This part is not optional.

You can also make some Pecan Almond Butter while you’re at it.

The Afterthought

Because, after all, if you’re like me, you might be entertaining a friend from Paris this weekend. And you wouldn’t want her to miss out on your favourite topping, now would you:)


Yes, you heard me right. I’m entertaining this weekend. And for this reason, I shan’t be writing/posting until probably monday, when I shall have loads of pictures and stories for you!!

In the meantime, please try making your own nut butter. It’s quite grand and goes well on everything. EVERYTHING.

If you’re me😉

Love, Hannah

I’m a Bathing Beauty

I did it!!

What did I do? If you’ve read around my blog, you probably know that I have an entire page devoted to challenges….which I need to update…anywho, today’s challenge was bathing suit shopping!

Just to show you. I achieved a beautiful smoothie color yesterday:

perfection in smoothie form

the smoothie family!

Papa, Mama and Baby!

and I decided for some random reason to make Pecan Butter while my mom was taking a nap. Well, it was near the end, she’d slept for long enough😉

some of these

Pretty sure I just decided to make it because I saw those ^ in the fridge. It’s not like I needed any more nut butters or anything…

the world's most useless food processor!

This thing holds about 1/4 cup nuts. no joke.

Choco-Pecan Butter
-1/3 cup pecans
-1 tbsp cocoa powder
-5 prunes

Yes, you might think I’m strange for adding prunes but a. we had some and b. I didn’t want to use up my dates or figs. Tastes SO GOOD!


It’s got a bit of crunch, which is fab.


and a wonderfully light chocolate flavor.


and that naturally velvety texture we know and love pecans to provide. Darn them, they’re just so seductive!!

I made myself up a nice OIAJ last night but today is CHILLAY so I scooped it out and heated it up. I also took this liberty to add some rhubarb compote, greek yogurt, choco-pecan butter (show you soon!) and strawberries.

and some Barbara’s Oat Squares, of course. These things are addictive!! Have you ever stuffed one with nut butter, because you SHOULD.

I’ve done massive amounts of cleaning lately. As I move into my junior year of college (coughwhat?), I’m preparing to move more and more permanently out of my house. Sad though it may be, it is also most exciting. So I’ve been going through everything really thinking about what I do and do not need to keep. It’s keeping me from being a poltroon as well. Give it away and throw it out!

Mom and I brought all the clothes I didn’t want anymore to Plato’s Closet. Have you guys heard of this? They pay you cash on the spot for stylish clothing you donate (not saying I’m stylish at all…) I’m wondering where they got the name from…

I brought over a huge tub + a plastic bag and they only took $17.95 worth. I’m thinking they didn’t want to pay me for all of it, haha. I don’t blame them, we’ll try their other store. I got some pretty cute shirts there though.

I love stripes!

These pictures don’t do them justice. Seriously cute.

waist tie!

My mom was kind enough to hold them up for me!

mucho cute

“Cute” seems to be a leitmotif here…too many times.  Smite me down.

Mom and I then popped over to Marshals where I got two cute new bathing suits and a pair of shorts to wear over them. If you’re new to the blog, I’m a camp counselor this summer and I need something….camp counselor-ish, for lack of a better phrase.



I reverse to brown!

Surprisingly, I tried on about 10 bathing suits in less than 10 minutes without having bad body image. SCORE. I didn’t really look in the mirror, because I knew I wouldn’t like what I saw. Let’s be real folks, when were dressing room mirrors good for anything but making you look ghostly white and showing alllll the pores in your face? Yeah. So I just concentrated on how the suits felt. Suited me fine. ha….ha….sorry.

and two cute belts; one is a waist belt that actually fits, and the other goes with my vintage dresses. Gotta whip those out before camp begins. Did I mention we wear the same “Camp Staff” t-shirt every day? (we get 7).

yeah. hot.

Well, it sure makes packing easy.

Marshals is my favorite. Although they sometimes have some frippery,  most times they’ve got really great stuff. Remember how my sister broke my beloved Pufferfish cup?  Well I found another one. Not a Pufferfish, but it is my favorite animal….any guesses?





I'm pleased.

I had some tea after dinner in it. I’m quite pleased with my purchase.

Mom and I were going to stop for Froyo but the flavors were Root Beer and Coffee. I was having a massive allergy attack and not really feeling either of the flavors so….

When I got home, I made myself what is probably the ugliest green monster to date. I drank 1/2 of it and then decided to photograph it for you. You probably could have done without, I know, I know.

case in point

This was a heinous color, but it tasted mighty fine. I paired it with TJ’s Raisin Rosemary Crisps

these are a good time

and some Choco-Pecan Butter, naturally.


Now I just need a jacket, some towels, bug spray sans DEET…

Did you know: The word we think of as “segway” is actually spelled “Segue” ? “Segway” is the scooter!

Love, Hannah

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Anyone else find dressing room mirrors unflattering/false? Ever tried pecan butter/making your own nut butters? Have you ever worked at a camp? Share a story! 



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