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Let’s see then

So this is an experiment. I’ve been using Picassa to upload my pictures to the web and although it’s slower, it seems to work. I’m still in the process of figuring out how to self host or do something that allows me to upload in large batches, but for now, this will do, eh? At least I get to post!

I'm back!

Yes, Mom and Dad came back through London and we hit up the National Gallery. I wasn’t in the mood, but I’ll post about that soon. This was me trying to have a bit of fun, despite having pretty negative feelings, but not wanting to ruin our only day together.

So…after a major

this was actually a sign! I picniked it though:)

I’m back and ready to rock! I’ve been running around here and there, so I think I’m going to have to focus my posts a bit more. Sometimes I think I just sort of get so busy that when I get to blogging it’s like a mind and picture dump, which might not be the best and most interesting thing to read. Let me know! Would you like to see more focused posts based on days of the week or just day to day recaps of everything as a mish mosh?

The day after Mom and Dad were here I was feeling really down. I’ll do a post about this soon, but let’s say I spent the morning in a state. Finally I hoisted myself out of my room and went to the Community Garden opening day event, which luckily is right behind my Hall!!

Beautiful in the middle of London

This got my mind off of feeling alone and allowed me to start meeting people. We made some veg skewers


and had some homemade beetroot hummus (I miss my food processor already!)

People brought things to share, it was quite the event. 

and I even got into some artsy stuff, appropriately for a community garden, I’d say:)

This came off later though when I washed my hands

I’ve been wandering around a bunch as well, taking long walks and sort of just losing myself. 

I was crossing the street when I glimpsed this beauty:

Elliptical bike!

He was riding and I was walking, which explains the horrible photo quality, but seriously? An elliptical and a bike in one? Score!

I’ve been enjoying the last of the wasa crackers I brought from the states with the plums I bought and some laughing cow cheese. Love that stuff but I can’t wait to run out so I can make yogurt cheese!

I already bit in and then took a picture. typical.

Found a 4 pack of Soya puds at Whole Foods for £0.99- score!


I tried a bit on top of a spaghetti squash I’d bought at WF as well. This with more of Lizi’s Treacle Pecan granola. Seriously guys, try this stuff. Yum!

delicous combo. Try sweet spaghetti squash- do it! Rawr. left some seeds in.

I think this new picassa thing is going to work just fine:)

Love, Hannah


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