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After long silence

So hey guys, remember me? I’m finally done for the year, which is such a relief, and I’ve got a couple days worth of photos for you!! I’m going to just do a bit of recap with photo captions and then tell in glorious detail the things that need telling, of course.

one pale green monster- check!

eating some SNB

desk before moving out

desk after moving out

I seriously notice a clothing-color trend...remember this shelf? empty!

home, sweet home!

I thought I wouldn't open this. WRONG.

Nothing wrong with having two  jars of nut butter open at once, right?

protein shake?so much green in the back yard!

I got a little mail...

just a littleūüėČ

so I opened one- gosh, I am so glad I ordered some packing filler....

I came home to my long expected packages of things to review for you all!! I am so psyched to try everything and give you all my two cents. OH WAIT – seriously, here is the UPS guys RIGHT NOW.

sepia? package?About Time protein powder!! SO EXCITED!

and yes, I am fully aware of how pale I am. My mother told me to get some sun while we were at Target today. I’ll get some sun when it comes out from behind those ominous clouds…


Eden Foods was lovely enough to send me this package of Rye Noodles. Review later in a delicious recipe from my Happy Herbivore cookbook that I got from Jessica’s giveaway!

packing peanuts!

I also won a NuNaturals giveaway from Meg’s blog! So excited. It came wrapped in tons of these packing peanuts. BUT my mom tried and they’re the kind you can dissolve in water and are therefore environmentally friendly!! So excited to put them in a huge bucket and watch them disappear….

can't wait!

Newman’s Own Organics sent me a huge box full of goodies that I can’t wait to try but there are so many, I’m going to have to make a separate blog post for that sucker. Thanks NOO!!

see Emma? I told you we had some....

I dug out the jar of Marmite, after seeing Emma talk about it on twitter. I don’t know friend, I’m still not sure I’m convinced.
Have any of you ever had Marmite? How do you like to eat it? 

butternut squash with cinnamon, celery, mustard, green beans

a little lunching occurred yesterday.

Mom made this!

This cake was for my brother E’s Boy Scout cake derby. Looks beautiful but the mix had beef lard in it!! YUCK. We don’t usually (read: ever) use mixes, but this one wasn’t going to us anyhow. Besides which, it was a style contest. and yes, my mom made real buttercream frosting!

Under the Sea cake!

E poses with his cake entry

The cake derby was really fun, each cake we saw was creative and brightly colored anddddd something I’d probably never eat. But the kids sure loved them!

Would you like fries with that?

the cake train's a comin'

life's a beach!

G helped judge the cakes.

picking the prizes


E’s cake won 3’rd prize for most creative.

come on! give us a real smile

We won this cake.


G and E dug right in when we got home. I abstained. Tub frosting and I, we’re just not meant to be.¬†

more RCIAJ

This happened this morning, quick, as mom and I had to head to school for banking with the kids, then off to Target. I’ve missed that place, for serious.

At Target I saw the most amazing catch I could ever hope to make. He’s powerful and handsome….oh man oh man. Let me introduce you to my love.


This guy screams Hummus and Nut Butter. Our current food processor holds about 1 cup. Not doin’ it for me. I need a stronger man in my life.

Mom took me to 16 Handles for lunch!! I’ve been wanting to try this place- it’s self serve FroYo with 16 different flavors at once!!


Needless to say, I tried (almost) all 16.

so much funnnnn

before toppings. Yes, it's ugly, I know

I was a little nervous for this, I’ll tell you. If only because it was something new and it was a little overwhelming. But I tried a dot of everything, which was a bit crazy.

self serve toppings too

basically 1 piece of each kind of fruit and a sprinkle of granola

I think mom’s looks a bit more picture-worthy.¬†

But I liked it!! Next time though I won’t be getting so many flavors. It is hard to be mindful if you’ve forgotten which ones you’ve chosen.


I home and got cozy with the oven! G had been begging me to make cornbread and we had some Bananas that were a lovely chocolate brown¬†that were on the way out. I made some Banana Cornbread. Mom said it’s the best thing I’ve ever made- I’m so proud.

the little one is for G

and yesterday while packing, I shut my finger in my packing trunk.

sad pinkyūüė¶

If you know me, you’ll know that blood/injury type things make me want to pass out/vomit. So this had a bandaid on it before I even looked at it. and I had to sit down.

