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WIAW- Missed Foods Edition

My internet has chosen now to tweek out on me. I had such high hopes for this post too….perhaps I shall have time to edit before I upload to……

Thanks Jenn, for giving me something to look forward to midweek!

Today I wanted to talk about foods I miss from the US/home. I’ve got about three weeks left here in London (two, if you count my week in Morocco) but I’ll be back for sure.

Living in a really messy kitchen that only I and one other flat mate (out of 7) can be bothered to clean and being allocated one shelf in a mini fridge shared between four people is tough.

this is the kitchen when it is relatively clean. *sigh*

I thought I’d do a WIAW post about what I cannot wait to be eating again when i am reunited with a kitchen where I can have control over the cleanliness and actually have pots and pans and a blender  and a food processor and a working oven and so many amenities!

I usually add more substantiative text to my WIAW posts, but here goes nothing.

1. Giant bowls of oats!

side note: A few of you have asked me if I had put mustard on my oats. While I love mustard, I wouldn’t ever put it on my oats. What you see there is pumpkin puree + yogurt. HAHA. I laughed out loud that you’d think I’d put it on there….so funny.

that would be my inspiration quote and owl place-mats.

sunshine on my mind

piles of fruit on top. just how I like it.

I miss this.

2. Waffles/Pancakes/French toast


sprinkled with love and cinnamon

3. Smoothies/Protein Shakes/Interesting non dairy milks


can’t wait to get this again!

4. Tofu/yogurt messes/cereal

missing the fluffy tofu…

simple and cinnamon

so big. I think this has a smoothie as the ‘milk’

so much love.

5. Kabocha and Sweet Potatoes

I think this was the first kabocha I ever had- awwww

reflections of early days. Can you see me in the spoon?

my collection.

6. Epic Salads

I miss this. lettuce is expensive here.


7. Froyo!

goberry. favourites.

8. Baking

Gluten Free Christmas spread for my Aunt, by yours truly

cookie dip.

black forest cake. I am SO making a springy cake.

black bean breakfast brownies.

9. Giant Fruit

pummello anyone? Favourite fruit.

the bathrobe in all its glory…

10. Different dishes/freedom to choose dishes!

I’ve been using the same ones here over and over (and breaking them…) so it will be nice to use all the bowls, plates, cups, and such that I miss.


A preview to tomorrow:

I couldn’t resist taking this picture.

Cheese. Why I GO to the Farmer’s Market. It is hardly a secret.


Guess what this is?


These simply brightened my day.

Field trips….

guess where?

and some reviews/recipes/DIYs!!

Can’t wait!
Love, Hannah x


WIAHH! That’s how I feel to be back! Just in time for What I Ate Wednesday, which is a treat. Okay, I won’t pretend I didn’t plan it like that, but it is indeed an auspicious day on which to return.

Much better. You have no idea how many times I rewrote that sentence because I couldn’t get the formatting right. I’m just not computer savvy.  But on to what I ate while I was in the US. Onwards and upwards!

Tuna sandwiches.

New addition which you must try? Parsley in it. It lends itself quite well to the tuna flavour.

Gotta love them

I just love these and also love them in yogurt!

Soup's on

Homemade soup. This pot was so enormous that it took me a number of days to eat it. Does anyone else love the way leeks look when you slice them?


Yes, the “mmmm” is in reference to how “mmm” it tastes.

Honeycrisps. How I've missed you.

I love eating large apples. Marvel at the wonderful bathrobe at stage left. My mom made it for me all those Christmases ago. You wish you had one.


This was passable. Don’t be fooled, I’m not diving headlong into regular noodles yet. No my friends.


Whipped Cottage cheese + egg nog? Delicious spread my friends. I wish they sold egg nog all year round. Too sweet alone, amazing mixed into cottage cheese, which is a bit more tart.

Pumpkin pie breakfast

I made this pumpkin pie for breakfast. Actually, it was turban squash, since I don’t really love pumpkin pie and we had turban squash left over. YUM.

Breakfast Pumpkin Pie- Eat half all by yourself. Then eat the other half. 

2 cups pumpkin or squash or sweet potato- point being, please use 2 cups of starchy orange veg here. 
1 cup egg whites
1 cup wheat bran or other flour
sweetener and spices to taste
grease pie dish. pour in. bake until set. cool. EAT with toppings such as cinnamon, yogurt, and nut butters.  


protein bomb

I also made this protein breakfast cheesecake. This is good, but I’d sweeten it more next time I make it.

Breakfast Cottagecheesecake- also eat half if you like. No worries, just lots of protein and calcium!
1 container cottage cheese (16 oz)
1 cup egg whites
1/2 cup yogurt (I used plain, but you can use which ever)
sweetener, to taste
blend together, pour into greased pie plate. Bake until set. Serve warm or chilled with desired toppings. I believe 1/2 of this pie was 40g protein! BAM!

