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Life at Uni

Why hello,

This is officially the second week of Freshers, although courses have begun today! We shall see how my courses go, I’m hoping they’ll be as exciting as I hope they will be. If I believe they will, they have the possibility to be, don’t they?

Rye breads. That's how it goes on.


Add laughing cow cheese for spreadable perfection

That there is a good picture. Want to see some of the things I see?

just walking to school

I spied this walking to SOAS campus the other day.

I debated taking this picture for about 2 minutes. then finally got my camera out and did it.

I pass this Falafel place every time I go to and from Uni. It’s how I know I’m on the right route.

Someday perhaps I'll try it

I took this one just for my Mom. She loves Corgis. I know you’re reading this Mom and I hope you and Dad are safe in the States by now.

Corgis are just the cutest rolly polly little things aren't they?

SOAS has a yurt!

I'm planning to sleep in this yurt on tuesday night....maybe

There is a Hare Krishna cart that comes round every day at lunch time and I stood in the massive queue the other day. I’d packed myself that rye and laughing cow sandwhich, but somehow this seemed nicer. I couldn’t bring myself to eat all of it, but I had a bit and it was nice.

I think it's lentil dahl over basmati rice pilaf with a piece of blueberry almond grain bread.

I pass this sometimes too. It’s goodenough, I suppose😉


Just some lovely row houses. I love homes from the back. It’s like a little peak into what people’s lives are like.

with the beautiful

This store sells plastic/vinyl clothing. You can see where it got its name then.


View from my window? (taken from the ground outside)

The sun lends to making it look less....concrete

And the inside of our building complex. Halls.

There's a bit of a nice courtyard in the middle


round. quite pleasing.

The inside view isn’t so nice. My flatmates, lovely as they are, don’t like to clean.

alcohol and distasteful playingcards. Okay.

I actually came in this morning and they were mopping. Bless them. After I tried to at least wipe the whole thing down the other night.

Been there for about 3 days....not cool guys.

They’re even cooking dinner for the flat tonight, which is pretty sweet as well.


I’m being awful and lumping them together. They’re lovely people but I guess I’m just the “weird clean one?” I don’t really know how to approach the topic of cleanliness with them.

Got this all at the Freshers Fayre

Nor do I know how to stop them from eating the food I bought. I’m not possessive (yes I am) but I pay for that!

Like this baby! Crown Prince Squash.

They gave out little Caramel Latte samples at the Fayre.

I don't think I liked it:)

And some fruit.

this stufff is good now I need some nuts to eat along with it. Best combo, am I right?

Has anyone tried Crown Prince squash?

More updates soon!
I’m in the process of ironing out my blogging platform and picture situation. Again, if you know anything about self hosting, please email me!
Love, Hannah

My Superfantastical Day

getting a bit artsy....

and yes, I am aware that “superfantastical” is not a word, however, I cannot think of a word to describe yesterday better than one that combines too good words. So “superfantastical it is.”

The day began with a good breakfast. Carbs in their best form: sweet potatoes, and fats in theirs: nut butters

Talk about DELISH

The meal featured the two along with another favorite, yogurt and wheat germ.

I could see myself in the spoon!

gotta have my staples too: Vanilla O’Soy, Soy Nut Butter (this time it was chocolate!), and Once Again Sunflower Seed Butter!
and remember yesterday’s post about the full fat Greek incident? I made Chocolate Covered Katie’s Banana Butter with it!
1 container full fat greek yogurt (or whatever yogurt)
1 whizzed up banana
a couple spoonfuls of nut butter of choice
blend and voila!

no, I didn't eat it with a fork : )

JUMPING to the end of the day now.
So I’m sure you all knew that last week was NEDA week. It was all over the blogosphere and for good reason. My school hosted an event last night and I decided to go. Afterwards, I hung around and introduced myself to a couple people I simply couldn’t let get away after I’d heard them speak up. I wanted needed these inspiring people in my life. Being here has left me feeling a bit alone, like I can’t share my history/experiences with people. I did with two and they’ve since stopped asking me to hang out. That hurts.
Before long, I found myself walking down the stairs of the campus center with three other girls who got me. They were headed into the campus center cafe at 8:45 pm and, of course, asked me to come along. Whoa. Wait. What does this mean? Does this mean I have to buy something? Does this mean I have to *gasp* have a snack?
well yes, and it turns out that it wasn’t so bad, in fact, I had the best fun I’d had in awhile and made three friends in the process.
My new friends challenged me to a non-planned snack and I chose Very Vanilla Silk Soymilk (an old friend from treatment days….) and I was SO surprised at how delicious it was! Creamy and smooth and So very good for me. I’m pretty sure I would have licked the inside if I could have:)
I got a picture to commemorate the moment :

good friends, good fun

(I’m the one with the soy milk, obviously!)
Next thing I know, we’ve begun reminiscing about treatment days and laughing our heads off. Not to mention we’ve got NEDA balloons floating all over the place and they keep popping loudly (which only brings more laughter).
Long story short, we’re going on a Pizza Challenge on  sunday for dinner. I practically did skip home on the most wonderful natural high I’ve had in weeks.
Of course, I’m still nervous about the Pizza, but it’ll be great to share it with people for whom it is also a big deal.
More on that to come, of course.

I’m off to Boston tomorrow to visit my German Pen Pal from way back who is an Au Pair here, and then my cousin who lives in Cambridge. Should be a fun day!!


Have you ever gotten to the point where you needed to let a friend/friends go? How did you feel and how did it go?
What is your favorite nut butter?


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