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Up with the sun

or before it.
way before it.

as in 4:45??
Don’t get me wrong, I know I usually wake up early, but I have now been up since 4:45.
This happened yesterday morning too, although I was able to at least make it to 6:30, closer to normal. I even stayed up extra late (read: 11:30pm) last night so that I could sleep in this morning. What gives?
So what does one do when one wakes up early but doesn’t really want/need to be up?
Well, I kind of sat around my room and then I brushed my teeth and looked out the window. Snow again, surprise!
I took some pictures.

around 5:30 am

around 6:45 am

Yes, I was indeed up before the sun.
All I have to say is, at least it isn’t so cold that the inside of my windows frost. See these pictures circa mid-january

holy wow

Yes, I am glad to say that lately my windows have remained ice-free. not to mention that I moved into a single, which I think manages heat flow a bit better?

Does your body ever wake you up way too early? What do you do with your extra time?


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