I’ve also been shopping with R (my german friend). So many cute things!

Owl boxers

Someone out there knows I love owls!

Stripe + tunic?

I love the colour of this. Just not the price.

Picture doesn't serve well here

I wish this were another colour. Navy would be nice and wouldn’t make me look like death like black seems to.


Yes, I did almost buy this. What possessed me? No idea. But aparantly I wasn’t completely posessed, because it did not come home with me:)

Adult pinafore.Adult pinafore

It’s nice to know adults can still wear classic styles.

I think I might like H&M.

Before I went home to London, we went to the New England Aquarium. I haven’t been there since I was 10, so it was nice to go!  I think I just didn’t want to or couldn’t think about the fact that I was leaving. 

He's smiling, see?

How cute is that? They’re like fat sausages below the water and they have fingernails! No wonder about the fairytale the Selkie. 

So fresh and fishy

The pools were great, and I even got to touch some seastars, urchans and rays! The rays were really smooth except for their bony little tail!

Feeding time

Penguins are super awkward on land, but really graceful in water. They sort of Fly, so do rays. Two got into a tussle while we were watching and pushed their friend off the rock ledge with a splash!

I love all the diversity

There were so many tanks to look into here, all representing different species or areas of the world or climates.

Top of the centre tank

This tank goes through the centre of the Aquarium and is surrounded by a spiral staircase. In the tank are many kinds of fish as well as sharks and giant sea turtles!


I love how these pictures came out. Much better than the Jellies in the black lit case.


I really wanted that plush octopus. No luck though. Up on the shelf it remains.

Goodbye Boston!

Hopefully I’ll be back soon. I’m thinking about making some changes to my blog and am of course always open to suggestions. If you’re keen on giving your imput on what you’d like to see more of, let me know!
Love, Hannah

WIAW- Favourite Eats Edition

So as you may have all guessed, I’m in eat-my-fridge mode, since I’ve got 10 days until I go home for Christmas break

note: a couple of you seemed confused; I’m staying the whole year!!! Just going home to spend Christmas with my family❤

Being in eat-my-fridge mode, I’ve been having lots of similar meals in efforts to get rid of everything. So I have not been photographing everything. Also, just the weather has been so shoddy (England, can you attest to this?) that the light has just been So. Bad.

But I thought I’d do something fun and take a look through my past favourite eats ever. Good thing I just had dinner, or I’d be making myself really hungry!

Note: these are not from this week or even while I’ve been abroad. Note the word “ever”

Giant Phone-shaped sweet potatoes with nut butters and yogurt dipping sauce:

And sprinkles!

Sunshiney protein oats with sliced banana and pumpkin sauce

Smile for the sun!

Huuuuuge salads!! Topped with puffed egg whites, or tuna, or cottage cheese, or hummus, and always lots of veg, salsa, and mustard!


Big, thick, smoothies!


carrot, greek yogurt, granola bowls. If you haven’t tried carrots for breakfast, you’re missing out!

close ups

Ginormous bowls of oats covered with fruit. On my awesome owl placemat and my inspiration recovery placemat. Make one.

more oats?

Oats in a jar!! from overnight crockpot oats with chia seeds.

see that glob?

oats and fruit. Classic.

the main event

yogurt messes. Isn’t the colour contrast between the red and white great?

all together now

Breakfast Bakes and microwave protein cakes.

protein cakes

Quesadillas with dipping sauces.


fruits yogurts peanut flours. heaven in creamy perfection.

I miss your creamy face

tofu messes. MMMM

looks gross, tastes divine

More salads with the usual toppings.

so. big.

Sweet egg whites over wasa crackers. I love this meal.

NOMS. You don't know what that is? fried egg with cinnamon and stevia served on top of a nut butter slathered wasa drizzled with halva butter.

An Alexandra-like yogurt mess pre-fasting blood test!

most of a giant okios container, 1 cup golean, some multigrain squares, quisp, raisins, craisins, sunflower seed butter, cinnamon, peanut flour, coconut milk for stirrability, walnuts, a bit of crumbled scotchie bar

Oats in a jar again.

oats in a jarEnd up with a velvety blanket

Tofu messes make my life. I miss my blender.

I can’t wait to get home and make some more things!! ALMOND MILK AWAITS!!

That said, I’ve been enjoying soy milk here. It’s pretty good stuff. I miss cereal as well. I’ve been hard pressed to find a box of cereal without sugar that doesn’t cost upwards of £3.40. *sigh*. At least there is oats!

Love, Hannah


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