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November Goals (and a review!)

November is the beginning of some things.

-My Life (Birthday on Thanksgiving!)
-The Festive Holiday Season
-True Fall weather into winter
-Snow? -although I hear there was somewhat of a “snowtober” over in the statesūüėČ
-My life as an adult? (I’ll be 21)

Even though I still get dressed up as a hippy and go out on the town!

So here’s to a new month. I’ve seen so many bloggers post about monthly goals and I thought that this month I’d join in the fun.

This november I’d like to work on a couple areas of my life.

-Meditate at least 20 minutes every day-it makes me feel really good and my focus goes up.
-Journal at least 5 minutes every day-I used to be such a big journalizer (read: one journal per week) but when I get super stressed, I can’t even do that!
-Get right to tasks as I think of them/have to do them- putting them off only stresses me out
-Get some sort of exercise each day, yoga, walk, dance, etc
-Make time to read for pleasure- this is my favourite thing to do, and yet I get so stressed that time for it goes out the window.
-volunteer- I need to find opportunities here, because it’s really good for me and makes me feel excellent.
-Get outside at least once a day, if it is difficult to  

Get out and climb a tree!

-Reach out to people- they won’t just knock on ¬†my door
-Make at least 1 plan with someone else per week
-Leave my room
-Smile more and invite people in- I’m beginning to think I give off a “don’t come near me or try to befriend me” vibe?

-Cook/Bake more for myself- not only is it fun, but it nourishes my body
-Work on social eating- this one is super hard, so I’m not expecting perfection
-Balance my macros- Some days I find I get fixated on one type of food, do really great with it, and get less of the others. I need to learn how to make a plate with components from different food groups.
-Just eat regularly. I’ll feel better and think better which brings me to….¬†

Wheat Bran Waffles anyone?

Don’t put off school work- it might not be the most interesting thing ever, but you’ve got to do it. Bite the bullet.
-Get work done as soon as possible, so exploring can happen and I can be more social
-Focus on the future and deal with the present- College may be getting old, but it is my ticket to life
-Finish Fulbright registration
-Update CV
-Line up summer internship

I like to write in my books. Actually not.

So you see, I’ve got a lot on my plate. Please help me stay accountable?¬†

And yes, I mentioned I had a review for you!!
The folks over at Living Tree Community sent me a jar of Raw Almond Butter to try and review for you all! ¬†They also sent me some Pistachio Butter, but I’m allergic to pistachios and was unfortunately not able to test this one out. Let’s just say it LOOKS super good.¬†

This may or may not already be half gone...

Their website is a maze of interesting, and useful information. Seriously, you could lose yourself in there for awhile, looking at all the great products and reading about their connection to the earth, community and your body. Their certified organic nut butters are manufactured without peanuts, (so you don’t have to worry if you’re allergic) and have a commitment of alive foods and loving relations. I can go for that.

They’ve also got a ¬†section of articles and information on many topics such as Alive Food, Cancer, Healing, Raw Milk, etc.

Living Tree offers so many great products, if I had ¬£100,000 I’d buy it all up and taste them all. A few of my favourites that I’d like to try include: Alive Coconut Butter, Coconut Creme with Chia Seed Oil, Walnut Butter, Cashew Butter, Pecan Butter, Macadamia-Cashew, Brazil Nut, Tahini, Pumpkin Seed Butter, Chia Seed and Sunflower Seed Butter.

Did you catch all that? I’d be broke:)

Yum in a jar

So let’s talk about this nut butter.
It doesn’t have a scent, but the taste is of pure, sweet almonds because that’s all that’s in here!! It’s got to be refrigerated after opening, which is how you know it’s fresh. ¬†I hope you can all see the varying grain sizes in the photo above. It’s amazing how creamy it is and yet you can still tell it is made from raw nuts. No pulverization here.

Forkin' it up

So seriously people. Want some awesome, natural almond butter that tastes just like almonds in butter form? This is your product.

Thanks so much Living Tree¬†for sending this to me. I’ve been trying it on everything!

I opened the jar and it just stuck to the lid and begged to be slathered all over something yummy.

So of course I did.


More on those “chips” tomorrow.

Love, Hannah

Soya Good Halloween

Hello Loves!!

If you’re American, like me, you’re probably thinking about what time of year it is right now.


Even though I’m abroad, I still tried to get into the Halloween mood today. Things don’t really take off in London like they do in the US. Whole Foods has a couple displays and the supermarkets have some halloween themed candy, but other than that, you don’t see houses bedecked in finery like these:

I'm glad that's not real!

Halloween lights!

If you guys know Martha Stewart at all, she gets really into the spirit of things (no pun intended) and decourates for parties which she highlights in her magazine

She's always got the best costumes around!

