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Heat Wave

If you know me, you know that I hate hot weather. (Says the girl who is setting off to Morocco in a few weeks and is applying to work in Taiwan)

Yes, it’s true. I’ve said it. I hate summer.

Maybe a bit harsh, and perhaps I don’t hate all of it, but I really do dislike hot weather. Unless I’m swimming in a lake. Then I’m fine.

Just a couple of weeks ago we had this:

sun dappled hammocks

Everything was beautiful and shadows were cast of two friends in a park

see us?

There was even foreboding, ominous sky.

Such contrast of light and dark.

Regents Park gave us sunshine that shone through leafless trees

I love trees.

(HUGE trees?

In break from my poetic banter, I don’t know why that picture is so big. I’m no good with formatting….)

Birds aplenty.


what beautiful feathered feat

and some springtime babies! This is a blurry picture because I snapped it as the baby duckling was flapping its wings because it was just so darn cute! I hope you can sort of see…

Fly away!

Skies were blue and buildings were tall.

Okay, this one has always been tall.

I love Barbican.

Days were brisk, but perfect for fruit at Borough Market. Yes, I finally got around to taking some pictures!

I love strawberries. But they are one pricy fruit!

and veg, of course.

lovely greens.

and a…thanksgiving spread?

gobble gobble….I would.

But of course, we all know that I go to Borough Market for the samples.

This was mustard. All mustard.

My favourite condiment**? Mustard! They had wasabi and truffle and fig and just so many!!

**savoury. Nut butter is in its own category, obviously.

I’ve heard this is great. Haven’t gotten it yet though.

it was seriously cheeeeeeeesy

They’ve got so many great samples at Borough. Favourites include: Jams, rosemary flavoured olive oil, white balsamic reduction, CHEESE and the most wonderous mushroom pate. Seriously, I don’t know how they do it.

I will be missing the market lifestyle when I’m back in the states. Anyone know cities that have good sample opportunities markets?

Tomorrow I’m off to the Imperial War museum with a friend. I can’t wait!! Hopefully it isn’t quite so hot though, I’m going to ride the bus. No tubing for me in this weather, I’d imagine they are stifling.

Hannah x

Mellow Mondays


Why does everyone hate it so? I’ve never felt that drag of a feeling everyone describes as, ‘the mondays,’ but I can feel a bit of a general drag today.

Because my exams are now over, as of friday (yay!), I’m left with basically two free weeks until I’ve got Field Day

Music all day!

on 2nd June and then a couple more days until I go to Morocco!



So until June, I’m completely unoccupied.

Being a person given to Anxiety, I’ve made myself a giant list of things to do if I feel lonely, anxious or bored. One of those was to go to the Wellcome Collection today, after I returned my books to the library. But apparently someone is testing me, because nothing on my list if open on mondays!

Resigned to sit on my bed all day (kidding) I’ve been cleaning out and organising my internet bookmarks. Seriously? Do I really need five links to the same cauliflower pizza crust? Why on earth do I have that article from 5 years ago in my bookmarks folder named, ‘awesome youtube,’ and what on earth does the folder ‘banana’ contain (hint: it isn’t banana recipes).

I’ll share with you some of the fun links I found though, because it is as much fun for me to rediscover them as it was to find them the first time.

1. 43 Things – This website lets you set goals, see others who have the same goals as you, and cheer and be cheered. You can check off when you’ve accomplished something and write a little blurb about it.

2. Wedding Gawker– I’m assuming you’ve all seen Food Gawker (another favourite of mine) but if you haven’t found yourself its Wedding component, set aside some hours. For a girl who hasn’t even ever dated someone, I love to dream on this site.

3. Regretsy– You guys know Etsy, right? Well this site is like etsy, but the products have gone a bit….off. Where else can you find cinnabon earrings, foaming cake batter body wash, and top 5 bag overalls.

4. Sporcle- Sporcle gives you timed quizzes based on a given topic of your choice. My first year room mate was constantly on this site, and I’ve since developed a similar fondness, although cannot say to have spent nearly as much time quizzing as she had:) The quizzes are actually good for learning as well, such as countries in Africa or name the presidents.

5. The Oatmeal- I surprise myself sometimes with what I find and enjoy online. I wouldn’t peg myself as a webcomic reader, but this blog has some really hilarious things such as the one I’ve linked to where the author describes just what we mean when we say, ‘literally’ It’ll make you think thrice before you say it again, or at least laugh as you use it incorrectly!

