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It’s gone again

Wow. It’s gone. Completely and utterly gone.

no, it’s not my hair, or a cold, or that big puddle in front of my house.

It’s my jar of Soy Nut Butter fromĀ!

Time for some more!

this stuff is SO GOOD. This one was unsweetened chunky but I’ve tried a whole bunch of their flavors.
One reason why I’m always so excited about this is that there was such a long period of time when I was afraid to eat fat and therefore missed out of all those yummy nut butters out there (shout out Sunflower seed butter!)
Now that I’ve begun to add fear foods back in, I’m discovering just how delicious and rewarding these jars of goodness can really be.
Not to mention that they go on just about everything. I mean everything, too.

Kabocha and Sunflower Seed Butter for the Win!

Mixed with pumpkin and greek yogurt on top of oat bran

I need to get better at making pretty food. haha.


You get the picture.

I like this stuff on just about anything. Healthy Fats = Healthy Life!

Well, I’m off to the ATM to get out some money for Deals and Steals, our local discount store that has the strangest but most awesome assortment of natural and organic foods at 50% off or more! Needless to say, I spend lots of time here. Can’t keep me away from bargains!

I can’t wait to go home for Spring break. Black bean brownies here I come!


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