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Beautiful Tuesday

Morning loves from cloudy ol’Londontown!

moody blue

No veg in this post. Really….unless you count a fruit as a veg, which you can’t. So no. But you all know I ate them. Moving on.

I almost had formatting problems again. I am NOT computer savvy; I only put up with the things. Yesterday was Fat Tuesday, or as I like to call it, You-Are-Beautiful-Tuesday. Because I’m not fat, and I won’t be. More on that later.

I feel like my pancake day keeps moving. Most people do pancake sunday, I do pancake monday, and now it’s been pancake tuesday? Let’s hope wednesday doesn’t make its case! I might just have to have pancakes every day of the week then, mightn’t I?

I began the day with pancakes I’d been looking forward to. I think I might have fallen asleep monday night thinking of flavour combos…..

Must have worked, because when I awoke tuesday morning, I’d had a good sleep and I also had an idea!

stack me up.

Ginger Plum Spelt Pancake

scant 1/2 cup whole grain spelt flour
1/3 cup wheat bran
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 egg white
1 tsp ginger extract ( I spilled mine on the counter and brushed it in, so I think I added way more than that- they had bite!)
1/4 cup + 2 1/2 tsp whey (leftover from yogurt cheese, you could use any milk)
stevia, or sugar, to taste
1 plum, sliced  

1. Mix dry
2. Mix wet
3. Drop on to hot skillet in desired shape and size. Cook. eat.

Serves ONE! Mine made 9 smaller pancakes and 1 larger one.  

I'd climb pancake mountain.

These were GOOD. Like, remember how my last pancakes were just not good? Well, I made sure not to add too much leavening agents this time, and thank goodness. These were delightfully a mix between sweet and tart with a little bite from the ginger.

See those little holes? It's how a pancake should be.

Really moist (sorry) inside, doughy but cooked just right next to the bits of plum. I think I hit the pin on the nose, which is not the right saying, but you know what I mean. I really liked these.

bites of pancake are worth anything.

Later that evening, my flat mates were going out to do something drunken that night and have pancakes before hand. BEFORE their predrinks they made pancakes so that they could go to another flat and have more pancakes. So like….prepancaking. I walked into the kitchen, curious about their pancakes, and was treated to a bite of what looked like a crepe, drizzled with lemon juice  and sprinkled with granulated sugar. It was good, but it wasn’t pancake as I experience it. Which is fine. But they wouldn’t hear me when I told them, “….but it’s like a crepe….?”😉

Having pancakes is a big thing for me. As a delicious food, most cherished in childhood and often in large quantities, pancakes have long been a fear food for me. I would spend hours on the internet googling, “low calorie pancake” and then chickening out even on those skimpy little recipes. I might have had better luck googling “pancakes for dolls” Something clicked between constantly coming across single serving pancake recipes and just wanting to challenge myself, and I opened the door to the secret pancake room of delight.

There is, of course, no turning back. I am now once again, a die hard pancake fan. Pancakes don’t have to be unhealthy, and they come with endless customisations to suit whichever taste you have that day. Pancakes couldn’t make me fat. What a silly notion. Pancakes make me smile, pancakes make me able to finally enjoy a breakfast with my family. I cannot wait. For years, my family has had pancakes on the weekend, most often with the sunday paper (most likely a common tradition), and I have had something else. It doesn’t matter what that something else was, it only matters that this was one more meal that I couldn’t share with my family. I feel glad to say that I have come this far (HAHA I just typed “I have come this fat”)

Noises Off! Was wonderous last night. It was a bit odd to be there alone, especially since I sat between two couples, but it ended up that I enjoyed the play immensely. I’d played Belinda as a senior in high school, so it was fun to see me-not me on stage in my part:)

Tonight my friend S and I are going to see Benjamin Francis Leftwich at the O2 centre. Check out this song of his, which was the first one I heard. It’s great for relaxing and mellowing out.

Well, it’s a day off for me here so I think I shall plan my March/April holiday. Any ideas where to go?

Love, Hannah

WIAW- Birthday/Thanksgiving/On Holiday Edition

So I’ve been absent lately. Noticeably or not, I haven’t been around.  Not since Thanksgiving have I really been up to blogging. I”m just not feeling college right now, and its kind of getting me down. But it’s probably this time of year. Raise your hand if you’re feeling a bit of a slump. Thought so.