So besides refinding joy in the internets, what have I been doing with myself? My friend S and I went to see Foster the People a couple weekends ago. It was a pretty good show- they even played the same song twice (we had a talk about whether this was by accident or not)

Bad lighting good friends.

I would have to say though, that my favourite part was the lighting. It was so dark and we were way up in the balcony (which is what you get with £15 tickets) but we could hear (everything but each other) and see the light show.



Brixton is lovely at dusk.

There was one point when bubbles came down from the ceiling, but we couldn’t get under them because we were on the balcony.

balloons or bubbles?

I’ve done the dark room-wet bubble/foam thing, if you remember, and it wasn’t fun.

**** Me, It’s Easter foam cannons were SUCH a night ruiner.


Beams of light

My friend D and I have walked around London some, Borough Market (DELICIOUS MUSHROOM PATE!) and Tate Modern (strange). We came across this and he had to take a picture with his fancy film camera in B&W.

I’ve always wanted one of these pictures.

Obviously, I wasn’t paying attention.

D and I also found an interesting nonconformist colouring book at a local bookshop. I will be getting this for my kids.

anti tradition

D got one of those super fancy swirly coffee drinks.

AND I got to see the barista do it!

I’ve been to Borough Market many times, and yet I never feel quite right about taking pictures while I’m there. I might go again later this week and see whether I can overcome this because if you want to see food beautifully presented, Borough is your place! So I took an awkwardly close picture of myself instead on my walk home?

All awkwardly photoshopped so that you can NOT see all my pores.

Oh, and those are ear phones, not supersonic bionic silver ears or giant earrings. And you thought I was starting a new trend.

I promise that once I get home and have access to some assemblance of schedule and more picture taking, I won’t do mostly photo/mind dump posts. I realise they can be difficult to follow.

But while we are on the topic of being random, I’ve got these ‘table talk’ cards from home that somehow made their way into my suitcase (I blame…..Mom encouraging me to be social?) The first question on it is, ‘If you could get a VIP pass into any special event, what would you attend? What would be the best way to celebrate it?’ My answer? Well, 3rd June is the Jubilee here, and I would love VIP tickets to get to spend the day with the Queen and get to know her and have fun together. I’d celebrate by eating eaton mess with her in a beautiful garden somewhere.

I’m off to work on my Fulbright and listen to Queen

Love, Hannah x

The itch, its resolution, and other things.

“I’m about to pass out from a double dose of Benedryl. You see, I’m allergic to something. It’s either food or something in my room. I don’t know which would be worse; something I have to give up, or not being able to get rid of whatever it is in my room that’s causing me to want to scratch my skin off.”

This was a week ago. I suppose Mom was right when she  told me to stop using that face wash I was using. And to stop being the lady who eats cat food by washing my clothes in it to save money (topic for another post) Point it, I threw it away, finally, and changed to a nice face wash from Lush, Angels on Bare Skin. My skin feels so nice now, and I am not itchy everywhere. Lush is great, I swear, I want to eat everything when I go in there.
Welcome to camera dump and thought dump. Except some thing I’ll only mention because I want to devote entire posts to them. Like a certain dream I had about grades and how it might have come true. Oh, and how I freaked out when it did. Which might explain my absence from the blogging world lately. I really had to centre myself and stop using the computer too much. It was eating away at my brain and taking a toll on both my work ethic and my concentration limit.
Exhibit A: What happens when you put bars in the bottom of a duffel bag and check it.

still tasted NICE.

NuGo bars were kind enough to send me some bars to review and BOY if you can ever get your hands on these, do!

**My opinions and reviews are completely my own and are in no way influenced by offers or solicitations from companies or outside parties.

They sent me the vanilla yogurt, chocolate chocolate chip, dark chocolate trail mix, and chocolate pretzel with sea salt. Here’s my low down:

Vanilla Yogurt: This one was good, if a bit dry. It was a hit with me because I usually choose vanilla over chocolate. It had a nice crisp texture that was light but still contained 11g of protein. This one is part of the NuGo family range, and I can see it being a success with adults and kids alike. Other flavours here include: Chocolate, Coffee, Orange Smoothie, PB Chocolate, and Chocolate Banana. 8/10 

See inside?

