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Ring Ring Ring!

Potato Phone!

It began with hearing E running around the mud room before his MRI appointment at 530am. I’m an early riser as you know, but Daylight Savings Time has thrown me a bit on top of being home for spring break (Spring? it is SNOWING) and so I was a bit groggy. I rolled over and muttered, “What time even is it????” and went back to sleep until 7 when I had to wake up to put G on the bus. I said goodbye to her and ran to answer the phone! My breakfast was calling!

What is it?


(Ignore the daylight savings time morning-glazed look)
I’m funny like that; I choose my sweet potatoes based on whether they look like something. I once bought one that looked like a bird.
Popped that baby in the microwave (I know, I should have baked it, but it was urgent!) for 5 minutes and DING it was done in a jiffy! Now….how to eat it….AHA I know! With some Chocolate Soy Nut Butter and Once Again Sunflower Seed Butter. This stuff tastes so different than the SunButter brand, but I like it!

I scooped some Chobani into a bowl and topped it off with Sprinkles a la Megan. The sprinkles were old or something, but they were sure pretty : ) We bought this Chobani at BJ’s yesterday and oh. gosh. I love a big tub of the stuff!! I haven’t tried many of their other flavors but I always find I’m partial to plain yogurt anyhow (that way, I can dress it up!)
It was snowing like crazy this morning! I don’t know what’s come over the Northeast but spring is definitely NOT as close to coming as I thought it was.¬†

Although if I look outside now, the snow has melted enough to see little patches of green where the Starlings are pecking at the bare earth with their little golden beaks!
Mom, Dad and E came home and all took a nap. I guess being at the hospital is exhausting. I had lunch while they slept.

hot and spicayyyyy

Have you ever had Green Mountain Gringo Salsa? If you haven’t and you like delicious salsa with big chunks in it, this stuff is for you. I could seriously eat an entire jar. Needless to say, they don’t last long around hereūüėČ

I really like that leaf of lettuce!

it just kinda....sticks up!

mmm finished off a bag of leafy greens, salsa, south west egg beaters, carrots, mustard and some pretzel thins which were the end of the bag so I sprinkled them on top. Savory sprinkles!

omnomnom. Mom, E and I watched The Princess and The Frog. Such a cute movie!! I loved the sparkle visuals and the feel good songs. It totally made my day. But it definitely had some scary themes….Disney, of course.
I think I’m going to go do some more seminar reading now. *sigh* see you later!


Do you like sweet potatoes for breakfast? Do you have a favorite Chobani flavor? Do you think Disney films have frightening elements? How have you been reacting to daylight savings time?

Sunday sweet Sunday

wow. Blog I do late at night, huh? I need to figure out how to do this stuff guys.
Today was sunday and I usually really hate sundays for some reason.
Nothing to do, maybe. yes, shake your heads, but I really like having something to do!
Got up and made these for my sister:

angle shot, for good measure!

“Big, Fluffy Pancakes”
(I halved the recipe; my changes in red)
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt I omitted this by accident and they turned out okay…
2 large eggs
2/3 cup granulated sugar
grated zest of 1 lemon I made these on a whim and didn’t have a lemon, so I left it out.
1 stick of butter, melted
2 1/2 cups whole milk mixed with juice of 1 lemon, left to sit at room temperature until thickened or microwaved for 30 seconds to 1 minute until thickened wow this is complicated. I just used coconut milk because that’s what I had. It seemed to be fine and you couldn’t even taste the coconut when they were done!
confectioners sugar, for dusting and marmalade for serving I guess this was for the Harry Potter aspect?

1. Whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs, sugar, and lemon zest together until light and fluffy, about 1 minute. Drizzle in the melted butter while whisking vigorously. Whisk in the milk.
2 Pour the milk mixture into the flour mixture. Whisk the two mixtures together briefly until just combined. The batter may be lumpy. Take care not to overmix or the pancakes will come out tough.
3. Spray an 8-inch skillet with cooking spray. Heat the skillet over medium-high heat. Pour 1/2 cup of batter into the skillet and cook until the surface bubbles and the bottom is golden brown (check by gently lifting with a fork). Cook on the other side for 1 to 2 minutes or until golden. Remove the cake from the pan and repeat until all the batter is used up, spraying the pan with cooking spray between each pancake.
4. Dust the pancakes with confectioners’ sugar or serve with a dab or marmalade.