I can remember Halloween years past. A friend and I always used to dress up by the alphabet each year. We were Aliens, Babies, Cows, Dementors, Elves, Fairies, I think we lost it when we got to G. ¬†Once I was “Little Dead Riding Hood”- ooh I thought myself to clever for coming up with that one.

When my Anorexia hit, Halloween ceased to be a fun activity, and began to be a night of horror and reclusion. I remember the first Halloween, I didn’t go out because a) I was too cold and b) I didn’t want to have any candy. So I can remember standing in my doorway, bundled up, handing candy to trick or treaters as they came by. It wasn’t a week after that that my parents pulled me out of school.

Flash forward and we’re on our way to recovery. A couple Halloweens ahead of that first one, I’m trick or treating with fellow classmates and I’m even allowing myself to eat a fun sized candy bar. My candy still lasted all year. I’d nibble it, never allowing myself to take a full bite of something that “might have too much sugar” or “contains trans fats!” or was “empty calories”

Look at it all!

And now I’m off in a foreign land with no trick or treating to be heard of. I might be too old anyways. But if I’m honest, I’m ready to enjoy the holiday again, even if it is by handing out candy (in costume, of course!) or taking my little sister and brother, G and E around. Heck, I might even indulge in a couple pieces of candy to keep my energy up.

Because I’m learning that there is nothing that I “shouldn’t” or “can’t” have- except for pistachios and hazelnuts, because I’m allergic to those-and that everything in moderation leads to a balanced outlook on food and how it fuels my body. One mini milky way won’t blow me up to a balloon size.

What is your view on Halloween? What is your favourite Halloween candy? If you’ve ever had an ED, how have your perspectives on the holiday changed? Should a holiday be centered so much on just candy?

So what am I to do, stuck in Brit-land, without access to the holiday I’m finally ready to embrace?

A couple weeks ago, Alpro was kind enough to send me some of their products to enjoy and review for you all.

If you know me, you’ll know that I LOVE ALPRO products. Last summer when I was at Oxford, I would buy the pots of plain and eat the entire thing, it was so good and creamy. Although Alpro couldn’t send me refrigerated products, like their soy milk (which I’ve yet to try!) and their delicious yogurt, they were able to send me some of their yummy puddings, as well as a single creamer and a soya custard.

A bit about Alpro and soya: Did you know that:

Several hundreds of varieties of soya plant exist, the most common being the one that provides yellow soya beans, which is the variety that they use in their products.
-These take between 150 and 200 days to develop in hot and humid climates. The plant itself reaches about 80 centimetres in height, growing small white or purple flowers that create pods that yield between 1 and 4 beans.
-These beans are one of the best plant sources of protein and we use the goodness of the whole soya bean to make their products to ensure that all of the nutrients are retained. source

That’s lots of effort that goes into making these products!


-can naturally lower cholesterol (not that I’m worried about this)
– is high in protein (I do look for this!)
-is good for the planet (always a plus!)
-is dairy free (if you’re keen on that)

So what hasn’t this stuff got going for it? I hopped right on the bandwagon.


I haven’t actually tried this yet because our mini fridges-shared among seven people don’t quite fit everything. But when I do, I’ll be sure to share!!

I'm thinking tasty over baked goods?

Same goes for this, but you’ll see I have plans as soon as space frees up in the fridge.

Creamy goodness

These taste like heaven. They’re low fat, and they contain calcium, and they’re not too sweet? A+ Alpro. I dove right into these. I’ve had them as a dipper for squash fries, Kabocha breakfast, steamed carrots, a topper for oats, and just for eating. Yes my friends, these things are good. If you have been searching for a creamy, dreamy dessert that doesn’t taste like they’ve dumped in sugar or artificial sugars, you’ve found your winner.

Which leads me to today’s recipe and wonder creation.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about

I waited to try these last and knew my plan for them. Emma always has pudding oats, and I knew my time had come to try them with caramel soya pudding. I’ve tried with chocolate, which turned out wonderfully, but if you know me, I’m more of a caramel person.¬†mm

Caramel Apple Oats

-Oats, whatever serving you wish to have
-water or (non dairy) milk, if you prefer
– 1 Alpro Caramel Soya pudding
-Fresh stewed apples- I stewed mine on the hob, but you can also use sliced apples or applesauce

-combine and cook as you would regular oats. I topped mine with the apples and stirred the pudding in, but that can be up to you as well. ¬†Oh, and don’t forget the cinnamon!

A sweet treat in honour of the Caramel Apples of the fall season.  

Enjoy, and happy Halloween, if you “celebrate”.

Don’t feel guilty about having a handful of candy corn or enjoying that chocolate bar. No shame, remember that okay? It tastes good, bottom line.

Love, Hannah


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