Chocolate Chocolate Chip: I liked the thick texture to this one. It had a thick coating and chocolaty crisps inside, which made for a more hearty bar than the vanilla. I was also really glad that it wasn’t too sweet, as some bars tend to be. The coating was real dark chocolate, so I was especially keen on that. Many chocolate coatings just don’t taste like the real thing, but this didn’t disappoint. Gotta love the 10g protein as well. 8/10

Chocolate Pretzel: This one mentioned that is contains sea salt on the package. Being that one of my favourite chocolate bars contains sea salt, I was super excited for this. One of my favourite things about pretzels is the little bits of salt, and when you dip them in nut butter or chocolate nut butter, such a combo! I wasn’t let down. In the same “Dark Chocolate” range as the Chocolate Chocolate Chip bar, this bar contained little bits of sea salt in each bite! I’m not sure if it had pretzel pieces in, but the crisps did taste a bit like pretzel. 8/10

Oh yes.

Lastly, the Dark Chocolate Trail Mix: This might have been my least favourite of all the bars, but I can’t pin down why. I still liked it, it just wasn’t BAM. This bar is Gluten free, which is great if that’s your issue and still tasty if it’s not. It was a nice change that the bar contained cranberries instead of raisins, because I usually find raisins too sweet. I also liked the little slices and bits of almonds throughout, which complemented both the chocolate and the cranberries well. It was like a decadent trail mix with chocolate chips in! 7/10-

Thanks so much NuGo for providing me with this opportunity to try a sampling of your bars- I shall certainly be looking out for them in the future because they’re quite good. There is a Carrot Cake one from the Gluten Free line I’m keen on trying! 


so white.

One time I went to the farmers market and got all this for £1.

What’s that ugly one, you ask? Celeriac!

It's like an ugly wrinkly baby, or a mandrake!

Unfortunately, he went off before I could eat him😦 But the cauliflower were nice.

Quite a bit.

I got all this too. Gotta love £1 almost-off boxes.

Musing: I’m cheap. You know it. I do my laundry in my sink.

And then I make faces in my mirror.

Question: Where do you go if you’re not posh enough to go to fancy clubs in SoKen(South Kensington) and Chelsea?


Yup. It happened.

My Try chips are gone😦  I would seriously market these. They’re GOOD.

finished and diminished.

I love London.


This is the view from where I work:

London Eye, Bridges, Stand, St. Pauls, etc

My amazing camera skills will wow you.

also seen from my work

I went to see Cirque Du Soliel and wasn’t supposed to take this picture.

that's all you get, unfortunately

Oh, and it’s Royal Albert Hall. Nice place, that.

there I be.

Even though it’s winter here in London, there are still flowers. (Psst; someone should tell London that flowers aren’t supposed to grow in February)

but they're still nice to look at

Upcoming: Valentines Day Breakfast, Fear of Spending Money, Wanderings, What I get up to, Feeling like a failure,
If you’re keen on reading what I get up to in London- check out my travel blog!
Love, Hannah

Do you know me?

As promised, here as my answers to Lucy’s and Rachel’s questions!

Attention: there WILL be a quiz. You should all know me pretty darn well after these two weekend posts.

juuuuuust kiddin’:)

Rachel’s first:

1.  If you could invite any three deceased people to a dinner party, who would they be?

1. Anne Frank
2. The Bronte Sisters (shh that’s three)
3. My Dad’s best friend, Don.

2.  What’s your go-to “feel good” song to listen to?

Um….I really love The Weepies, they make me feel pretty happy. I’ve also got playlists for every mood, so I can never go wrong.

3.  If you could only eat *one thing* for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I hate this question! AH! I can’t answer it because I’ve tried that and it feels so unbalanced to me now. I just couldn’t do it. I need all the food groups balanced.

4.  Morning showers or night-time showers?

Morning. NEVER nighttime. no no no.

5.  What is your favorite piece of clothing? Why?

I really love shirts. I think….that I own? I’m quite fond of my tunics. They’re quite nice. OR the bathrobe my mom made for me when I was 15.

6.  What is one popular trend that you absolutely despise? Why?

I hate flip flops. I always have and always will. As for a trend….the tights without pants thing? Guys, we aren’t in ballet class….

7. Talk about one person who has had a big impact on your life.

My mother. She challenges me daily and pushes me where I need to be pushed. She is always there to listen to me and is without a doubt (besides my father) my best friend.

8.  If you could pack up your life (things, family, friends, etc) and move somewhere else, where would you go?

Anywhere but the US PLEASE> it couldn’t happen fast enough. Amsterdam or London. For real. (Guys, you’re reading this, let’s move?)

9. Have you ever died your hair? What color?

I died it green once for being an Alien for Halloween and once red for playing Anne in Anne of Green Gables in high school.

10.  If you could speak any language or play any instrument, what would you choose?

I would speak Chinese, French, and German fluently (I know a bit of each) and I’d play piano and mandolin.