Nothing like What I Ate Wednesday to bring your spirits up though. Jenn’s got something going on, as usual, and as always, I’m keen to join on in.

We begin with a 21st birthday parcel that’s been sitting under my bed for about a week.

Wonder what's inside!

I didn’t have to wonder long. After my flatmate wished me Happy Birthday at 12:01 am, and my parents not 1 minute after, I danced around my room a bit before deciding I’d better go to bed.


I opened it as soon as I got out of the shower. My family is the most amazing thing. My mom got me the cardigan that I have been imagining (that makes me feel like I’m in prep school) and sent me Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, which I’ve never tried. You bet I ripped it right open to try it.

My sister, G (who is ten) sent me a really cute card featuring my favourite animal; owls!

Answer: Happy Birthday to Yoooooo


Little pastas, lentils, spices, curry powder, shepherd's pie seasoning and mushroom bean soup mix!

I think my mom knows I like cooking:)

I've been admiring this spoon at Marshals!! and nommy tuna.

All the tuna I could find here has sunflower seed oil in it- greasy! blech.


I’ve never tried most Larabars, so this is a treat. I’m still banking on the seasonal clif barsthough.

I've been lusting after this too!

She also sent me my bag of peanut flour that I’ve been missing and a pop up turkey centrepiece, in honour of my birthday.

G and E made cookies!

Oatmeal raisin cookies are a staple at our house. By which I mean we make them occasionally. G and E, at ten, are really into cooking right now and they sent me these cookies they made. Let’s back up and I will tell you how I’m afraid of cookies and never eat them myself. I’ll post about that in the future, but mom knew what I’d say!

Only a bit stale....

I still don’t know how I feel about raisins though. They are so dreadfully sweet.

Birthday card from "the Queen" (my flatmte) and another plate card!

This little guy wanted to say hello.

and of course a 21st birthday wouldn’t be quite right without Birthday Pancakes!


Birthday Pancakes for one 21 year old
1/2 cup spelt flour
1/2 cup wheat bran
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 egg white
1/2 cup water
vanilla and sweetener, to taste
load on the sprinkles!

These hit the spot, I tell you.

Don't forget the sprrinkles!

Can we just talk about the deliciousness?

stacked high

and yes, I did run to the shops just to get sprinkles when I realized I didn’t have any. I needed flour that wasn’t white anyhow.

I am so short....

My friends came round and celebrated with me! Note the “Birthday Girl” badge. I was made to wear it out all day:)

Our thanksgiving spread, my plate is closest with the greenary

My other American flat mate wanted to do a “typical” American thanksgiving so, although my family doesn’t do it that way, I let him. This meant *gasp* sweet potato casserole, cornbread, boxed stuffing and all sorts of other things, all of which contained enough butter and sugar to last the rest of my life. I was polite and took some, because that’s what you do. I also made myself a baked pepper and had some lettuce because I felt a lack of veg.

For the weekend, I ventured off to Bath. It’s so beautiful there, and they’ve got a Christmas Market on. The last two times I’ve been have been in summer, so this was different.

overcast street

You can see the cold in the photographs, I think.

I stayed in a little B&B and for breakfast she cooked to order. I ordered grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and had a side of organic yogurt and fruits.

Farmer's Market!

I sampled my way through the entire morning (literally)

It was all I could do not to buy all of these

Do you see all the people around Bath Abbey?

Busy busy busy

I had to be careful what I bought because I only brought one bag!

I was surprised at myself though- I actually bought things! More on this in another post, but I’m petrified of spending money.

I wanted one of those stars

I don’t know if this is usually there. I don’t recall having seen it on previous trips.

I would have looked mad going on alone

I walked around most of the weekend, eating out of the grocery shops because it’s nice and cheap.

Beautiful river

Bath is really quite lovely.

I'd love to live here

I love how the old historic quality of the city has been preserved.

Street signs

and the Royal Crescent, of course.

I love roofs and sky, what can I say?

case in point.



Bath Abbey

I can’t possibly show you all the pictures (although I didn’t take as many as I thought I would) but these are just gems.

And who AM I to think I can leave town without a jar of nut butter?