So for dinner last night, I did A CHALLENGE!
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Hannah. She used to love spaghetti and meatballs (before she was veg) with her family. They made their own sauce with tomatoes from their garden and the whole wheat pasta was truly nourishing as she enjoyed it with her family. ¬†Flash forward a couple of year and this girl won’t touch pasta and has a hard time with carbs. It doesn’t help that her college only serves refined, white pasta smothered in oily sauces. Flash forward a couple weeks. The girl receives a package in the mail…..¬†


The folks over at Eden foods sent me Rye pasta to try. I was actually a bit excited about this, hoping that the pasta would have a flavor that would cause me to like pasta again or to want to re-friend it. I decided on Broccoli Pesto from the Happy Herbivore Cookbook.

all ready- Martha Stewart-wise

I loved the sauce on this recipe. It was recommended that you use twirl pasta so the sauce stuck inbetween the curls. It definitely did here!!

So good!

Seriously? Where has tofu been all my life??? or rather, all my life lately.

I added more broccoli because I just like it. Steamy love affair, basically.

broccoli= love

close ups!

I’d give you guys a fork-shot here, but I licked it:)
and some SNB/SSB-celery-dried cranberry action for a mini dessert!

this is a winning combo

Ookay. I’ll be honest with you guys. I loved this. and it was frightening, because it has been SO LONG since I’ve eaten pasta. I loved the rye flavor, it was just unlike any pasta I’ve ever had and oh, so much better. It had a definite whole wheat/nutty flavor to it that I loved and the texture was somewhat more substantial than normal pasta. The lovely rye color really lent itself well to the green of the broccoli pesto, as well. Hands down guys, this pasta is a winner!!
Thank you so very much Eden Foods for providing me with this wonderful challenge and delicious pasta! Oh, and just in case you guys don’t think this was actually my own review; Eden didn’t tell me to talk about this. I was totally down for the challenge and my taste buds judged for themselves. 5/5 for sure.

Alright, I’m off for the night. Hope you guys enjoyed my LONG post.

What is a challenge food for you? Something you used to love as a kid that you haven’t had lately? Have you ever had Rye pasta? (go try it NOW!) What is your favorite thing to do with pasta? Were you a boy scout/girl scout? ¬†

Love, Hannah


I’ve been found!! After a MIA weekend at my grandparents house, I’ve arrived back at school and plugged myself into the internet again. Sounds terrible, but without it I cannot blog for you:) That said, I loved my computer-less weekend!!

I did my laundry before my mom picked me up on friday. Do you see a trend in the colors I own?

gnome much?

We gave a ride to my friend E who happens to live in the same town and after we dropped her off, we got to go to Trader Joes!!!! We bought a wonderful smattering of goodies because my grandparents like to keep their fridge….bare…

so much yogurtttt

So we bought some….

the loot!!

Spicy Brown Mustard, PEANUT FLOUR,Crunchy Curls (these are so. good.LENTIL), Dried Apple Rings, Squishy Tummy Spring Gummies!

Can we get a “YAYAYAYAYYAY” for peanut flour? I grabbed two of these in the event that I’m not actually allergic to nuts? We find out later this month:)
I drank some tea in my favorite mug:

love this illustrator

My sister had made these cute coconut cupcakes for Easter. Of course, I couldn’t bring myself to eat one, but they’re cute anyhow!


But I did eat some delicioso pizza for dinner. My favorite frozen pizza is Amy’s roasted veggie pizza¬†and TJs makes one that is mostly the same. I haven’t had this in so long, but the caramelized onion sauce is just my favorite.



With broccoli that I overcooked and of course, mustard!
I also made a neat salad, which was great!

love me some craisins!

Let me tell you: I was really glad to be back in the kitchen again!!

a stove!

I went for a walk and hit the hay.
The next morning we woke early (when do I not??) and I looked outside: It was pouring.  Great, because we were going to (and did) go to Minuteman National Park to explore on Jr. Ranger Day for my sibs, who are 10.
I made myself a perfect breakfast for a rainy day: Oats and Strawberries from TJs.

yogurt for dipping with a drip of maple syrup

the main event

and a spoon shot, just for you:)

Off we went. It was beautiful, but wet wet wet

skunk Cabbage!

Mom, G and E on the path ahead

We went to a little (heatless!) house where my sister refused to make a little bonnet. I made one, since I didn’t have a hood.

three coats and a pretend hat

Yes. I wore it all day. ¬†Don’t my siblings just look SO TEN???
We found our way to the North Bridge, where the river was swollen like a cow ready to give birth!

love it

Being the silly nature lover that I am, I took a¬†whole bunch of¬†few pictures. I’ll spare you.
We got home and I was freezing. I brought my running shoes with me which are practically made of mesh. Bad idea.
I made my family’s traditional easter dish: Wonderful Salad. Let me tell you something about “wonderful salad”: it is anything but wonderful. It combines most of the foods that I cannot/will not/would not eat: mayo, jello, cottage cheese (although I love it now), condensed milk and pineapple.


But I did my grandmother a favor and made it for her. Plus I was just itching to cook.