11.  What do you consider your greatest achievement to date? Brag about it!

I haven’t had one yet. So….we shall just have to wait. Perhaps winning my national writing award? But I don’t know.
Yay that was fun! I love surveys! Now for Lucy!
1. What is the most memorable thing you have ever done? 

Probably having an ED. It has made me so much more self aware than I could have ever hoped to be. I know myself inside and out, and I know when I’m bluffing.

2. What is your favourite type of baked good?

I like…cake. Or bread. Or Muffins. I like all of them? I don’t really like cheesecake, which might not count because it’s a dessert, but it is baked?

3. What is your favourite city/place in the UK?

Hard, seeing as I haven’t been to too many yet. I will say that I love London and feel really at home here. But I’m also really keen on the countryside and love moors and big open spaces full of nature. Any suggestions, Lucy?:)

4. How much exercise do you do a week? Any type that you particularly enjoy?
Because I live in a city, I walk everywhere. To class, to work, to the sthops.  I also do cardio in my room because I’m too cheap to buy a gym membership. I really love just busting it out to music and taking long meandering walks.

5. Did you have any childhood nicknames?
My friend used to call me “Nanners” instead of “Hannah Banana” which most Hannah’s hate.
6. How many blogs do you have in your Google Reader?
Not very many. I don’t really know how to use it.
7. What would be your ideal job/occupation?
Something that combines travel, writing, and helping people, preferably children. I don’t care how much it pays as long as I love it.
8. Do you watch much TV? Favourite programme?
I don’t watch TV, actually. I haven’t ever watched it.
9. What do you eat for breakfast?
Whatever I feel like. My favourite breakfast has to be Kabocha with nut butter and yogurt dipping sauce. Although I’m keen on plain oats or yogurt messes and such.
10. What was your favourite subject when you were at school? Did you like doing homework??
I really loved English. I dropped my high school’s mandatory health class in 12th grade because I wanted to take more English classes. I was also really keen on concert choir. I liked homework only when I knew it had a point in my life. I’ve never thought that doing work for the sake of doing work was good. Just how I feel about the major system in the US, but we shall get to that.
11. Now this is an important one…do you like parsnips?😉
OH MY YES!!!! They are so good, especially roasted : D
Wow guys, thanks so much! Surveys are awesome and I could sit here and fill them out all day. Don’t laugh. I guess I just like self exploration?
I shall leave you with a couple songs I’m loving lately:

Love, Hannah


Well, recentering is still in progress.

I’ve been home for a bit more than a week now and I’ve been having such a nice time, with one minor episode of horrible body image. Does my body change in one day? I don’t think so. Having family over for Christmas was stressful, I think. I also feel better about my body when I eat well? Go figure.

I came home to many packages!

wonder of wonders!

Best Christmas present? I think so. (note: it is only the ones on top, haha)

yum in my tum

I was reunited with tuna fish sandwiches. New love? Tuna+parsley. If you haven’t had parsley in a tuna fish sandwich, do it!


Reunited with wheat puffs and almond milk. What’s lacking? All my nice bowls. They’re packed somewhere in my room I think.

In prep for our neighborhood’s cookie exchange, R (my German friend staying here for a bit), my mother and I went to The Fresh Market for a bit of a shop!

Something's missing....

But they had no Kabocha. Good thing I’d gotten one the previous day. We made a stop at Hannaford on the way home from the airport since the plane food was bad. Needed a snack.

eggsis my precious?

Eggs in a bag?

Then we set off baking. We made….


I broke out the double hummus action.

curry spice hummus and ginger sweet hummus

We made a croquembouche. Has anyone ever made one? It means “crunch in the mouth” but ours wasn’t so crunchy. I read later that you’re supposed to make a paper cone and pour the sugar cement/glaze over it to make the tower, but we hand made it. Probably would have made them more crunchy that way.

So many puffs!

But I think it came out alright. Everyone raved about it.

tower of cream puffs

The table looked like this. Gosh, lighting is so bad at night!

the spread

Made some scruffins- finally!

scruf scruf

The cookie exchange went so well that I completely couldn’t be bothered to take pictures.

Christmas was spent with the fam (more on that later) and then Boxing Day we had my Dad’s side of the family over for a bit of a dessert thing. R and I baked all weekend.

We made….

R baking!


Fruit pizza?

plated and ready to rock.


recipes to come!

I’ll post recipes for all these soon. These were Cinnamon Stars- they’re gluten free as well, for my Aunt who was recently diagnosed.

Blackie and Whitie

We made a Black Forest Cake and an Eggnog cheesecake.

The Gluten Free Table

The spread take second Christmas party.

Taking pride.