See? Heavenly emergency PB

I had to rush into Sainsbury’s to replenish my empty stock. Silly me, never again will I leave without the stuff.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and weekend. It’s almost time for me to go home for Christmas (read: 18 days) so I’m quite excited!!
I plan on trying to post more this week on some introspective stuff. Also about the cake I ate out of the blue yesterday when the family I Nanny for gave it to me. No big deal. Hannah:1 Ed:0

Love, Hannah



Let’s see then

So this is an experiment. I’ve been using Picassa to upload my pictures to the web and although it’s slower, it seems to work. I’m still in the process of figuring out how to self host or do something that allows me to upload in large batches, but for now, this will do, eh? At least I get to post!

I'm back!

Yes, Mom and Dad came back through London and we hit up the National Gallery. I wasn’t in the mood, but I’ll post about that soon. This was me trying to have a bit of fun, despite having pretty negative feelings, but not wanting to ruin our only day together.

So…after a major

this was actually a sign! I picniked it though:)

I’m back and ready to rock! I’ve been running around here and there, so I think I’m going to have to focus my posts a bit more. Sometimes I think I just sort of get so busy that when I get to blogging it’s like a mind and picture dump, which might not be the best and most interesting thing to read. Let me know! Would you like to see more focused posts based on days of the week or just day to day recaps of everything as a mish mosh?

The day after Mom and Dad were here I was feeling really down. I’ll do a post about this soon, but let’s say I spent the morning in a state. Finally I hoisted myself out of my room and went to the Community Garden opening day event, which luckily is right behind my Hall!!

Beautiful in the middle of London

This got my mind off of feeling alone and allowed me to start meeting people. We made some veg skewers


and had some homemade beetroot hummus (I miss my food processor already!)

People brought things to share, it was quite the event. 

and I even got into some artsy stuff, appropriately for a community garden, I’d say:)

This came off later though when I washed my hands

I’ve been wandering around a bunch as well, taking long walks and sort of just losing myself. 

I was crossing the street when I glimpsed this beauty:

Elliptical bike!

He was riding and I was walking, which explains the horrible photo quality, but seriously? An elliptical and a bike in one? Score!

I’ve been enjoying the last of the wasa crackers I brought from the states with the plums I bought and some laughing cow cheese. Love that stuff but I can’t wait to run out so I can make yogurt cheese!

I already bit in and then took a picture. typical.

Found a 4 pack of Soya puds at Whole Foods for £0.99- score!


I tried a bit on top of a spaghetti squash I’d bought at WF as well. This with more of Lizi’s Treacle Pecan granola. Seriously guys, try this stuff. Yum!

delicous combo. Try sweet spaghetti squash- do it! Rawr. left some seeds in.

I think this new picassa thing is going to work just fine:)

Love, Hannah

Life at Uni

Why hello,

This is officially the second week of Freshers, although courses have begun today! We shall see how my courses go, I’m hoping they’ll be as exciting as I hope they will be. If I believe they will, they have the possibility to be, don’t they?

Rye breads. That's how it goes on.


Add laughing cow cheese for spreadable perfection

That there is a good picture. Want to see some of the things I see?

just walking to school

I spied this walking to SOAS campus the other day.

I debated taking this picture for about 2 minutes. then finally got my camera out and did it.

I pass this Falafel place every time I go to and from Uni. It’s how I know I’m on the right route.

Someday perhaps I'll try it

I took this one just for my Mom. She loves Corgis. I know you’re reading this Mom and I hope you and Dad are safe in the States by now.

Corgis are just the cutest rolly polly little things aren't they?

SOAS has a yurt!

I'm planning to sleep in this yurt on tuesday night....maybe

There is a Hare Krishna cart that comes round every day at lunch time and I stood in the massive queue the other day. I’d packed myself that rye and laughing cow sandwhich, but somehow this seemed nicer. I couldn’t bring myself to eat all of it, but I had a bit and it was nice.

I think it's lentil dahl over basmati rice pilaf with a piece of blueberry almond grain bread.

I pass this sometimes too. It’s goodenough, I suppose😉


Just some lovely row houses. I love homes from the back. It’s like a little peak into what people’s lives are like.

with the beautiful

This store sells plastic/vinyl clothing. You can see where it got its name then.


View from my window? (taken from the ground outside)

The sun lends to making it look less....concrete

And the inside of our building complex. Halls.