Makes 11 large pancakes.

again, I mentioned that I halved the recipe, and I added Butterscotch Chips at the request of my ten year old brother, E, who is getting an MRI tomorrow for his Neurofibromatosis. Please send him fond thoughts.

The pancakes were from¬†The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and were well received. This cookbook is cute and definitely a winner for someone as big on Harry Potter as G and E are right now. It has all the recipes for everything you wanted to make (Butterbeer anyone?) and recipes for things you really don’t ¬†(Blood pudding? ew) plus little tid-bit facts about the recipe itself. Really a nice book.

After I was done with these I decided I was still in a cooking mood.
aha! I remembered that I had a thing (tupperware?) of black beans left over from yesterday’s Black Bean Brownies. Off I went to the fridge to get them; I knew just what I was going to make.


Chocolate Black Bean Dip/Spread
~1/3 cup black beans
~3 tbsp Chocolate Soy Nut Butter (or other chocolate nut butter of choice)

Plop these two in a food processor, whizz and BANG: You’re done!
This is super delish and I can’t wait to have it on something….tomorrow…. haha

For a snackie I ate one of my Black Bean Brownies with a little Strawberry Yogurt Cheese and some Apple Slices. mmmm mmm good.

yeah…this totally looks like 2 pieces doesn’t it. Just so ya know, it is one broken in two. Which is technically still 2 isn’t it….

Definitely worth it.

Now I’ve seriously got to go to bed and read. I’ve got more than 5 books to read over break for my seminar and different papers. Not complaining though, they’re all super interesting!

What do you do with leftover ingredients? Have you ever made a sweet bean spread?¬†¬†Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so, what was one recipe you’ve always wanted to make?

See you all tomorrow ♥

My Superfantastical Day

getting a bit artsy....

and yes, I am aware that “superfantastical” is not a word, however, I cannot think of a word to describe yesterday better than one that combines too good words. So “superfantastical it is.”

The day began with a good breakfast. Carbs in their best form: sweet potatoes, and fats in theirs: nut butters

Talk about DELISH

The meal featured the two along with another favorite, yogurt and wheat germ.

I could see myself in the spoon!

gotta have my staples too: Vanilla O’Soy, Soy Nut Butter (this time it was chocolate!), and Once Again Sunflower Seed Butter!
and remember yesterday’s post about the full fat Greek incident? I made Chocolate Covered Katie’s Banana Butter with it!
1 container full fat greek yogurt (or whatever yogurt)
1 whizzed up banana
a couple spoonfuls of nut butter of choice
blend and voila!

no, I didn't eat it with a fork : )

JUMPING to the end of the day now.
So I’m sure you all knew that last week was NEDA week. It was all over the blogosphere and for good reason. My school hosted an event last night and I decided to go. Afterwards, I hung around and introduced myself to a couple people I simply couldn’t let get away after I’d heard them speak up. I wanted needed these inspiring people in my life. Being here has left me feeling a bit alone, like I can’t share my history/experiences with people. I did with two and they’ve since stopped asking me to hang out. That hurts.
Before long, I found myself walking down the stairs of the campus center with three other girls who got me. They were headed into the campus center cafe at 8:45 pm and, of course, asked me to come along. Whoa. Wait. What does this mean? Does this mean I have to buy something? Does this mean I have to *gasp* have a snack?
well yes, and it turns out that it wasn’t so bad, in fact, I had the best fun I’d had in awhile and made three friends in the process.
My new friends challenged me to a non-planned snack and I chose Very Vanilla Silk Soymilk (an old friend from treatment days….) and I was SO surprised at how delicious it was! Creamy and smooth and So very good for me. I’m pretty sure I would have licked the inside if I could have:)
I got a picture to commemorate the moment :

good friends, good fun

(I’m the one with the soy milk, obviously!)
Next thing I know, we’ve begun reminiscing about treatment days and laughing our heads off. Not to mention we’ve got NEDA balloons floating all over the place and they keep popping loudly (which only brings more laughter).
Long story short, we’re going on a Pizza Challenge on ¬†sunday for dinner. I practically did skip home on the most wonderful natural high I’ve had in weeks.
Of course, I’m still nervous about the Pizza, but it’ll be great to share it with people for whom it is also a big deal.
More on that to come, of course.

I’m off to Boston tomorrow to visit my German Pen Pal from way back who is an Au Pair here, and then my cousin who lives in Cambridge. Should be a fun day!!


Have you ever gotten to the point where you needed to let a friend/friends go? How did you feel and how did it go?
What is your favorite nut butter?


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