It hardens in the fridge.

smoothie in a bowl? think again

Tessa asked if you guys wanted her Easter recipes. I know you guys won’t want this one.
That night, I made up the Easter Baskets (which I then left in the rain….) G and E like to leave a treat out for the Easter Bunny like Santa, so they left celery and lettuce.


I had a little snack.


EASTER CAME! I go church on Easter with my grandfather. He, my cousin and myself stand in a row. All of us are singers. You do the math.
Breakfast = so springlike! I love strawberries


I didn’t whip out my camera at lunch, but I had some sweet potatoes, salad, asparagus and a bite of my mom’s quiche that she lovingly made by hand and I could not bring myself to eat (can you hear the guilt? sadness? I’m sorry mom… I love you better than Ed, I swear) My Dad didn’t get to come, he is working 3 jobs?!
But my cousin and I had a great time hiding Easter Eggs. We’re only 3 years apart and we always have such fun together.

: )


That is my weekend!! I hope you guys enjoyed your Easter too. Tune in tomorrow for a GIVEAWAY!!!! My first ever!
Love, Hannah


Ring Ring Ring!

Potato Phone!

It began with hearing E running around the mud room before his MRI appointment at 530am. I’m an early riser as you know, but Daylight Savings Time has thrown me a bit on top of being home for spring break (Spring? it is SNOWING) and so I was a bit groggy. I rolled over and muttered, “What time even is it????” and went back to sleep until 7 when I had to wake up to put G on the bus. I said goodbye to her and ran to answer the phone! My breakfast was calling!

What is it?


(Ignore the daylight savings time morning-glazed look)
I’m funny like that; I choose my sweet potatoes based on whether they look like something. I once bought one that looked like a bird.
Popped that baby in the microwave (I know, I should have baked it, but it was urgent!) for 5 minutes and DING it was done in a jiffy! Now….how to eat it….AHA I know! With some Chocolate Soy Nut Butter and Once Again Sunflower Seed Butter. This stuff tastes so different than the SunButter brand, but I like it!

I scooped some Chobani into a bowl and topped it off with Sprinkles a la Megan. The sprinkles were old or something, but they were sure pretty : ) We bought this Chobani at BJ’s yesterday and oh. gosh. I love a big tub of the stuff!! I haven’t tried many of their other flavors but I always find I’m partial to plain yogurt anyhow (that way, I can dress it up!)
It was snowing like crazy this morning! I don’t know what’s come over the Northeast but spring is definitely NOT as close to coming as I thought it was.¬†

Although if I look outside now, the snow has melted enough to see little patches of green where the Starlings are pecking at the bare earth with their little golden beaks!
Mom, Dad and E came home and all took a nap. I guess being at the hospital is exhausting. I had lunch while they slept.

hot and spicayyyyy

Have you ever had Green Mountain Gringo Salsa? If you haven’t and you like delicious salsa with big chunks in it, this stuff is for you. I could seriously eat an entire jar. Needless to say, they don’t last long around hereūüėČ

I really like that leaf of lettuce!

it just kinda....sticks up!

mmm finished off a bag of leafy greens, salsa, south west egg beaters, carrots, mustard and some pretzel thins which were the end of the bag so I sprinkled them on top. Savory sprinkles!

omnomnom. Mom, E and I watched The Princess and The Frog. Such a cute movie!! I loved the sparkle visuals and the feel good songs. It totally made my day. But it definitely had some scary themes….Disney, of course.
I think I’m going to go do some more seminar reading now. *sigh* see you later!


Do you like sweet potatoes for breakfast? Do you have a favorite Chobani flavor? Do you think Disney films have frightening elements? How have you been reacting to daylight savings time?

Sunday sweet Sunday

wow. Blog I do late at night, huh? I need to figure out how to do this stuff guys.
Today was sunday and I usually really hate sundays for some reason.
Nothing to do, maybe. yes, shake your heads, but I really like having something to do!
Got up and made these for my sister:

angle shot, for good measure!

“Big, Fluffy Pancakes”
(I halved the recipe; my changes in red)
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt I omitted this by accident and they turned out okay…
2 large eggs
2/3 cup granulated sugar
grated zest of 1 lemon I made these on a whim and didn’t have a lemon, so I left it out.
1 stick of butter, melted
2 1/2 cups whole milk mixed with juice of 1 lemon, left to sit at room temperature until thickened or microwaved for 30 seconds to 1 minute until thickened wow this is complicated. I just used coconut milk because that’s what I had. It seemed to be fine and you couldn’t even taste the coconut when they were done!
confectioners sugar, for dusting and marmalade for serving I guess this was for the Harry Potter aspect?

1. Whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs, sugar, and lemon zest together until light and fluffy, about 1 minute. Drizzle in the melted butter while whisking vigorously. Whisk in the milk.
2 Pour the milk mixture into the flour mixture. Whisk the two mixtures together briefly until just combined. The batter may be lumpy. Take care not to overmix or the pancakes will come out tough.
3. Spray an 8-inch skillet with cooking spray. Heat the skillet over medium-high heat. Pour 1/2 cup of batter into the skillet and cook until the surface bubbles and the bottom is golden brown (check by gently lifting with a fork). Cook on the other side for 1 to 2 minutes or until golden. Remove the cake from the pan and repeat until all the batter is used up, spraying the pan with cooking spray between each pancake.
4. Dust the pancakes with confectioners’ sugar or serve with a dab or marmalade.

Makes 11 large pancakes.

again, I mentioned that I halved the recipe, and I added Butterscotch Chips at the request of my ten year old brother, E, who is getting an MRI tomorrow for his Neurofibromatosis. Please send him fond thoughts.

The pancakes were from¬†The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and were well received. This cookbook is cute and definitely a winner for someone as big on Harry Potter as G and E are right now. It has all the recipes for everything you wanted to make (Butterbeer anyone?) and recipes for things you really don’t ¬†(Blood pudding? ew) plus little tid-bit facts about the recipe itself. Really a nice book.

After I was done with these I decided I was still in a cooking mood.
aha! I remembered that I had a thing (tupperware?) of black beans left over from yesterday’s Black Bean Brownies. Off I went to the fridge to get them; I knew just what I was going to make.


Chocolate Black Bean Dip/Spread
~1/3 cup black beans
~3 tbsp Chocolate Soy Nut Butter (or other chocolate nut butter of choice)

Plop these two in a food processor, whizz and BANG: You’re done!
This is super delish and I can’t wait to have it on something….tomorrow…. haha

For a snackie I ate one of my Black Bean Brownies with a little Strawberry Yogurt Cheese and some Apple Slices. mmmm mmm good.

yeah…this totally looks like 2 pieces doesn’t it. Just so ya know, it is one broken in two. Which is technically still 2 isn’t it….

Definitely worth it.

Now I’ve seriously got to go to bed and read. I’ve got more than 5 books to read over break for my seminar and different papers. Not complaining though, they’re all super interesting!

What do you do with leftover ingredients? Have you ever made a sweet bean spread?¬†¬†Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so, what was one recipe you’ve always wanted to make?

See you all tomorrow ♥

Springing home!

Well, I’m home! Dad came to pick me up last night at 7 and we got home at 10 (yes, I don’t drive, let the fun-making ensue) I don’t know what took us so long….

This morning I got up ready to go on a nice run in what I thought would be warm weather and found


I go a bit north and this is what I get?
Well, I wanted to make a delicious breakfast and I wanted to cook. We’ve got some of my favorite cereals around the house, it turns out, and I was going to have a bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest (which is one of the only Kashi things I can eat with my sesame sensitivity!) but there wasn’t much left….

when I shook the box...


I’d like to know who serves themselves a bowl of cereal and leaves 2 biscuits in the bag! I popped them into my mouth while I figured out what to make for breakfast.
I was going to bake my Delicata Squash butttttt….

this is a no-go

so sorry to see that go.
so I decided I wanted pancakes. Carrot Cake Pancakes. I mixed….
1/3 cup wheat bran
1 tbsp all purpose flour
1 tbsp coconut milk
2 tbsp applesauce
2 tbsp egg whites
1 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp cinnamon
dash stivia
1 medium carrot, grated

mix it uppp

together and flipped’em into the pan! Served with vanilla Wallaby yogurt. Anyone tried this stuff? It is SO GOOD!! and I’m not usually one for “flavored” yogurts, but these are tasty.


they got a bit burnt ’cause I was looking for a recipe for the next thing I made while I was cooking them…still tasted fine:)

all gone!

Gosh. Carbs. I needed those. I haven’t been doing really well in that category lately but gosh when I work myself up to it, it is SO worth it. I enjoyed every.last.bite.
I stopped to take a picture of some residual winter action….

Next I decided to make something else I’ve been wanting to try.

I take bad photographs...blame the point and shoot camera.

Black Bean Brownies!!
2 1/2 cups black beans
1/4 cup wheat bran
1/4 cup egg whites
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp vanilla
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder

I haven’t tried these yet, but they look tasty! I’ve been wanting to make these forever.
Perhaps I’ll try one tonight after dinner.
I’m home with G tonight while E and the parents are at the Boy Scout Blue and Gold dinner. My mom is E’s den leader, which I think is hilarious because I’d never peg her for the type. I’m going to get my awesome-sister on tonight with G; I think we’re going to watch Harry Potter or something. She is recently ten and so into the series. Can’t blame her; it’s good!

Wonder what I’ll make tomorrow : )

What are you doing tonight? What is your favorite thing to do with your siblings? Have you ever tried carrots for breakfast or black bean brownies?


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