There's a bit of a nice courtyard in the middle


round. quite pleasing.

The inside view isn’t so nice. My flatmates, lovely as they are, don’t like to clean.

alcohol and distasteful playingcards. Okay.

I actually came in this morning and they were mopping. Bless them. After I tried to at least wipe the whole thing down the other night.

Been there for about 3 days....not cool guys.

They’re even cooking dinner for the flat tonight, which is pretty sweet as well.


I’m being awful and lumping them together. They’re lovely people but I guess I’m just the “weird clean one?” I don’t really know how to approach the topic of cleanliness with them.

Got this all at the Freshers Fayre

Nor do I know how to stop them from eating the food I bought. I’m not possessive (yes I am) but I pay for that!

Like this baby! Crown Prince Squash.

They gave out little Caramel Latte samples at the Fayre.

I don't think I liked it:)

And some fruit.

this stufff is good now I need some nuts to eat along with it. Best combo, am I right?

Has anyone tried Crown Prince squash?

More updates soon!
I’m in the process of ironing out my blogging platform and picture situation. Again, if you know anything about self hosting, please email me!
Love, Hannah


Hi All!!
I’ve decided to do my WIAW- which is actually WIAT- tonight so I can get some stuff done tomorrow. I’m also prepping for being in England? Not that way but we did buy two huuuuge duffle bags today at Macys to schlep my life overseas in!! Guess what color? Green, yup.

Oh. and I have a public service announcement:

"Ant Trap: Danger ohohoh!"

My ten-year-old brother, E, decided to make a trap for the ants in our kitchen. This one didn’t work, but sugar+flour+borax seems to have done the trick. Did you find something that worked yet Chelsey? 

Lately there’s been lots of this:

Kale! Kale!

and this

Steamed Yellow Squash

I dipped into the Nasoya hummus the other day as well. It is still quite…. pungent?



I do love the flecks of spinach though.

I’ve been loving on GoLean lately.


and homemade yogurt!


This time, just made with skim milk.

so white!

Homemade yogurt is a bit watery. I don’t know if this is because I’m not doing it right, not letting it yog long enough or what. It tastes great though.

I went to unplug the yogurt maker and unplugged the fridge instead. Colleen, you asked in your latest post what our most recent “oh shoot” incident was and I said I’d forgotten. Well this was a pretty “oh shoot” moment!

white- yogurt, black-fridge

Continuing on my yogurt trend, I made yogurt cheese.

in my pretty jar

<center><a href=””><img border=”0″ src=”; /></a></center>

Join in with Jenn over at Peas and Crayons. Seriously guys, this is the place to be on wednesdays!! Thanks for doing such a great ting Jenn- I love hump day!

Breakfast this morning was fresh and fruity!

plum and apricot

Just kidding.

Since it was challenge tuesday, I challenged myself to a bowl of cereal for breakfast since I’ve got to learn to do that this summer at camp. It was my new favorite, Kashi GoLean, with a large glug of almond milk and an apricot and a plum.

That's better

Perfect for a somewhat gloomy day


(random captioning is a must!)

Halfway through that breakfast mom asked if I wanted to go out for lunch. My first response was “OMG Mom how could you not have told me so I could have had (insert low calorie item here) for breakfast instead of this challenging bowl of carbs!” But then I was like, wait….I kinda just want to go out. It is challenge tuesday, after all. So I made up my mind to live it up!! No weight gain will occur, I assure you (me).


Mom and I set off to have my hair cut. Yes, I am aware of the fact that at 20.5 I still do not drive. Luckily, I love my mother’s company and she’s a safer driver than I can ever hope to be.
After some snip snip was done to my shaggy mane,  we drove to the local mega-mall. Okay, it’s not that big, but it’s the biggest I’ve ever seen. We were looking for a food processor since she wanted to make (read: had to make because I opened them up) clam chowder after I opened up clams thinking they were tuna cans. *oops* Our food processor I’ve complained about before; it’s small and useless (sorry, it feels bad now) so we’re looking to replace it so we could actually process the potatoes in bits larger than 2×2.
Fail. You’d think Macy’s would have the one we wanted? hm….we did find amazing bodybags   duffelbags for me to take to London though. Pictures as soon as I remember they’re still in the trunk….