I made a Gingersnap Dip


Not many people ate it though. I was sad, but Mom said that my relatives probably just didn’t have sophisticated tastes. They lean more towards chips and dip or cheese and crackers. I suppose that could be true.

Black Forest

This came out really well. My favourite part was definitely whipping the cream (and tasting it, of course).


The recipe came from a real German cookbook, which made for quite the cake (with lots of Kirsch) but mine looked nowhere as lovely as the one in the book.

angle shots

Recipes to follow for: Eggnog cheesecake, regular classic cheesecake, Rugalach, Cinnamon Stars, Black Forest Cake, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Gingersnap Dip

Reviews coming as well!! I’ve got some really good stuff to tell you about, such as Newman’s Own Organic’s new cookies and licourice, Ernest Eats bars (so good!), and Perfect Foods Bars. Can’t wait to review them for you all so you can get to know them! yum!

See you soon, if I don’t vanish again.

Love, Hannah



WIAW- Birthday/Thanksgiving/On Holiday Edition

So I’ve been absent lately. Noticeably or not, I haven’t been around.  Not since Thanksgiving have I really been up to blogging. I”m just not feeling college right now, and its kind of getting me down. But it’s probably this time of year. Raise your hand if you’re feeling a bit of a slump. Thought so.

Nothing like What I Ate Wednesday to bring your spirits up though. Jenn’s got something going on, as usual, and as always, I’m keen to join on in.

We begin with a 21st birthday parcel that’s been sitting under my bed for about a week.

Wonder what's inside!

I didn’t have to wonder long. After my flatmate wished me Happy Birthday at 12:01 am, and my parents not 1 minute after, I danced around my room a bit before deciding I’d better go to bed.


I opened it as soon as I got out of the shower. My family is the most amazing thing. My mom got me the cardigan that I have been imagining (that makes me feel like I’m in prep school) and sent me Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, which I’ve never tried. You bet I ripped it right open to try it.

My sister, G (who is ten) sent me a really cute card featuring my favourite animal; owls!

Answer: Happy Birthday to Yoooooo


Little pastas, lentils, spices, curry powder, shepherd's pie seasoning and mushroom bean soup mix!

I think my mom knows I like cooking:)

I've been admiring this spoon at Marshals!! and nommy tuna.

All the tuna I could find here has sunflower seed oil in it- greasy! blech.


I’ve never tried most Larabars, so this is a treat. I’m still banking on the seasonal clif barsthough.

I've been lusting after this too!

She also sent me my bag of peanut flour that I’ve been missing and a pop up turkey centrepiece, in honour of my birthday.

G and E made cookies!

Oatmeal raisin cookies are a staple at our house. By which I mean we make them occasionally. G and E, at ten, are really into cooking right now and they sent me these cookies they made. Let’s back up and I will tell you how I’m afraid of cookies and never eat them myself. I’ll post about that in the future, but mom knew what I’d say!

Only a bit stale....

I still don’t know how I feel about raisins though. They are so dreadfully sweet.

Birthday card from "the Queen" (my flatmte) and another plate card!

This little guy wanted to say hello.

and of course a 21st birthday wouldn’t be quite right without Birthday Pancakes!


Birthday Pancakes for one 21 year old
1/2 cup spelt flour
1/2 cup wheat bran
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 egg white
1/2 cup water
vanilla and sweetener, to taste
load on the sprinkles!

These hit the spot, I tell you.

Don't forget the sprrinkles!

Can we just talk about the deliciousness?

stacked high

and yes, I did run to the shops just to get sprinkles when I realized I didn’t have any. I needed flour that wasn’t white anyhow.

I am so short....

My friends came round and celebrated with me! Note the “Birthday Girl” badge. I was made to wear it out all day:)

Our thanksgiving spread, my plate is closest with the greenary

My other American flat mate wanted to do a “typical” American thanksgiving so, although my family doesn’t do it that way, I let him. This meant *gasp* sweet potato casserole, cornbread, boxed stuffing and all sorts of other things, all of which contained enough butter and sugar to last the rest of my life. I was polite and took some, because that’s what you do. I also made myself a baked pepper and had some lettuce because I felt a lack of veg.

For the weekend, I ventured off to Bath. It’s so beautiful there, and they’ve got a Christmas Market on. The last two times I’ve been have been in summer, so this was different.

overcast street

You can see the cold in the photographs, I think.

I stayed in a little B&B and for breakfast she cooked to order. I ordered grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and had a side of organic yogurt and fruits.

Farmer's Market!

