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Swirls in the Food Processor

It is no secret that nut butters have saved my life.

I’m not going to write you a sappy story about how sad my life was when I eschewed all fats, but I know I’m not the only one who has gone through this, and I’m DEFINITELY not the only one who now loves them.

Another thing I love? Ocean State Job Lots.

balsamic, kamut cakes, organic tomatoes, organic salsa, mary’s gone crackers

This place always has so many great things and what I love about it is- it is always changing, you never know what’s going to be there!

new protein powder, unsalted peanuts, biscoff spread (!), macadamia and cashew blend

Seriously, protein powder for under $20? I’m SO there. We have got two jars of Smuckers Organic Peanut Butter in the basement, which is what we buy in bulk from BJS, but I told my Mom I wanted to try her out on some home made nut butter, and so we bought some plain peanuts to do the job. I’ve always wanted to try macadamia nut butter, so I stuck that canister in the cart as well.

This macadamia and cashew mix was only like….$4.29, which was a whole $6 cheaper than the one I found afterwards at CVS. Seriously???

Pom green tea, new cucumber water (SO GOOD), strawberry green tea

My Mom and I each make a large glass pitcher of green iced tea every morning and drink it throughout the day. I picked up these fruity flavours to try. Funny, I only like fruity tea when its cold!

swirls of peanut butter

This was the result of the peanuts we got. Super swirly and perfectly roasty.

up close to see all the flecks of peanut.

You don’t need a recipe. Making nut butter is simple enough and it would just be silly if I told you how. Just do it, if you haven’t.

completely different colour!

Next, I ground up the cashews. I remember when I first tried cashew butter. Such a buttery flavour, I die.

I ground up the Macadamia nuts as well, but due to their high fat content, they made more of an oil than a butter, so I added the cashews for a nice mix.

added in deliciousness.

This one, however, merits some praise. I don’t discriminate. I like nut butters sweet, and savoury. Mostly not too sweet, but I’m not picky. For those of you with a bit of a sweet tooth, I give you….

Macadamia Cashew Oatmeal Spice Cookie Butter
-Macadamia nuts
-drop of SweetLeaf Toffee Stevia (PERFECT!)
-about 2 tbsp oats
-1 pinch vanilla protein powder of choice
-a pinch of water, so it isn’t unspreadable
– TINY pinch cinnamon

I think that’s all that went in there? Whatever the combo was, it was GOOD.

finished project.

My favourite part of this nut butter are the oats in it- it adds wonderful elements of texture.

yes, yes indeed.

If you’ve got leftover nut butter, you can add milk and make it into a sauce to have with rice cakes.

I love these.

We had these rice cakes kicking around the house. Slightly stale, but when you’re crumbling them up, who is counting?

I’ve never had a breakfast like this, but I will never be a stranger again.

Let me zoom in on that sauce for you.

yum. I say YUM.

That would be PB  & Co’s, Mighty Maple Peanut Butter mixed with white beans and a little almond milk for a spreadable sauce that is to die for drizzled all over juicy nectarines. The peanut butter is a bit sweet for my taste on its own, but when blended into this sauce, it’s really just divine.

Oh, and many of you asked about the Oreo Butter? I made a tiny container of it with four random oreos I found on my counter going soft in the summer heat. Apparently G had been fixing to eat them, but at least I wasn’t colluding by turning them into nut butter, so all is not lost.

now THAT is not a nut butter.

I still can’t get over how these are accidentally vegan.

Blended it up with a bit of light cream cheese (NOW they’re not vegan) and some milk. Perfectly spreadable.


It is dastardly hot here, and I’ve been looking for some reprieve in the form of a large rain storm, but thus far, no such luck.

All this heat has really been encumbering my desires to go walking every day, much to my chagrin. But I suppose it will be fall soon enough.

Video of the day?

Love this song!! ‘The high road is hard to find’ but don’t give up!

Only Grimes can make it cool to dance with a burrito. I listen to this song whilst mowing the lawn and bop along in my huge headphones. Go ahead, emulate me if you like, you’ll get only the best looks from your neighbors who are jealous of your moves.

Love, Hannah

Breakfast Bonanza

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Apparently, I also can’t resist popping in for WIAW, Jenn really knows what she’s on about. 

I’m not going to say I’ve been busy, even though I have been. Only I’ve just told you. No matter whether I make an excuse or not, it’s just happened and I’ve been absent lately.

It’s just life.

I love cereal bowls

Does anyone else think that cereal is much nicer when it’s all mixed together, such that you never know which sort is going to end up on your spoon?

That’s also life.

oats in two jars

Life is also giant smoothies and cereals mashed into one. It’s no secret I love breakfast.


When life hands you phyllo dough and you’ve got no idea what to do with it- make it up!


Basically: phyllo, butter, cinnamon, sugar, wind up, bake, bingo.

curly whirly

A simple dessert with lovely shock value. In a nice way, naturally.

and the shock isn’t that I ate these for breakfast, because I didn’t. The shock (to me) was that I ate one at all.

Bowls after swim

Bowls of yum after AquaZumba. Yeah. I’m doing Aquazumba with my Mom.

If you’ve never tried to do zumba underwater, just give it a go. It’s harder than it sounds!


Life’s better coated in Cinnamon

and stacked in a pancakemountain.

so good, I got you babe.

Sunday, life brought me pancakes. But you’ll have to wait for tomorrow to hear about those:)

mug cakes oclock.

I had little of my Black Current Lindt Dark Chocolate bar left, so into the mug it went. Life likes to put a twist on things once in awhile. Plain dark chocolate just wasn’t in these recipe cards.


Life loves to let your hair grow so you can get it into a real live braid!

and apparently make you make the duck face.



In life, you hate your family, and love them, all at the same time.

My Father put his MP3 player on this chair and proceeded to cover it with papers.
My brother, E, sat down on the chair, causing my mother to reply hastily, ‘That’s not a chair it’s a-….table…’ as he sat.

I laughed. You won’t find it funny, but the tone in which she said it made me appreciate the small moments we have with those we love.

layers of breakfast.

Life gives you a family who eat up peanut butter so you can have multiple jars.


Life Chobani gives you yogurt so you can make mug cakes!

Like a recipe, life is what you make it. I’m realising this, as I grow up. At 21, I can’t pretend to have experienced everything, but I don’t believe we ever can.

Not getting all sentimental on you now, of course.

When your life seems too dull, watch Skins and pretend you’re in it. . Anyone else into it/has seen it and wants to discuss? The British version, naturally.

Love, Hannah







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