Dad works near this mall because it’s in the capital, so we called him and he met us for lunch. Being challenge tuesday, I decided to conquer an item on my challenge list:

number 9, number 9, number 9

After walking around the mall a bit, we tucked in at a place I’ve been wanting to try for a while; Fresh Healthy Cafe.

How bright

Sounds good, right? There was a minute when we might have gone to the salad bar at another restaurant we usually do when we’re there but I’m glad my mom pressed on the sandwich, just like I’d planned. Besides, why can’t I have a sandwich? It’s just delicious!  My parents were the most supportive people ever. It was surely not a repeat of last week’s failed challenge.

My mom helped me order and let me order whatever. She picked out some chips for us all to share (except for Dad- he’s allergic to potatoes, tomatoes and corn).

Kettle cooked

I got a salad with my sandwich, of course. It was the veggie extravaganza salad which was a meal sized salad. Someone please tell me how this could be a meal though?


I love salad and did insist on eating this entire thing all my by self, as the young ones often say.

Mom and I split the sandwich which was a Tuna melt on Focaccia with Cheddar. I love tuna so much and love the idea of melty cheese + tuna as much as I fear it. I also used to love focaccia bread so this was a go. I was actually going to ask for Ciabatta but when I did, the lady said they didn’t have any. I adjusted more quickly than usual, which is a plus. Focaccia it was!

here it is!

We got to the table and I began bemoaning this and that; my dad took the tomatoes out of his sandwich that he’d asked for not to be there and I didn’t like the shredded cheese. That’s when mom tuned in, “just enjoy it! It’s a delicious sandwich and I think it’s really good!” So I did. Once I stopped being nit-picky and allowed myself to enjoy the sandwich, I really did like it a lot more!
I think Dad liked his too

dig in!

or well enough. Mom looks happy though!

Cute, or what?

We also got the Vegan Carrot Ginger soupwhich actually had huge slices of carrot in it! We were impressed!

look at that color!

and that little pink cup is a sample of a smoothie the guy gave us for free. I had it but it was too sweet!

Oh. And because I TOTALLY believe in bloggers taking pictures of themselves with their food:




I think I enjoyed it. Really, I just liked the tunafish. haha.

We ate up but didn’t feel like we had to finish everything. Because you shouldn’t have to feel that, really.


I got home to a package!

ooooooh the tension!

It was my long awaited blog swap package from Megan! 


She got me shoes! Oh Megan, how did you know I love Keds???

Just kidding friends, she got me food, duh!

I❤ overexposed photography

One great chapstick for camp, a cute bowl, 1 bora bora bar (which I’ve never heard of!), a lara bar (cookie dough mmmm), and a sample of DCD now that I can eat nuts (most excited for this, admittedly)


Chillin on the comp

Snap Crisps (I’m told my brother lived off these when we first brought him home from Taiwan but oddly enough I never tried them?) and some delicious dehydrated fruit! The kind that melts in your mouth.

If you know me, you know that I eat everything with nut butter. So I had to try those snap crisps with it right? A bit of snack-age ensued.

Then I read some of your blogs. But not too many (read: not enough) because mom had me finish cleaning up my scrapbooking/collage-making project that is currently the exhibition in our living room.

Dinner for them was Clam Chowder. I guess she managed to puree the potatoes with a smoosher? Don’t ask me, I was cleaning.
Since I don’t do the whole clam thing, I decided I wanted a salad beast.

so. big.

I went with white carrots, saladthe rest of a jar of salsamustard,, and a big blob of my favorite hummus as well as some onions sauteed in EVOO my mom had made. Anyone else really love caramelized onions? 

All in all, I’d consider today a success. Hannah: 1 ED: 0

Love, Hannah


So basically, this is all about what I would eat on my last wednesday.

<center><a href=””><img border=”0″ src=”; /></a></center>



Cinnamon Pumpkin Waffles?


Gingerbread Pancakes


Cakebatter Pancakes?


Or perhaps I’d be ready for my huge cinnamon roll challenge?

Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun?


Lunch might be….a hummus plate?

Hummus = love

or perhaps it would be….

Roasted Veggie Pita?


Quesadilla! (this was indeed good)


cereal with almond milk?

yogurt mess?


salad beast?

salad beast II?

salad beast III?

I love salads so much!