I sampled my way through the entire morning (literally)

It was all I could do not to buy all of these

Do you see all the people around Bath Abbey?

Busy busy busy

I had to be careful what I bought because I only brought one bag!

I was surprised at myself though- I actually bought things! More on this in another post, but I’m petrified of spending money.

I wanted one of those stars

I don’t know if this is usually there. I don’t recall having seen it on previous trips.

I would have looked mad going on alone

I walked around most of the weekend, eating out of the grocery shops because it’s nice and cheap.

Beautiful river

Bath is really quite lovely.

I'd love to live here

I love how the old historic quality of the city has been preserved.

Street signs

and the Royal Crescent, of course.

I love roofs and sky, what can I say?

case in point.



Bath Abbey

I can’t possibly show you all the pictures (although I didn’t take as many as I thought I would) but these are just gems.

And who AM I to think I can leave town without a jar of nut butter?

See? Heavenly emergency PB

I had to rush into Sainsbury’s to replenish my empty stock. Silly me, never again will I leave without the stuff.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and weekend. It’s almost time for me to go home for Christmas (read: 18 days) so I’m quite excited!!
I plan on trying to post more this week on some introspective stuff. Also about the cake I ate out of the blue yesterday when the family I Nanny for gave it to me. No big deal. Hannah:1 Ed:0

Love, Hannah



Oh, Bother!

Today I’d like to write up a little post about the things that bother me.

It’s getting towards crunch time, and I’m sure we students all have a bit of something or other that we’d like to let out to lessen our stress. Here goes.

1. When it is obvious that a comment is just there to leave a comment- that someone hasn’t actually read the content (I do write it for a reason, you know) or they’ve just looked a picture and said “oh yum!” When I read blogs, I read the entry, decide if there is something that resonates with me, and comment if there is. If I can’t leave a comment that is a couple sentences long with substance, I don’t leave one- they’d probably feel the same as I do. Plus, it’s nice to read comments from people who actually read your blog and care about what you’re going through, not just the pictures.

2. Walking behind people who are smoking or who are walking slowly- Hurry up!! and quit blowing that in my face, it’s not my choice to get lung cancer!! and yes, I will get a headache if you persist. Hurumph.

Enough said.

3. Writing papers that don’t really interest me- Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your life if you’re not truly doing what you love? Unless writing papers is the way to find out what you love? I don’t think so. I’ll write more at length about this I think.

4. Repetitive noises- Just don’t tap your pencil or jiggle your leg. Don’t do it!!

5. Mess- When our lovely cleaner comes in the morning and cleans our entire kitchen, my flatmates still still still leave piles of dirty dishes in the sink? I once put them all in the middle of the floor. They did nothing. They’re lucky I love to do dishes. I’m about to ask for payment.

Sometimes it looks like this. I kid you not.

This said: I’m sure I’m guilty of these things. I’m not hating on people, I’m just venting a bit? I’m positive that I annoy people daily. Maybe I walk too fast or I clean too much or something?

And I’m sure those things aren’t the only things that bother me. But since I went to see Karen Armstrong speak on sunday about Compassion, I thought I’d add a bit about what makes me relax.

1. Long Walks- I love being outside. It’s amazing how much my day improves if I walk outside and see sights and breathe the fresh air.

I finally got a picture of this November rose!

2. Music that fits my mood- There is nothing like listening to whatever helps me emote. Sometimes it’s loud, upbeat, or other times it’s soft, or anguished. Right now I’m listening to a playlist called “Mellow” and it’s some French guy I found on Spotify. I’m not sure this is because I actually feel mellow or because I want to. 

3. Changing it up- Sitting at your computer all day is no way to relax. I love days when I go to my job because not only is it away from my room, but it also isn’t the school environment. Get outside, do something else, talk to someone. It just exercises your brain and frees your eyes from strain.

4. Meditation- I think a lot about this and do little of it. I was much better last year while I was taking a course on it. I should really take it up again, it would make me feel a bunch better.

Just like this.

5. READING! One of the things I’m looking forward to over Christmas: parking myself with a book in front of the fireplace with tea. For hours. 


As you can probably tell, I’m pretty busy. Thursday/Thanksgiving is my birthday!! I’m going to Bath for the weekend, which will be fun. I booked a single room for myself right near the Crescent, so although I’ve already been to Bath twice, I’m looking forward to the Christmas Market!

I’ve been working on essays. I’ve got four this term, two of which I am done with. They’re due in January, but I don’t want essays over Christmas break- yuck!

I’ll hopefully be posting about my London whirlwind tour later this week, perhaps we a wordless post? I took loads of amazing pictures that I just might want to share!
and of course I’ll have some from Bath as well.

Love, Hannah

That’s Nuts!

Hi all.

Remember when I told you that I made the Toasted Chocolate Peanut Butter for the nut lady? Remember how some of you got all in a huff because I made it for someone else instead of myself? Well. I told you I wanted some, I told you I’d make this.

The Bare Bones

I decided to keep it plain this time. I love the taste of the toasted nuts, it’s rich and creamy and oh, so buttery.

Next time I shall start adding in the flavours. I can’t wait!

So how do you make nut butter? I’m a recent convert and believe me, I’m obsessed!

Let me teach you. It’s super easy and before long, you’ll be a convert too.

Lay'em on there

Step One: Lay the nuts out on a baking sheet. toast in the oven until golden brown like above. They’ll be really hot, so don’t try one fresh out of the oven like I did. Your tongue will thank you.

In they go!

Step Two: Put your toasted nuts into a food processor. Whiz for awhile and you’ll get:

The Crumble

Step Three: Keep whizzing. It’s important that you don’t get frustrated and add milk or water here. That will only create a greasy blob.

The clump

Step Four. It will begin to clump together, this is what you want. Keep whizzing.

The Paste

Step Five: You’ll get this pasty nut butter after awhile. Keep blending for something more spreadable. I suppose you could stop here if you were the really impatient sort, but stick it out and you’ll love the results even more.

The Extras

At some point, if you’re like me and you’ve only got a mini wee little food processor, you may have to do your nut butter in two doses before it begins to really consolidate. It’s okay to test it at this point. (You’ll notice I did- see licked spoon above)

The Rosette/Ball

Step Six: Your nut butter will begin to ball up here. Once you’ve blended the two sections, if you needed to, put them together and they will ball up like this. This is what we like to see.

The Spread

Step Seven: You’ll soon see this. This is what nut butter is suppose to look like, right? It would be here that you’d add in flavourings, if you so chose.

The Closeup

It would also be here that you scooped it into its chosen container.

And licked the processor clean.

The Cleanest Ever

This part is not optional.

You can also make some Pecan Almond Butter while you’re at it.

The Afterthought

Because, after all, if you’re like me, you might be entertaining a friend from Paris this weekend. And you wouldn’t want her to miss out on your favourite topping, now would you:)


Yes, you heard me right. I’m entertaining this weekend. And for this reason, I shan’t be writing/posting until probably monday, when I shall have loads of pictures and stories for you!!

In the meantime, please try making your own nut butter. It’s quite grand and goes well on everything. EVERYTHING.

If you’re me😉

Love, Hannah

Get Real

Hi All.

I was talking to my mom via skype lately and, as usual, we got to talking about recovery and life.

We’re very philosophical, my mother and I.

I do lots of thinking about letting go and the limitations of my ED. Here are some of the things I’ve come across and I need to let go of.

1. I’m letting go of the fact that I’m never going to be tall with long legs.

I wouldn't want to be creepy like this:)

Reframe: My legs are strong and can power me through walking around London. If I didn’t have any muscles, I couldn’t see all the sites!

2. I’m letting go of the fact that I’m not the most social person out there. 


Reframe: It is completely not to enjoy clubbing so much, and I can go out sometimes too. It’s all about balance. I know that my body needs more sleep. I listen.

3. I’m letting go of the need to control every situation around food

Weighing my options

Reframe: I’m learning that food can be a social thing. Eating things others prepare, trying samples or eating because someone offers food to me will not automatically blow me up into a blimp.

4. I’m letting go of the past 

The past can shape me but it will not hold me back

Reframe: Yes, I’ve had social trouble, I haven’t been happy, I’ve had an eating disorder. But that does not have to be my future. I can live the vibrant life I dream about. Looking backwards with one hand holding on is never going to allow me to grow.

5. I’m letting go of being alone

Come find me!

Reframe: I may not have a best friend, and I may have never dated, but there are people out there who will make me feel special, just how I am. My mom says I’m looking for a very rare fish in a big pond. It may be true. I need to do my part to look for them, as they are hopefully looking for me too!

6. I’m letting go of restricting my entire lifestyle 

Money. Such a complex thing.

Reframe: Spending money doesn’t automatically make me a bad person or immediately destitute. I don’t need to restrict spending because I have money to eat, money with which to have fun. When I restrict my money, I become “unfun” and avoid situations. This is the most difficult, as I learn to spend without guilt.

I’m learning. Recovery is a process. I always like to say I’m getting my midlife crisis out of the way early.