Dessert would also occur.

rhubarb crisp?

Spice Cake with Penuche Frosting?


Really, there is just so much, I can’t even decide. These were just pictures I came across and thought looked good. I guess I don’t really want it to be the last wednesday ever cause I’d freak out for not being able to choose!

Here’s what I really ate:


Kabocha Squas with maple syrup and cinnamon. With a soymilk/greek yogurt/peanut flour dipping sauce.


Kabocha squash is so dense and buttery. I do declare I like it the best!!


Pesto grain crackers, roasted veggies, celery, salsa and hummus. I love hummus lately, the number of jars in my fridge threatens to outnumber my nut butters…..only not really😉

Around 230 I snacked on some ants on mini logs and some unpictured Baked Salt and Pepper Kettle Chips


wow I take rather terrible pictures

We went to my G’s district field day where she won 2nd place in the 4th grade hurdles!!

It was hot when I got home and I wasn’t hungry (weird!) so I just whipped myself up this sucker with 2 cups of soymilk, some ice cubes and a couple handfuls of blackberries

epitome of bad photography right here folks

This is probably the worst picture I’ve ever taken. I didn’t even bother to retake it without flash. I hope for your sake (and mine) that you never have to see such shoddy photography skills again.

There you have it. WI(really)AW.

I’ve been having sort of a mehhhh couple of days body image wise. Not like full on terrible, just sort of uncertain. I’m hoping I can bring myself out of a funk, so we shall see…

off to clean like a vacuum machine!

Love, Hannah

What I’ve been Eating + Wednesday

So that would be….WIBEPW? Weebeepew? hahaha.

I’m in an abnormally good mood today. I managed to make it through the morning without castigating my sister. Kidding, kidding- we’re cool.

It could be the run that I began the day with before it got dastardly hot? And today is National Running Day and I didn’t even know. I’m no good at running but I’m trying:)

Does your day always feel better when it begins with a workout?

<center><a href=”; target=”_blank”><img border=”0″ src=”; /></a></center>

It’s that time again!

This is just a conglomeration of things I’ve been making+eating the past couple days. Enjoy- I did:)

Remember that Tabouli we whipped up the other day? I had some on a salad beast with my first tasting of Hummus ever since I found out I could indeed eat sesame!

oh, that's tuna....

where’s mah hummus?

there we go!

Seriously people. Now I can eat the triple flavor hummus from TJS. Any other fans out there? 

forget what went in this...besides spinach and soy milk and protein powder?

But it was good. Strawberries….and judging by the E.Coli scares in the paper, I should probably have washed them better than I did….?

Picked up some goodies at Target:

WholeSoy and Tribe Hummus

Who says you can’t have two hummus containers open at once?

and some Lunas:

note all the nutty flavors and a LARA BAR!!

I’ve never tried any of these before. I was esp excited about the Larabar because I’d never ever had them and you all seem to love’em.

there's something about it....

I tried these Quornthings one night when my family was having chicken and I wanted to match them? I used to eat these alot pre ED so it was great to try them again. Still taste mighty fine although I’m not as much a fan of the  fake meat stuff as I once was.

looks okay?

We left the store by accident with this:

it was only $1 anyhow

and this spider kept repelling onto my head. The darn blackguard got it eventually with a broom. and made me feel really guilty for offing it.


and I picked lots of rhubarb.

lots and lots

and some overexposed strawberries (it makes them look SUPER red)


so the chopping up everything.

so sanguine

and put them in a bowl!

ready to go!

It looks like someone was colluding against me here….granted, it was 10:30pm….


Apparently I’d cut a whole lot more rhubarb than I’d planned. AND there is still more.


and I still had to clean up my mess.


They didn’t come out badly at all.

not shabby

I’m a big fan of tart so I baked myself a mini one to have for breakfast the next morning in my new Ramkin that Mary gave me!

rather shoddy photography because of the sheets my mom has hung in the windows to keep out the heat

Last night we had fish!! This is my second time eating fish so it was a little scary. But my my did it taste good!


and this morning before my run I decided to try the Larabar


Wow guys, you were right, these ARE good!! I tried the Chocolate Chip Brownie flavor. At the time, I didn’t even notice that it was brownie too and made the comment to myself that it tasted just like a brownie. Now I see why….duhhh

When I got back my hair was a frizzball. Good thing I’d gone at 5:30; it hot humid and started thundering soon after that.

note: the hair

I decided to make Carrie’s Voluminous Oat Bran for breakfast. That took care of my oat bran though.