Day two of reading week! I went to work yesterday, my first day as Nanny (remember the job that wasn’t going to work out? It did!!) The girls are lovely and the family is just amazing. Their flat looks out over London, which is just perfection in itself. I feel welcomed by their community and it is just a blessing. Isn’t it grand to love your job?

I definitely saw a guy walking down the street with one of these yesterday:

Stuck in the past?

I did a double take and laughed to myself.

I’ve been eating lots of this:

Read: It is now gone

and this 

Curry Spiced Hummus

I’ve been craving chocolate like no one’s business. I’ve been out for a couple days and haven’t been to the shops to get any. I have my eye on this bar:


I love dark chocolate. The stranger the flavour, the better. As long as it hasn’t got Hazelnuts or Pistachios, I’m golden.

I can’t wait until WIAW tomorrow- it’s going to be a good one!

Enjoy your snow. I’m jealous. Perhaps occasion to being out the Christmas music early? I always say never before my birthday (November 24th) but this year perhaps I’ll need to.
Love, Hannah

Da Dip: A Complete Soc-cess

and yes, I’m aware I spelled that wrong. You’ll see.

Any of you familliar with this song?

When I dip, you dip, we dip.

Well, I’ve been dipping a whole bunch lately into this fab new hummus I made from chickpea flour!!

dip it up!

My flatmate had a bag of this Chickpea/Besan flour that she wasn’t going to use? 

So naturally I jumped on the opportunity and began researching recipes to make with it. Nothing goes to waste. I came across a recipe for Chickpea Flour Hummus and thought- why not? Hummus is rather pricy at the shops, so if I could make my own, all the better.

Chickpea Flour Hummus

adapted from This recipe

      • 1/2 cup Garbanzo Bean Flour
        1-1/4 cups Water
        1 Garlic cloves, minced (omitted because I didn’t have any)
        2 tbsp nut butter (it called for Tahini but I didn’t have any)
        1 tsp Lemon Juice
        1/2 tsp Cumin or curry powder
        Salt and to taste
Bring the water to boiling on medium heat. Whisk the garbanzo bean flour into the boiling water. Cook 1 minute stirring constantly. Turn heat down to medium low and continue cooking 5 minutes. Let cool.

In the bowl of a food processor, puree the garbanzo mixture, garlic, a bit more water, nut butter, lemon juice until smooth. Then add the spices, salt, pepper.

If mixture is too stiff, add more water to get desired consistency. Spoon and scrape the mixture into a bowl, cover with plastic and let sit for at least one hour at room temperature. Taste to see if more lemon juice, salt or pepper is needed.

Really guys. Go make this. It is super cost effective because you’ll only pay for the huge bag of flour and then you can make hummus to your hearts content. Next up, definitely a dessert hummus! Cinnamon? Caramel? Snickerdoodle? Ginger? 

Since I am totally on a chickpea flour kick, I randomly decided to whip up some Socca this morning. Allie had kindly given me the recipe-so simple!- and so I thought I might as well give it a try.

Simple Socca

1/2 cup Chickpea Flour
1/2 cup water
oil for pan if it is not nonstick

chickpea flour

Put chickpea flour in a bowl. I know guys, it’s really hard.


Chickpea Flour, water

Mix with water. Watch out for the clumps!

Into the frying pan

Put mixture into a frying pan. Nonstick works best because then you can just slide it out when it’s done.


Wait around for it to cook. Look with wonder at the Apple Cake you baked yesterday and how it is nearly gone. Good thing it was good (with nut butter)<– that should end every sentence.

Cook it up!

And it cooks up right like that!

ooooh bubbles

You can flip it if you like. You’ll see that it isn’t so photogenic on the other side. But don’t make it feel bad, it’ll still taste just as good.

Much better lighting near the window

Check out this texture

Hole-y moly!

Plate it, please. Show some dignity.

I love my blue plate.

Admire the edge….crisp and fluttery…

wow. just wow.

Then eat your oats in a jar that you’ve been waiting for. Yes, that’s what I actually had for breakfast.

Oats+Cashew Butter = creamy dreamy

But don’t worry. Even though you were a bit premature on the socca making, you can still have it for lunch.

topped with cinnamon, naturally.

It has a bit of a beany taste, so I topped it with cinnamon. It actually improved with age though, and I’ll be trying new flavours to be sure.

serve with toppings.

Holiday Spice Almond butter (shown above, recipe soon) or even the hummus. Chickpea on Chickpea anyone?

Chickpeas. They’re what’s for breakfast/dinner/lunch/snacks/anytime.

Love, Hannah



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