: (

see me? I'm a ghost!

I decided to add some chia seeds but added too much water.

aren't they pretty?

and wontcha look at that volume!


can’t get enough of my toppings either:


Sunland Banana Peanut Butter



Rhubarb stewwwww….or stewed rhubarb. Whatever sounds better, they both taste DEVINE.

So I have a confession…I’ve got lots of these…


I interrupt this picture to bring you the deliciousness that was breakfast part 2:

love this stuff

Paired with my Pink Lady!! Cut like Kaila!


what would make it better?


It was copacetic, seriously!

currently roasting these babies!

roasted with…


One more goody for you, since I’ve been LOVING on Parsnips❤

hello there sir!

Speaking of which, time to go take them out!

oh, and PS: I’m going to be learning some new words as a challenge during June. I’m going to pepper them through my posts. See if you can find them!

Love, Hannah

WIAW!! My First!

Hi guys!!

I’ve decided to do a WIAW today!! It’s late, however, because I’m not really sure how to do it. Is it supposed to be what you ate on wednesday or can it just be any full day of eats? This is what I ate today, May 18th, 2011, but perhaps next time I’ll pick another day of the week so I can actually get it up in a timely fashion….

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Breakfast began with a Banana Berry protein smoothie. So excited!


I love Spirutein Shakes. They come in so many flavors!

this sucker was huuge

1 packet spirutein Berry Banana Gold protein powder
1 cup Silk Soymilk
guar and xanthan gums

Perfection in a glass.

I loved this so much, that I had to make another one as a morning snack.

can you tell what flavor?

I made this one chocolate by adding unsweetened cocoa powder to a vanilla protein powder + silk.


These were tasty, but I still miss the spinach element. The spinach I had turned all mushy on me😦

Lunch was OOIAJ (overnight oats in a jar!) …or rather, two jars😉

these were about ready

Filling? Chia Seed Oat Bran!

a la crock pot

Jar One: Chocolate Soy Nut Butter 

Jar Two: yogurt cheese

all filled up!

I was super psyched about this. The weather outside is frightful (sorry) but the oats were mmmmm delightful😉

Jar Number One

Contents: 1/2 the oat bran, sliced strawberries, honey rice puffins, barbaras oat squares, soy nut butter, banana vanilla tofu pudding (a wonderful addition!), 1/4 a sweet potato, chocolate soy nut butter

Jar Number Two

Contents: 1/2 oat bran, barbaras oat squares, honey rice puffins, TJs Sunflower Seed Butter, yogurt cheese, 1/4 sweet potato and banana vanilla tofu pudding😀

So. Good.

lovely layers

I ate one of these at lunch time and saved the other for an afternoon snack. They were quite filling, as you all know:)


I guess I didn’t like it or anything….

Midafternoon, I took a break from cleaning/organizing my room to catch up on some of your WIAW posts and downed my other OOIAJ, cold from the fridge.

real classy-like

I like them both warm and cold, it turns out.

chillin' with the blogs

I made a compromise because of the weather and walked home only from my doctor’s appointment. I read like Freya while I walked:)

I couldn’t even decide what I wanted for dinner when I got home. Half of me wanted  a quesadilla….


and half of me wanted chili. I settled for both!


I steamed some fresh green beans and accompanied the meal with mustard dippage and salsa. Two of my favorite condiments, of course.


I loved this meal, let me tell you.

protein+fat+carbs=happy body:)


and of course, I had a salad with carrots and balsamic on the side. as per usual, I love my salads!


I had a couple spoonfuls of banana vanilla tofu pudding and yogurt with SSB and SNB for dessert. You know how I do.

All in all, a perfect delish day.

SIDENOTE: Not moments after I posted yesterday’s post, detailing how much I loved my Pufferfish Mug, I heard a huge crash from the kitchen. Yes, it was indeed my younger sister breaking my mug.

I cried.

for about twenty minutes

then I went to meditate for an hour and felt a bit better.

Rest In Peace

I’m going to miss it😦

Hope you guys all had a terrific wednesday,

Love, Hannah


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